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Update from Metal on ‘The Tournament Affair’ and list of characters

Hey prisoners, I hope you have been enjoying the The Tournament Affair saga, which has been appearing in the Prison Library for the past two weeks. I will be posting the next chapter in a few hours, so be sure to check back just after midnight Eastern time. There are 12 chapters in all.

metalbond prison library


For those of you who might not be up to speed, I wanted to give a brief list of the main characters in the story:

Denny (aka Den) — He’s a college student who happens to have strong kidnap fantasies. He recently moved to the area, and he asked for a ride on the message board for an online RPG he’s been lurking on. When the hot guys who picked him up in a van ask if they can tie him up for a sec, he falls right into their trap!

Ben — An expert in tight and effective rope bondage. He’s the Black Team’s rigger, with a big bag of restraints and a seemingly endless supply of gags. Like all the Black Team members, Ben wears leather gloves the whole time — and when he’s not tying up Denny he can’t help himself from sniffing his gloves constantly!

Nathan — He’s the muscular ringleader of the Black Team.

Chad — He’s Denny’s protector, the “nice” one.

Ari — This 6-foot-tall hedonist is clad in full leather and tall boots and oozes sex appeal.

Ken — A member of the Desert Team who ends up kidnapped himself, right alongside Denny!

These notes are my own. The authors, @reconkayar and @mmmph82, have some longer back stories for each of these characters that they will leave in the comments below.

If you have not yet read ‘The Tournament Affair’ you can start with Part 1 by clicking here.

After the final chapter of ‘The Tournament Affair’ is posted there will be many NEW stories coming to the Metalbond site, so be sure to keep coming back.  And as always, when you are reading stories in the Prison Library, it is highly recommended that you be restrained in some way. You might tie your ankles together with a necktie, or snap on a set of police handcuffs, be locked in chastity — or be like Soccerslave (pictured) and put yourself in locking leather restraints with keys secured in a keysafe!

More about this policy here

A full list of stories is here

soccerslave in bondage

CJ is having a hard time today

Hey prisoners, check out this picture from Metalbond reader CJ — who was having a hard time reading the latest chapter of “The Tournament Affair” in the Prison Library while his dick is locked in a chastity device! Poor guy.

Metalbond Prison Library


Speaking of the Prison Library, there are several more chapters yet to appear of “The Tournament Affair” — and I do hope you are enjoying this one!  After the 12th and final chapter appears, there will be even MORE stories, including NEW fiction from Cutieboy90, an update from Thunder aka James, a SEQUEL to “A Left Turn at Albuquerque,” and more than one surprise! So keep checking back early and often.

And always remember, when you are reading stories in the Metalbond Prison Library, you should always be locked in something, or have someone else locked in something!

A chastity cage, a set of leg irons, a puppy cage, you get the idea!

Eagle Grove Steelworks – Part 03

By Atlanta Stud

Original photographs by Cuffman85

Original photographs by Cuffman85“Uh, yeah. Can I have the keys, please, Seth?”

“I don’t know. Do you really want out? I mean, you did lock yourself up,” Seth said with a smirk. “Jacob Hawkins, shackled and ready to be hauled off to the county jail! Get up, prisoner Hawkins. If you behave yourself, maybe the county sheriff — that would be me —will release you after breakfast.”

“Come on, Seth, I need to get home to get my chores done.”

“OK dude, here are the keys. Hey, let’s go up to the cabin at the lake when you’re done with your work. We can spend the day up there and come back around 7.”

“Cool, yeah.  I’ll knock out my chores fast so we can try to get there around 9:30?”

“And I’ll get some things together and toss them in the Jeep so we can leave as soon as you get back here.”

The guys knocked out their morning chores quick and Seth loaded food, water and a few other things in the Jeep just before he saw Jacob pulling up the drive in his beat-up Dakota.

“Well, if it isn’t prisoner Hawkins!”

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