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The adventures of Barron and Cody

Eater of Soles, aka @Sidetrakcbr on Twitter, has just published a book that explores various kinks, including puppy play, chastity, fetish gear and more. The story, which is 13 chapters in all, is about Barron and Cody, who are partners. Together, they begin to explore some of their fantasies.

Discovery book by Derrick Andrew Richter


It took me several days to read the whole story — mostly because I had to stop and beat off several times — but it was well worth it! The author might let me post some or all on the Metalbond site at some point, but meanwhile you can order now on Amazon!

It’s available for kindle or in paperback!

The cover artwork is by Conor Sathre.

The Debt – Part 3

By Pup Shaggy

He needed this… He wanted this… he kept telling himself that, over and over as he lay there on sheet metal, completely alone, fighting back the chill of the cold. Still blindfolded, still handcuffed, still muzzled – of which had now been locked on, like everything else – and now his legs tied together by duct tape, he was utterly and completely helpless… and it was amazing.

He had no clue where he was, other than he was in the back of a van, and it belonged to Hunter. He had no clue what was going to happen to him… or how the night was going to end… and it was amazing.

He’d have the biggest hard-on of his life if his cock wasn’t locked up in chastity. Hunter had pulled the zipper of his jeans open and his boxers down, so that the cage was out in the open air. His balls rubbed against his trousers, the cold metal encasing his junk completely, trapped. Not that it dissuaded him from trying to get free; constantly his cock tried to break free of the metal sheath containing it, straining to pull away from his crotch to reach the cool and refreshing air on the outside. But every time, the cage pulled at his balls eventually becoming painful when it pulled too far… But the cage stayed firm, only to slap back against his body in futile effort. But then he tried again seconds later. |To make matters worse, Hunter had also slipped a ball stretcher over Spencer’s vulnerable boys, crushing them tightly. He wasn’t used to the sensation; being denied a good stiffy. And he knew by now he loved it, and hated it.

But then…. He needed this.

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A Weekend in Service

By bound2befun

Part 1

My dick is hard in my jockstrap and jeans as I ride the train to see him. What normally seems like a relatively quick trip seems to take forever. I’m incredibly horny having been ordered not to cum for the last five days. So, the restriction coupled with the anticipation of what is to come is making me antsy. I rub my crotch when others aren’t looking but even feeling somewhat guilty for doing so as I know Sir intended me to be denied all pleasure until I see him.

Finally, the train pulls up to Alexandria. Sir had indicated his place was close to the station so I pulled out the walking directions I had written from my pocket, softly brushing my dick one more time before I truly turned over control. I texted Sir to let him know of my imminent arrival and then quickly began the walk.

Arriving at his door, I knocked and waited. Was I really going to do this? I waited a while longer. Should I knock again? Is he just making me wait to amp me up (it’s working!). I am about to knock again when I hear the lock turning so I quickly avert my eyes to the base of the door. The door opens and I hear Sir telling me to come in but can only see the toe of his boot from behind the door. I walk through keeping my eyes down and hear the door close, locking with some type of finality that makes my dick twitch again.

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The Debt – Part 2

By Pup Shaggy

Hunter pulled Spencer along like a pet, not even slowing down for him. He led them into a nearby alley where they’d be obscured by the night. The smells that surrounded them were far from pleasant; piss, sick, and rotting food emanated from every dumpster. But both of them would soon forget the smells around them. Stopping suddenly, Hunter turned and fell against one bare wall, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Well?” he murmured.

“Here?” Spencer asked.

“You’d rather in front of all your friends? Or where someone can see you?” Good point. He took a step forward, not being able to move more than two steps away anyway because of the leash. He fell to his knees, not thinking about what he was kneeling in. He was met with a prominent bulge in his face, the smell of leather of his chaps and the denim of his jeans. He looked up at Hunter who just watched back.

He didn’t need to be told; he was expected to take them off himself; which would have been easy if his arms weren’t behind his back. But he went with it, he wasn’t about to start being picky and mouthy. Plus he did have a debt to pay. He moved in and gave his first kiss, the cold fabric contrasting with the smooth and cool leather against his lips… all of it firm and stretched over the rock hard cock shrouded beneath. He started licking, a mixture of worshipping the bulge and finding the zipper. Why did they always have to hide the damn things beneath a fold? It took a while for him to ease the zipper out, all the while, Hunter watched on, enjoying the grunts and murrs of the kid on his knees beneath him. He himself never made a sound but obviously enjoying the eager head that bobbed up and down as its tongue worked against his straining cock.

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The Class Reunion

By Mister-X/Spartan

Guy got home from work. He had packed his luggage that morning. He was ready for his high school’s reunion. It had been 10 years since he’d graduated. He was looking forward to showing his classmates who he now was.

His parents were very strict with him when he was growing up. They made sure that he kept his attention on his school work. When he wasn’t studying he had to help out in his father’s business. He had little time for outside activities. He had done no socializing. In truth, he wasn’t interested in socializing, and liked school work. He was considered to be a geek, and as almost all geeks were in school, he was bullied.

But now that he was out on his own, he had changed that image. True, he had a successful job, so all that school work had paid off. But he had taken a long, hard look at himself, and had come to some conclusions. First, he realized that he was gay. Second, he realized that he was kinky, turned on by being bound and gagged. Third, he could see a fat slob looking back at him, and knew that he needed to lose weight and put on muscle to attract others. Fourth, he enjoyed the leather lifestyle. He started making an effort to change his physique, and lost 50 pounds of fat and added pounds of muscle. He now owned a motorcycle, which he would be driving to his class reunion. He would be dressed in his motorcycle leathers over his shirt and tie from work. He was looking forward to his classmates’ reaction to his new image.

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The Dream

By hard slave

“Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!” the whole room chanted. I was so mesmerized by the sounds of the masculine voices shouting as one, that when the two brutish bouncers grabbed each of my arms I cried out in surprise. They frog-marched me up to the stage and quickly locked restraints on my wrists, which in turn were attached to the arms of a large cross, forcing my arms as far apart as they could go. The lights were bright, but I could make out the crowd of men, dressed in tight jeans or leather, many shirtless or in harness, hooting and whistling while looking at ME. Holy shit.

My two escorts took off my belt and undid my jeans, pulling them down to my ankles sharply. Down came my white briefs, allowing my semi-hard cock to bounce upward. Of course this led to louder, more urgent cheers of “Lock him up!” A third man joined us on stage, and with a wicked, sadistic smile, he applied an ice pack to my erection. It took about a minute, but once my boner subsided he grabbed me by the balls and slipped on the ring of a Holy Trainer chastity device. The crowd collectively crowed as they observed me being locked into the device before their eyes.

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