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5-digit padlock around his nuts

Here are a few more pictures from a while back, from slave Mike:


slave Mike writes:

“I have bought a 5-digit lock. It’s a great feeling to wear it. 100 000 combinations! It’s hardened steel and impossible to escape from without the code. I really have tried but no way! I want this very serious with strict discipline, no mercy! The only way for me to get free is to try all the combinations. If I try as much as 300 combinations every day, it will take me a year to get free! And if I try all combinations and don’t get free, I have obviously missed some code, and I have to start from the beginning again!! It would be the ultimate hell to be forced to start again, but no mercy! If I had to start from the beginning after almost a year, it would make me completely mad and insane. But no mercy, just start from the beginning again!”

You can e-mail slave Mike at:


Pictures from a reader: Slave available for humiliation and abuse


Meet slave Mike. He is a real pervert who gets chained on a toilet for long term. It turns him on not to be able to rise from the chair, only suffer from intense pain in his thighs! He also has a padlock locked around his balls. It is a combination lock with 100,000 combinations! Even if stupid Mike tries 100 positions a day, it will take him about three years to open!

Do you want to contact slave Mike? Maybe laugh at him or abuse him? Tell him what a disgusting pervert he is, or maybe ask him about his situation. You can e-mail him at:


Pictures: The Schandmaske male chastity device

Check out these pictures from Dual Drew:


This is The Schandmaske available from Steelwerks

Drew writes:

“Titanium Schandmaske — possibly the best Steelwerks product for pierced casual wearers or newbies as it’s just amazing and relatively inexpensive — without a six-month wait too – though some lock in this device 24/7 since it can go through airport security and is clean and light with just as much security.”

Read Drew’s full report here

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