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Asicswrestone gets tied up in jeans and soft sole boots

Hey check this out! Asicswrestone sent some pictures and a description of a recent bondage play date.

Asicswrestone gets tied up in jeans and soft sole boots

Asicswrestone writes:

“As everyone knows I love bondage wearing Levis Jeans and sneakers, and some boots. I recently acquired a pair of Minnetonka ankle high soft sole boots, and I thought how hot it would be to get tied up wearing them with Levis. As luck would have it, my friend was available and came over with his massage table. After getting stoned on 420 he trussed me up in the straightjacket, put ear buds into the iPad playing binaural beats, added a blindfold and a leather hood. It was then time to be laid back on the table. Each ankle would be secured, and then seven straps would be used to secure my body to the table.

“During the scene I would be fed poppers while an adjustable speed vibrator would be used on my cock, making me squirm and moan. The soft soled boots were very comfortable and conforming to the feet, and making my feet feel like they were in bondage. I thought this added a nice look and it definately had a nice feel. After about an hour my cock was taken out of my Levis and slowly stroked, and I was cum controlled for the next half an hour, where I was finally allowed to shoot. As usual, it was a nice hour and a half relaxing scene, which I badly needed, as I had not been tied up since the end of June.”

See more from Asicswrestone at his website, located here.  (Note that he is having technical difficulties with is site at the moment, and he is not currently able to add new content.)

Barefoot in leg irons and chastity

Meet Nathan, aka @bft4evr, who describes himself as a gay kinky switch into chastity, bondage, shackles, forced barefooting, bastinado/falaka, sole roasting, tickling, and generally any safe foot torture:

gay kinky switch into chastity and bondage


You can find this guy on Recon and FetLife as BFT4evr

And on Twitter as @bft4evr

Speaking of Twitter, he has TWO recent threads including videos of his adventures. To see, click here and here.

Pain pig models medical restraints prior to punishment

The pictures are information below are from Practicerestraint aka Manacled and feature Tallguy21.

Practicerestraint writes,

Prior to his flogging and caning, a tall, pierced pain pig models medical restraints. The padded handcuffs and leg irons are comfortable and amenable to long sessions of use of captives, slaves and pigs. The built-in locks are convenient, unique and secure. The large collar, almost 3 inches wide, uses the same strap/lock mechanism and lets the prisoner know he has something around his neck and means by which he can be tethered. The pig wants to return and spend the night in the restraints as others have done.

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Cutieboy90 gets a posture collar from Sinvention

Cutieboy90 got a posture collar from Sinvention. He sent these pictures, and he also wrote a product review. See below.

Cutieboy90 gets a new posture collar


Posture Collar Review – Sinvention

By Cutieboy90

Getting new gear is always exciting. Even more exciting is when said gear meets or exceeds your expectations and you find yourself panting and drooling before you even put it on. This is the case with the posture collar I got from Church of Sinvention.

Based in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, the Church of Sinvention has been handcrafting leather fetish gear since 1998. They offer an extensive product line of bondage equipment, and include many customizable options. Most items require several weeks lead time, due to the manufacturing time of handcrafted goods. However, the high quality is well worth the wait.

I ordered my posture collar in a custom color combination, tan and white. This collar comes standard with one D ring, locking posts, two padlocks, and a tuck loop for the extra strap end. The inside of the collar is completely lined. Sinvention’s attention to detail is incredible.

Out of the box, the collar was wrapped in tissue, and came in a sheer black bag. The two black-finished padlocks were included in their posts. A hand-written thank you card was included from the Mother of Sinvention herself.

After ogling over the fine presentation, the next thing was to put it on! This is a tall posture collar – 4 ½” tall in the front, and 3 ¾” on the sides. Being lined, the inside surface is smooth and soft, and feels very nice to the touch. In addition, the top and bottom edges are rolled over for even more comfort.

The collar is secured with two locking posts at the back, which fit through metal grommets and accommodate padlocks. These grommet holes and locking posts are a very close diameter, which results in almost no play or give. One thing to be mindful about is that the tight clearance can also make lining up the posts with the holes a little challenging if you’re fastening the collar on yourself.

I am always amazed at how comfortable Sinvention’s products are, this collar being no exception. Having worn it for two hours before writing this review, I’ve felt no discomfort of any kind from the collar. It is a product that was very thoughtfully designed and tested, in addition to being well crafted. Of course comfort is an important aspect to look for in gear for long-term scenes or sessions, so that is one thing I am very happy about.

Don’t let the comfort fool you though! It’s soft to the skin, but the English bridle leather is seriously durable and unyielding. Again, this choice of material is another testament to the product’s purpose — that is, bondage. Made by some serious, experienced kinky minds, and surely appreciated by the like!

As you can see in the pictures, I’ve got my posture training underway! And Sinvention’s posture collar is the perfect equipment to do that with for years to come! Many thanks to Julie, Mother of Sinvention for an exquisite product, and first-class customer service!

Posture Collar Review - Sinvention


Metal would like to thank Cutieboy90 for this review and picutres!

You can read bondage stories written by Cutieboy90 here.

Also check him out on Pornhub by clicking here.

The Sinvention official website is here.

handcrafted bondage gear in Canada

Laugh Now Cry Later

Here’s another vintage male bondage artwork by Joe T. The title of this drawing is “Laugh Now, Cry Later” and it is posted here with the permission of the artist:

Laugh Now Cry Later by Joe T


Metal would like to thank Joe T. for letting his work be shared here. To see more from him, click on his name in the list of tags directly below. You can also visit the Mitchmen blog for a post about him, available here.