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Some Time in Rubber – Part 6

By rts

The seemingly endless night crept slowly into dawn, my body shivered in its cold wet rubber confinement, the mud squished under my butt as I squirmed uncomfortably around, my lower legs held fast in its tight grip. During the night my movements had sunk me deeper into the bog, the mud now covering my crotch and hips, water continually leaking through the zipper into the suit.

I was grateful for the return of the sun, actually looking forward to its burning heat after the cold misery of this past night, and knowing that finally sometime today he was coming back for me. Tired from my sleepless night, hungry and cold as I sat there trapped in my cold rubbersuit wet with the infiltrating water and my old sweat, foul with my piss and powerless to free myself. This would be day seven totally covered and contained in this thick heavy rubber, seven days with my neck held fast in this posture collar, my waist bound tightly with this thick rubber and steel belt, my cock and balls trapped inside this locked metal chastity container.

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Fucked while in chastity

With a name like Caged Jock, you know this bottom is all about being used and enjoyed by a massively hung daddy like Rocco Steele. He starts out eagerly worshiping that big daddy dong, but soon enough he’s sliding his tight and smooth pucker down on that girthy meat and enjoying every thrust, with his own cock and balls tightly restrained in a metal cage! Daddy Rocco really works that hole until he’s ready to fill the boy up, then we get a good cum dripping finish as semen pours from Caged Jock’s twitching fuckhole!

caged jock fucked in chastity

Video at Raw Dads

Scene Title: Rocco Steele and Caged Cock

Scene Short Description: Loading Up His Sub Hole

caged jock gets fucked while in chastity

Joey – Part 04

By slavebladeboi

Drink it? Throw it? Do what it said? The bottle sat on the top of Joey’s desk where he had put it half an hour earlier. His gut crawled, but whether it was with fear or excitement he was too wound up to figure. The “do what it said” was the small message written on the base of the bottle-

Here 6pm tomorrow.

So what? Bring it with him, drink it now or what? He couldn’t think straight.

It didn’t help when Chris barged in through the unlatched door. “Hey dude, did you manage to … anything wrong J?” Chris saw Joey sitting staring at a clear plastic drinking bottle perched on his desk like it was some kind of religious idol. He gave a sort of embarrassed laugh. “Joey. Hey, what’s the matter?”

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Barefoot Kinksters at a Distance

Here are some pictures of @bft4evr, who is controlled in long-term chastity by his friend and keyholder @2inYVR. Both of these kinksters are on Twitter. Through some well-meaning “instigating” by his keyholder friend, as well as some various online polls, @bft4evr recently marked a full year in chastity, with no quick end in sight!

@bft4evr and @2inyvr barefoot chastity


@bft4evr writes,

“I met my now good friend and keyholder @2inYVR on FetLife around 5 years ago! We are both switches into barefooting, foot torture, bondage, chastity, and so much more! Sadly, he lives in British Columbia, Canada, and I am in the sticks of Southwestern Virginia, USA. But thanks to FetLife, WhatsApp, and Twitter we have formed an incredibly close friendship and kinky way to play! A couple of years ago we were able to meet for a real-life play session. I had already started on my journey to chastity by then, getting a PA piercing. While the weather wasn’t open to much outdoor play, we had a great deal of fun torturing my soles inside! Now, I have a custom made 0-gauge PA-secured chastity cage that is locked on me 24/7, for more than one year, with the keys controlled remotely via a Bluetooth MasterLock lock box He controls.

“The original ‘minimum’ goal was to stay locked 1 year, which happened at 3:04 p.m. EST, 12/28/22. But there is no firm release date planned! The only ways I can hope to unlock is through completing tasks solo or with others to earn @2inYVR’s favor, or to find a local in-person keyholder he might transfer control to….”

You can weigh in with votes and ideas on this Twitter thread by clicking HERE.

barefoot chastity thumbcuffs

@bft4evr continues,

“So unless I find a local guy He approves of to claim my keys, the only hope I have to ever unlock is to earn that privilege from @2inYVR !

“There is a poll running now on Twitter to vote for tasks I will have to complete, or to add comments that if approved by Him, will be added, and all must be done before I can have even the chance of getting unlocked! So yes, distance play may not be perfect, but it really can work! So happy to have met @2inYVR and to be able to share our kinky fun with you all!”

Metal would like to thank @bft4evr and @2inyvr for these pictures and for the information! You can find both of these kinksters — and add to @bft4evr’s ongoing torment — by going to their Twitter feeds.

Joey – Part 03

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By slavebladeboi

The ride back to his student accommodation didn’t really register on Joey’s mind. He pedalled the anger out of his body, with each thrust of his legs he felt calmer, or at least less fraught. Fumbling with the padlock and chain he secured the frame to the rack and buzzed himself in. He had no thoughts in his head that made sense to him and simply flung himself face down onto the bed, still drawing deep breaths from the exertion.

After a while he relaxed and let his mind become focussed on that bench, the cyclist and his recent experiences, but it was always coming back to the cyclist. There was something. He wasn’t sure if it was something he was missing from the picture he had in his head or just a feeling that he felt ok with the meeting. No. He had been used and the other guy knew about it. And he seemed happy to acknowledge it. And that made him feel, well, perhaps less angry now if he allowed himself to admit it.

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