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Prison trash

Issiah Carlye has been sentenced to five years in the state prison. Of course he claimed he was innocent and maybe he was, but once sentence was handed down by the judge Issiah was taken into custody immediately. Officer Denali chained the 34-year-old up with cuffs, shackles, belly chain and black box right in front of his family to be taken down to be processed into the jail! When he comes into the jail all dressed in his nice clothes, tie and even fancy dress boots, it will be the last time for a long time that he will be in them… yes sir, for a very long time if not forever.

Issiah Carlye has been sentenced to five years in the state prison


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Parole Violator: Part 2

In this recently added update from KinkMen, Pierce Paris and his Step-Dad, Dale Savage, are back. Pierce shoves his big hard dick down Dale’s throat, getting it nice and wet and ready for his reluctant asshole. Pierce spanks Dale’s ass with a belt and with his hands and then spreads his cheeks. Pierce sinks his big meaty missile deep into Dale’s hole and fucks him hard and raw.

Pierce Paris and Dale Savage



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The doctor will inspect you now

At Daddys Bondage Boys, the Doctor has his last inspection of the day. The patient soon gets out of his shirt and flexes his muscles so the Doctor can start his check up. Upon dropping his shorts there is no doubt that his huge cock is fully functional. The medical continues with some electro torment and the captive screams beautifully.

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Title of this video: Will He Pass Part 1

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A male captive is bound to the discipline bench for a live broadcast

Gareth is bound to the discipline bench in nothing but a tight jock strap that perfectly frames those furry round cheeks. What a fucking turn on! It deserves an audience, and Dave generously live broadcasts Gareth’s total humiliation in this sorry state. Adrian mercilessly lashes that beefy arse. He struggles desperately to escape this punishment and straining every muscle in his body. It causes him to flush red all over and great big globs of drool to run down his face. That sweaty arse blazes red with great big welts rising up on it. What turn on parting those cheeks to see his tight hetero arsehole totally exposed! Dave increases Gareth’s burning shame gobbing directly into his face. His whole body vibrates like a live fucking wire in his absolute fury!

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