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Links to other websites with male bondage stories

As you guys know, there are literally hundreds of male bondage stories right here on the Metalbond site, in the Prison Library section. Which one is your favorite?

metalbond Prison Library

Meanwhile, after you have read all the stories here you might want to check out some of the many other websites featuring male bondage stories, including the ones listed below — and if you know of another site that I don’t have listed, please let me know!


Eckie aka Bondagefan

male bdsm stories

One of my own personal favorite resources, Eckie’s excellent website has been going strong since 2003. You have to register, but it is free and well worth it! Look for the Stories Archive section. Many of the best stories there are written by Eckie himself. His site is highly recommended.



male rubber bondage stories

This is another of my favorite sites! You have to register, and it is definitely worth it! Some of the site’s features are pay-to-view, but much of the other content — including many of the stories — are available for free. I have spent countless hours on this site with a hard dick in my hand.



men on men chastity stories

If you are interested in learning more about chastity devices — and meeting/chatting with other guys into chastity — this site is a must! It requires you to register, but it is free. The stories are in the Forum section, under Chastity Fantasies.


Bondagezine and Bondagemaster

Master Jack bondagezine

These are Master Jack’s extensive websites, which serve up lots of original content including downloadable videos and lots of stories. Master Jack has been gracious enough to allow some of his stories to be re-posted here over the years, but there is so much more on his own sites.


Bondage Predicaments

male bondage videos and stories

There are tons of original videos on this guy’s extensive website — and he’s also got a stories section. Registration is not required, but if you do register you can see way more.


Nifty Archive – Authoritarian

nifty gay authoritarian stories

The Nifty Archive contains thousands of stories in many different categories. The gay authoritarian section is where you can find stories involving bondage, chastity and male-on-male domination. Be aware that site can be hit or miss, though. Some of the stories are hotter than others.


Bob Wingate’s Blog

Bob Wingate Bound and Gagged magazine

This is the website of the longtime editor of Bound And Gagged magazine. He’s got a table of contents listing several dozen titles — plus there are many more stories included as individual blog postings. (Note: Bob has not updated or maintained his site in several years, and while you can still read the stories from his vast collection, be careful not to click on the spambot links in his site’s comments.)


Gay Spiral Stories

gay spiral narcissus cursed men

Formerly known as the Narcissus Cursed Men Collection, this site, which is updated frequently, focuses on hypnosis, mind control and transformation fantasies. Some of the stories include bondage. Many are written from the top’s point of view. You can search by keyword or by tag.


Prison Process

male incarceration stories

Lots of stories here about incarceration, especially jail intake and indoctrination.


POW’s Fiction

male pow torture stories

Many of the stories here are “read at your own risk” — meaning they are too extreme to be re-posted here on the Metalbond site! But if you get off on torture fantasies that border on the deadly, I’m not going to stop you from clicking through.



malebots stories

This is another site that requires you to register, but it is worth it if you are turned on by robot transformation, cyborgs, etc. There is plenty of fantasy content and illustrations — think the hot male Borg from Star Trek.


Growl Boys

male furry transformation stories

This is a pay site about male furry transformation. It’s a combination of porn videos, along with illustrated fantasy stories. Some of the content includes bondage.


Altarboy’s Chastity Belt and Device Fiction

Altarboy chastity stories Altairboy

This is a site for people of all genders and sexual orientations. If you are like me, you will want to scroll down to the “Male Chastity with Male Keyholder” section. Meanwhile, if there is anyone out there who is willing read some of the male chastity with female keyholder stories, and RE-WRITE them as MALE keyholder stories, please let me know!


Mortice Deadlock

Mortice Deadlock bondage stories

Mortice’s page has several dozen bondage and chastity stories that are searchable by category. Many are male-on-male.


How to Kill a Superhero

Pablo Greene book series

This is a series of books by Pablo Greene, available for purchase. If you like superhero and cosplay, check him out — he’s also a total muscle stud!



male bondage stories on the internet

This is the personal website of a versatile bondage guy who is into sneakers, jeans, gear and boots! Lots of original pictures and plenty of true-to-life stories here!

The Contest

By Mister-X/Spartan

I was checking out some profiles on internet sites I frequented when I noticed the article. There was an upcoming event in my city, and this time there was a call for subs to be selected and paired up with doms. I was a sub, and considered myself to be attractive to other guys. I thought about whether I wanted to participate in such an arrangement. I didn’t respond, but the seed was planted. I thought about it the rest of the day, which I spent at work.

