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Teddy Bear – Part 04

By Taurus

Teddy Bear in a Toy Box

The other day, Master told me he’d invited someone over to play for a week. I asked him about it, but he never disclosed any more information than the fact that he was a male sub.

…I think I already know that Master is gay.

In all seriousness though, I felt really happy for him. Master has been trapped with me for a long time. Even though he says he loves me all the time, I’m sure at some point he gets burnt out and needs some space.

When the visitor arrived, Master led me in my best outfit to the door to meet him. I wore the beefiest shackles with the heaviest chains and the biggest plug I could keep in my ass. He put a leather harness on me, something which he saves for special occasions. Even my hair got the same special treatment. Master went to town on my beard and chest hair with a hairbrush to fluff it up.

And here I was, restrained in as much bondage as I could be in while still being able to move around, and with a beard like a dark brown cloud. I adore this look, and if we’re receiving guests I might as well show up at my best – in Master’s design. I was missing nipple clamps maybe, but that could make my chest look cluttered, so I’ll pass. For the last touch, Master fastened on a small red ball gag, pulled very tightly to put a dent in my beard. The red ball sank into my mouth, giving a contrasting but complimentary dash of colour to my dark brown hair.

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Teddy Bear – Part 03

By Taurus

Teddy Bear Wants a Snack

Alec is a good slave. This is NOT up for debate.

When I give him orders, he follows them flawlessly. Regardless of what I do to him, he seems to be able to take it in stride.

When we have down time together, he naps, cradled in my arms. The time displayed on the clock no longer provides context to my life; minutes, hours, days lose meaning.

Moments aggregate in stealth and clump into a whole afternoon. My heart melts to goo, and my body feels like floating. Before I know it, I mirror his smile on my face, and scratch his irresistible beard in bliss.

Then he laughs gently, and I stop thinking. Whatever work I set out to do, however crucial, then becomes inconsequential.

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Caged Jock is back in ‘Suit and Tied: Obedience’

The Master (Duncan Ku) summons Caged Jock to meet him for an interview in the men’s Spa. The first and only important question is, “Are you willing to bow down to me?” Once that is established the deal is sealed with a hot submissive fuck in the bathhouse area of the spa. Caged Jock kneels, opens his mouth and gladly sucks down the Master’s relentless cock. Then he spreads his butt open as the Master licks his cock, nutsack and smooth crack. But instead of inducing Caged Jock to offer his ass as token of his total obedience, the Master strips off his business shirt and requires the new inductee to slam his cock into Duncan himself.

Caged Jock male BDSM porn

On all fours with butt perched high, the Master sighs with anticipation as Caged Jock eats his quivering hole. “Yeah, fuckin’ tight!” he groans as the cruel boss responds “Ohh, fuck it deep!” Plowing in raw with a generous spurt of lube, Caged Jock drills balls deep into the Master’s tight ass. Duncan’s powerful thighs tense, every vein and muscle in stark relief as he spreads his legs for the final deep drive. Caged Jock pulls out just in time to splatter his sticky load over the Master’s heavy nuts and uncut tool. Obedience proved, Caged Jock gets the job.

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