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The torment continues for bound up Chris

At BreederFuckers, Chris is stripped down stark naked with his arms tied behind his back and his ankles locked in a leg spreader, his body is primed for sadistic pleasure. His junk dangles between his thighs as if he were a pathetic beast up on the auction block. Chris’ pert tight arse points out for discipline and training. His sensitive cheeks flare red after only a slight amount of bare handed spanking, so any punishment after this is fucking agony for the whimpering blonde prince. His rump is beaten till he’s howling beneath his gag and desperate for it to stop. Chris’ prick is expertly sucked so he can’t stop himself from going a big fat stiffy. At the same time Adrian screws him in the rear causing a total headfuck for this straight bastard. He weeps ferociously, knowing that forever more he’ll be known as the biggest bender around.

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Max is turned into a bound cocksucker

Here’s another one from BreederFuckers.com. In this episode, paperboy Max is a right nasty little fucker. He swears viciously now that he’s tied him down to an upturned chair for discipline. Dave delivers bare-handed spanking, making Max moan beneath his gag. They are going to turn him into proper cock sucking whore with a loose sloppy arsehole if it means they have to beat his angry bum until it’s red fucking raw!

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Aaron is tied up, gagged and worked over

At BreederFuckers, Aaron’s battered and bruised arse cheeks are still burning hot from his discipline, but they are not done with him yet. Dave grips his tight white pants and wrenches them up to give him an almighty wedgie that slices against his sensitive sphincter. When that thin covering is cut away, his body is completely vulnerable to prodding and probing of his fucking hot straight arsehole. Every whack from the wooden paddle to his sore behind causes Aaron unbearable pain.

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