That night, I had made my decision, and responded that I’d like to participate. I received a form to fill out. There were several requirements, including proof that I was HIV negative and providing a copy of some form of identification that showed my picture and proof of age. I provided the necessary information. A response came that I would be one of the participants, and gave information about where I was to report. The event was still a couple of months away, and I waited. Soon it had slipped my mind as the normal activity of life took over, but I had made a note on my calendar.

When the date finally arrived, I was ready. I showed up early just in case there would be problems with traffic. Even as early as I was, there were others who had also arrived. We got to talking, and I found that I compared favorably with the others. Some were anxious, while others were pretty blasé about the event, having experienced similar in the past. In my case, it was my first, which I told others, and got some advice from them.

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The Auction – Part 02

By Eckie

I woke up from the noise of the cage being opened. It took a little to realize where I was, caught in rubber at the mercy of someone I didn’t even know who he was until now. Even though I did not have the best rest, I slept enough to be ok. The zip of the heavy rubbersack was opened and I was let out of it and ordered on my knees. ‘Breakfast time’ I heard him say and he took my hand and placed a bottle in it. ‘Drink it all; take your time, but rink it all before I get you ready.’ It didn’t taste any special, I guessed it was some mixture out of proteins, vitamins and other essentials I would need after that past evening and night. I finished quite quickly, but when I put down the empty bottle I immediately got another one pressed in my hand, he must have been watching me while I had the first bottle.

‘Here’s the next one, and another two are still waiting, boy’ I heard him say. With the catheter in my dick I would not be able to piss until he opens it, so I was hoping I would not feel the need of pissing so soon.

Having emptied all 4 of the bottles I was rather filled, but felt well again. He now stood me up and led me to another room. I was pushed on to some bench or table, straps securing my upper body on it, my arms pulled forward and cuffed at the end of that bench, my legs spread and fixed to the legs of that bench, some more straps added to the upper arms and upper legs and I wasn’t able to move very much again anymore.

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Video: Jacking off in the monastery after unlocking a metal chastity cage

At the monastery, sexual fervor is affecting even the most devout and chaste of the young novices. Brother Casey has worn the hard metal chastity belt as a living symbol of forsaking worldly pleasure, but now he can’t fight off its temptations. Breaking every rule, he rummages through and finds the key to the metal cage that binds in his thick, perfect unused cock and aching nuts. Unleashed and unable to keep his hands off his priceless jewels, he allows himself to dive in and revel in sinful pleasure for the first time.

Jacking off in the monastery

His pent-up prick sends a thrill through every nerve in his muscular, angelic body as he lets it respond to his touch. Finally he feels connected, body, mind and soul. This new sexual experience gives him purpose and he’s an immediate convert to sensual pleasure and chasing every chance to share it with his brothers.

Brother Casey has worn the hard metal chastity belt as a living symbol of forsaking worldly pleasure

For now though, stroking and stoking the fires in his crotch are the only thing that matters. Settling down into the ornate seat, his hands work like Renaissance masters in turning arousal and orgasm into gorgeous reality. He sniffs at the musk sexual awakening that has fired up in his underarms, feels the slick sensuality as his clenched hand glides across the smooth skin of his cock. His breath is halting and deep as dick and balls dictate every move. With a cry to the gods he feels it all pour out in a moment of heady release as a fountain of churning cum rivets and rockets out into a new awakening. As he licks his sticky fingers, the taste of man he instinctively savors will not be his last.

Here is a free video preview:


See the whole thing at DominicPacifico.com

Title of this shoot: REPENT: BREAKING CHASTITY

jacking off in church


Iowa Cowboy – Part 10

By Atlanta Stud

A few hours later I was instructed to check on Brody and provide him with some water. That was the first time I had seen him with the hood and added transport belt. I pulled up the spandex hood just enough to clear his mouth, let him take in as much of the water as he wanted and promptly pulled the hood back down. Not an easy task when one’s locked up in transport shackles, by the way.

“Gotta say, Brody, that hood’s a nice touch. You’re really enjoying this aren’t you?” I got a nod of approval from the prisoner.

“Looks like I got just what I asked for, doesn’t it Jake? Sucks we gotta leave in a day. We’ll need to come back and do this again.”

“Well I can’t stay long. Don’t want to get myself into any trouble with the Warden up there, but I’m sure you’ll be checked on again before we hit the rack.”

“Thanks Jake. By the way, I hope you’re enjoying that cock cage. Bet you’re loving it, huh Cowboy? Just wait ’til you get morning wood!” Brody said with an evil chuckle.

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