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Gimp training with NYMaster and gimpND

Check out these pictures from NYMaster, in which he puts gimpND through a 21-day non-stop training and transformation!

Gimp training with NYMaster and gimpND


NYMaster has posted a 12-part video series on XTube that documents gimpND’s transformation into a gimp then into an “omega” (absolute lowest) slave. NYMaster writes, “Nothing was faked or staged and the video was taken as it happened.”

See the video series on Xtube (requires signup).

The series is titled “gimpND returns: gimp to omega.”

His website is here.

Thanks, NYMaster, for sharing these pictures and information!

Wearing leg cuffs to watch the game

A friend I was chatting with yesterday sent me this self bondage sefie of himself, after he had locked on a set of metal ankle cuffs.

ankle cuffs


In my view, wearing ankle cuffs — or anything lockable, really — is a great idea for IMing on Recon, reading the stories in the Metalbond Prison Library, or even watching the Super Bowl!

Look and learn, men! Be more like the guy pictured above!