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The Tournament Affair – Part 08

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 8 – Edging

Ari and Nathan have escorted Ken to the second padded room. Ben follows them.  Once they get into the room, Nathan shuts the door behind and dims the lights.  The walls are bright white, as is the floor – in this room it has white rubber matting with a floor drain – and Nathan wants to soothe Ken, not assault his eyes.

He slides the hood off of Ken, and Ken takes in the surroundings. His arms are still bound in a rope harness, and he has a multi layered cowboy bandanna gag on.

In front of him is a strange looking chair, and it startles Ken. It’s a seat with fixed recline, but on a metal frame with a curved seat bottom. Padded frame components stretch out in a V from the seat, and it seems to Ken it’s meant to be sat in with legs spread.  There are curved pads beneath where the thighs go, and upholstered pads on the lower parts, above the foot pads, where calves could slip into. The leg pockets half-remind Ken of a massage chair at the mall, but this looks much more diabolical than anything he’s seen before.

The room is a whole other experience.  It is certainly a padded cell, insulated from noise. In fact, all ambient noise is gone, and Ken wonders if he’ll be kept prisoner there.  His heart is starting to thump with concern.

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Video: Chained to the basement floor while gagged and strapped in a straitjacket

Check out what happens to this gagged prisoner! The video is from the men of Serious Male Bondage:


More video is available from Serious Male Bondage


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Psycho demonstrates his metal bishop stand on a captive male

The Tournament Affair – Part 05

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 5 – Escape

Right on cue there are two of the Jungle guys in the tent doorway.  One’s got the three-inch duct tape in his hand, and they both have the black search gloves on.  They’re here to gag, Denny knows, and aren’t likely to be deterred.

Denny calls out, “I know this isn’t a game! Even the black team went too far with me. I wasn’t supposed to be in this game!”

“Oh, is THAT so?”one of the Junglers says with a smirk. With his white teeth and eyes showing through the black face paint, he looks like a wolf, Denny thinks.

“Yes. You gonna help me? The black team did illegal things most likely.”

“THAT’s a new one. A captive trying to talk his way out of bondage! Never heard THAT before,” he says as he turns to his companion. “GLOVE!” and immediately the second captor has slapped his leather gloves onto Denny’s mouth and Ken’s as well. Denny moans and struggles under the grip of the leather glove.

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7 Days in Berlin – Part 07

By Takeo

Day 2 – Wednesday June 12th – Going Out

So far I have never experienced dog training, even though I have worn a plug with a dog tail once or twice. But I remember expressing my desire to try it to Florian during one of our chats. Yet what attracts me most is the look, with a tail and a dog hood, a leash, and the fact of being on all fours. As for eating out of a bowl, I had carefully avoided the subject. I like being humiliated by a dom, but this is a little too extreme for me, I thought.

As these thoughts run through my head, I try to understand why I am in this situation. It does not make much sense to me; Flo’s pleasure should be in watching me being humiliated by having to eat off the floor from a bowl, but he is not there.

I realize that I have been up for a while, and that I am hungry. So I resolve to try and eat something. One bowl contains water, the other food. Rice, apparently with bits of vegetable and chicken.

My hands are trapped in the mitts, so if I lift the bowls I risk spilling everything. So I am forced to leave them on the ground and really eat like a dog, even though I am alone and nobody is actually forcing me to.

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Video: The new Silencilicone gag


Mark from Serious Male Bondage shared the video above, and he sent this information:

“These silicone gags are a new generation of 3D printed mold products. We expect to see more of these inventive BDSM toys on the market inspired by new and emerging technologies.

“These gags are produced in Germany by a guy who wanted a more effective gag than the traditional ball gag. These gags are available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL. Additionally, there are a wide variety of models to choose from including breather gags.”

Thanks, Mark, for this video and for the information!

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