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The Vacation – Part 10

By Rubrpig

The guard who was escorting Marc, opened the Captain’s door and entered.  He told the Captain that the former prisoner 4798 wanted to speak with him.  The Captain nodded and told him to bring him in.  The guard went out and grabbed Marc by the left bicep and walked him into the office. The guard closed the door and stood quietly in front of it while Marc walked up to the Captain and requested permission to speak to him.  The Captain nodded and smiled as he opened the thick file that his researcher had prepared on Marc.

The Captain had all potential prisoners/patients thoroughly checked out prior to confirming their booking with the facility.  The research included a financial analysis to ensure that they could afford and pay the fees that the facility demanded.  Marc looked at the Captain and told him that he wanted to buy into the facility as a partner and become a part of the crew that operated the facility.  The Captain nodded and knowing Marc’s net wealth, knew that the proposed investment would allow the facility to expand and add additional options.

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Scenes from ‘Life is Not Fair’ live shoot at Bound Gods

Check out these scenes from ‘Life is Not Fair,’ a video that Bound Gods did a few years back but is still available to subscribers:

Christian blows his hot load in their spider-gagged mouths

Metalbond gay blog

Christian Wilde has two new captives today, and he’s ready to push them to the limit. Randall and Holden are in chastity devices and their cocks are aching to get out. Christian gives them the crop and applies clover clamps all over their bodies. The subs are then tested with more extreme measures, enduring a whipping from the single-tail and an electric shock from a cattle prod. The prisoners are both suspended and fucked in bondage by Christian’s massive cock. Randall is made to cum on his dom’s feet and licks up the mess. Christian blows his hot load in their spider-gagged mouths.

Van Darkholme says:

There are many nice moments in this live shoot. I’ve decided not to edit much of it, risking the complaints about it being long and slow. This is for those who enjoy the live shoot for its entirety and for the others, there’s the fast forward button.




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Pleroma – Part 03

By Taurus

Part 3 – trainingprogram19_beta-v1.9_28/01/20XX

(Author’s note: As a clarification born from possible misunderstandings arising from the anonymity of the year, please note that the timestamp for trainingprogram19 is before that of streetfair1 and clubslave1.)

Luke, having come home from an after-hours training routine and a Wagyu steak dinner at a top Japanese restaurant, yawned and stretched before summoning his robot butler.

“Good evening, sir. How may Ondine help?”

“Take my clothes.”

Despite being given the decidedly female name Ondine, after the eponymous siren in Bertrand’s Gaspard de la Nuit, Ondine had a male voice.

Apparently, this Ondine was not out to seduce and kill, which was fortunate for Luke. Instead, Ondine, its cybernetic thinking devoid of judgement, assisted Luke in removing his full suit and tie, and before long, Luke could stand completely naked –

Well…naked except for the “you-know-what,” as colloquially known in “right-thinking” circles that speak in circles and formalities.

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Forced into a chastity device

At Iron Lockup, Sir Pan flogs Mr. Kristofer for a while and decides it’s time for him to go into chastity.

Gay_chastity_02 Gay_chastity_03

But Sir finds the prisoner too hard to get into the cock cage. Sir tries to get Mr. Kristofer’s erection to go down by attacking him with a rubber whip. After about five minutes of cruelty, the penis is just soft enough to get him locked up.

Video at Iron Lockup

Purchase a chastity device here

NOTE: Iron Lockup is no longer being updated with new content, but all their old videos are still available.

Iron Lockup prison bondage

Half Masked

By Boots Rule

I walked into the club and wandered over to my usual spot at the bar. Told my favorite bartender Tony I wanted a beer and he acted like he didn’t know who I was.   He poured from the tap and brought the glass and sat it before me on the wooden counter. That was when he finally got a startled look in his eyes and said “That you Rob?” I nodded my head while taking a sip. “Geez, I didn’t recognize you with that half hood on. You going to some costume party?” Funny question from a bartender in a leather bar. Beside the half hood, I was in my usual full leather police uniform with the cod piece on the breeches, my tall Dehner boots, Langlitz jacket and Muir cap. The half hood was the only change of my normal Friday night wear. “Trying something new, that’s all” was my reply. “Changes your whole look……kind of a mystery man. I’m sure you’re going to surprise a lot of people here tonight.” It was a busy Friday night so there were many who would see me wearing it.

Mystery man. Boy did that strike a bell with me. I’ve been coming to this bar for years, and lately have been feeling stiffled. Typecast if you will. I’ve been known around here as a Boot Top for so long that there are times I feel like a tourist attraction. Men approach me all the time with the same fucking question “Sir, May I Lick Your Boots Sir?” Good luck getting any sort of conversation out of them. And good luck chatting up the other Tops who frequent this place. They aren’t unfriendly but I am seen as the competition time and time again.

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