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Island Master UK – Part 02

By Wakeysub

About six weeks before the holiday, a package arrived with a note saying that I shouldn’t open it until instructed in the session. On that night’s call, I reported that the box had arrived, and he smiled and said that was good because it meant I could be fitted for my island chastity. He explained that all slaves on the Island wore a custom chastity managed by the resort. The box contained everything I would need to do the sizing. He told me that he had an extra special chastity planned for me, which he was sure I would appreciate. As a first step, He instructed me to remove my chastity and my PA. He told me that my pubes would have to be removed.

On the Island, all slaves are displayed without pubes as it showed off the chastity to the maximum effect. He told me he had included a bottle of his preferred depilatory spray in the package. You just sprayed it on, waited for 10 minutes, and wiped the hair away. I thought back to a conversation we had had about hair removal when we were discussing activities. I’d told him then about how I loved the idea of chemical hair removal – how it was so much more mechanical and impersonal than a shaving scene. I found the bottle.

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Paying the Full Price – Part 2

By UKDeviant on Recon

UKDeviant chastity storyIt was day 4 of being locked in the steel chastity belt. I slowly woke up and as usual stretched and got ready for my morning slow wank. Then I remembered that I was still securely locked up. My fingers could just about get into a few of the gaps in the belt, but there was no hope for relief. Having been in a Holy Trainer for 4 weeks before for a period of enforced denial, the abstinence was not going to be a problem and I was not ready to panic yet, but I did need to have a plan to get out of my predicament. My dick still unhelpfully twitched and throbbed away inside the cage. Twitch.

It seemed unlikely that I would be able to get to London. Hotels were shut and the Police were turning away non-essential workers from the tube stations. Getting to James on Wednesday evening was just not going to happen, even if he turned up. It would be a long 2-hour drive both ways to find this out. I didn’t bother preparing in my mind an explanation I could give to The Police for my 50-mile car journey if I were stopped and asked where I was going.

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Paying the Full Price – Part 1

By UKDeviant on RECON

UKDeviant chastity storyI started to wake up about 6am, as usual about a half hour before the alarm on my phone went off. Feeling slightly groggy from last night’s beers I knew the best way to clear the head was to release some hormones with a nice long edging session. I turned from on my side to my back, stretched out spread eagle working my muscles and my right hand went under the covers. As I tried to grasp my cock, all I felt was cold steel preventing any access and I froze while my brain, which was still booting, up tried to work out what was going on. It took a further ten seconds to realise out this was not at all expected.

As I sat bolt upright in the bed I could also feel a steel belt wrapped snugly around my waist which tugged at the base of my cock and balls as I moved.

Early in March, it was dark outside, and some light from the street came in through the window which allowed me to just about see in the room. As I threw back the duvet I could see a little light reflecting on the steel waistband. I was wearing a steel chastity belt which I did not own and was definitely not expecting to be wearing. At this point my two major organs were offering different views – my brain desperately trying to work out my predicament, and my penis expressing total pleasure and excitement at the situation.

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Male BDSM porn: Adam Herst torments and fucks slave Liam Harkmoore

This is a vintage shoot from Bound Gods, featuring Adam Herst and Liam Harkmoore:


House dom Adam Herst awaits on his throne as slave #860 crawls toward him. Mr. Herst inspects the captive and reveals his cock and balls locked in chastity. 860 has his ass cropped before having the metal hook shoved up his hole. The muscled dom orders his slave to worship his leather, starting from his boot all the way up to his cock. After swallowing Mr. Herst’s cock, 860 takes his master’s cock from behind with the ass hook still in place. On the impaler, 860 endures the flogger before he’s taken to his master’s dungeon bed. Suspended over the bed, 860 has his hole plugged and his cock tormented with the zapper. Mr Herst removes the captive’s chastity and plug and gives him one more fuck before giving 860 a face full of cum and ordering him to cum on his boot.

34594_10 34594_19

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One Year – Part 12

By Taurus

Part 12 – “More”

James enjoyed his life tenfold more with Russell at the reins. He was much more present and affectionate as a handler.

His morning on the sand track pulling his cart was essentially made a play session, as Russell would sometimes sing cowboy tunes as he walked around. He spent a few days getting used to it before he stopped laughing his ass off through his bit gag.

Submissive training became more varied. Cocksucking was done regularly still, but for every two days of it, there was a day with training for something else. Currently, James had the pleasure of being trained to take nipple clamps, a hogtie position, and finally, a dildo.

Finally, something in the ass.

No official pleasure sessions though, but that was good enough for his sanity already; it should tide him over a few weeks.

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Male BDSM Porn: The game of thrones

Jaxton Wheeler brutally throat fucks Jett Jax then gives him a brutal ass pounding in this archived shoot from Bound Gods — when you subscribe to KinkMen you get ALL the videos from Bound Gods and related sites no matter how far back they go!

35312_0 35312_2

Jaxton Wheeler awaits on his throne as his sub Jett Jax crawls in on his hands and knees, ready to serve. He removes his master’s leather jock and swallows the huge cock that awaits him before he’s relentlessly beaten with the crop. His cock locked in chastity, Jett is made to swallow Jaxton’s huge cock until he’s flogged from front to back. Suspended in the air, Jett opens his hole for a vigorous fuck until Jaxton brings him to the ground. After a final fuck, Jaxton rewards his sub with a face full of cum and has him lick up every drop.

35312_10 35312_11 35312_20

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One Year – Part 05

By Taurus

Part 5 – “Special Day”

Day 14 of 365.

This was a special day for James, who had, within the first day, accumulated complete sexual abstinence and 10 lashes of the flogger every day, for two weeks. All that because he could not recite the rules he was to obey.

Today marked the end of this punishment.

James woke up more quickly than before. After all, at least he would be allowed to touch himself again, and maybe even get stuff up the ass!

As Arnold, his handler approached him at the start of his day, he knelt and looked up, a smidge more energy in his eyes.

However, as if omniscient, Arnold shot down his overeager slave.

“Don’t get too happy. I said no pleasure sessions for two weeks, didn’t say anything about letting you have pleasure by the end of your punishment.

A pause.

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