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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 02

By AlphaMetal

As Trey was finishing up his workout in the weight room, he couldn’t keep his mind from thinking about the procedure he would have to endure in a few minutes.

It was the last Friday of the month. Two months earlier he had been fitted with a cock cage to stop him from jacking off every day. Exactly one month later he had been required to show up at the medical office to have the cage removed briefly so he could ejaculate, to “clean out the pipes” he was told. But instead of letting him jack off and be done with it, they had turned it into a humiliating ritual.

As Trey lay on the weight bench, finishing up his last set of dumbbell presses, he couldn’t stop remembering what had happened a month ago. He didn’t want to go through it again, but he knew he didn’t have a choice: As part of the intake at the military school, Trey and a roomful of other new arrivals had been told what happened to students who refused to obey an order — they were given a choice between a very painful visit to the punishment room or being sent to jail to serve whatever sentence they were there to avoid.

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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 01

By AlphaMetal

Trey was mostly used to it by now. As he entered the locker room after the team weight training session, he knew that when he took off his workout clothes and walked to the shower room the other guys would see the plastic cage around his cock, but by now they had all seen it before anyway.

All in all, Trey thought, even with this stupid cock cage he had to wear, the military high school he agreed to enter instead of jail wasn’t so bad.

At age 19 he shouldn’t still be in high school in the first place, but he knew he had been a fuck-up as a student, and a lot of the other guys here were in the same boat — many were also 18 or 19, and a few even 20 — so it didn’t seem so weird.

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Three Slaves – Part 06

By Practicerestraint

Chris led 502 down the hall to another door.  They entered and 502 found himself in a large gym.

“This facility is for the slaves and for the staff.  Patrons visit here when they wish a gym scene with a slave.  Sarge overseas the fitness of the slaves and the staff.”

Chris pulled on the leash and led 502 to the right side of the room.  502 heard something behind him, but he felt a tug on the leash when he started to turn his head.

“Look around on this side and get an idea of how your workouts will be designed.”

As he scanned the equipment, 502 found that there were standard pieces of workout gear, but there were duplicates.  The duplicates had been modified in some fashion.  It took him a moment to register the differences.  His eyes settled on three stationary bikes.

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Naked male mud wrestling with bondage and chastity for the loser

Meanwhile at Naked Kombat, it’s MUD WRESTLING — in this “Top Cock” shoot:

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Cocksure studs Jessie Colter and Jimmy Bullet face off on Top Cock, each confident in an easy victory. So, the contenders up the ante: they tangle hard bodies in a slick and messy mud-wrestling bout. The loser finds himself bound and blindfolded, made to suck winner dick, all the while facing extra humiliation in a chastity cage. The winner then pushes the loser’s anal limits with a succession of huge Bad Dragon dildos. It’s almost mercy when the winner trades his cock for the dildos and delivers a rough fucking before finishing off the loser with a cum-glazed facial.


Models in this shoot: Jessie Colter, Jimmy Bullet

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