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Straight champion athlete in bondage hell

Meanwhile at BreederFuckers, Scotty has taken sexual pleasure for himself without his new owners’ permission.

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This straight champion athlete needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around him and his own selfish desires. He now exists only for the sexual pleasure of men who want to use his strong masculine body. His insatiable cock is put on a leash and tied to the wall. He’s restrained in place with his arse pointed upward ready for punishment. Time for a sound caning to make his big muscular arse cheeks glow red. Lashing his arse makes him bum so sensitive that every whip of the cane causes him tremble and howl in protest. Now that he’s been beaten into submission he’s primed to fucked. The men take turns screwing the bent angry sportsman showing him that their pleasure is all that matters.

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Sadistic Jared ties up hunky Jordan

Jared can barely believe his luck. Jordan, 22, is handsome and well built, a young man whose charm is effortless. And here he is, stripped to his jockstrap and T-shirt, gagged and blindfolded, strapped to a metal chair, legs spread wide. Not only is his body thick with muscle, his cock is big and meaty. Jared rips his T-shirt open, revealing a hunky torso, naturally smooth and hairless. Jared has been paid to torture and use this captive however he likes – as long as he films every minute for his anonymous benefactor. He starts out with nipple clamps.

VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage


Watch the VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

Title: Jordan: Payoff for Pain – Chapter 1

VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

Jared gets hog-cuffed and tape-gagged

At Dream Boy Bondage, Jared is removed from the wooden plank on which he has been displayed naked. He’s allowed to “rest” on the floor, cuffed wrists to ankles. He rolls around, arching his back and flexing his impressive muscles as his dick hardens from friction with the floor. His joints ache and the metal cuffs dig into his flesh, but nothing he does provides any relief. After a few hours, they turn his intense discomfort into real pain, roping his cock and balls and lifting his 180 pounds of solid muscle off the ground. A tape-gag muffles him.

Jared gets hog-cuffed and tape-gagged

Jared gets hog-cuffed and tape-gagged


VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

Title: JARED: Elite Athlete – Chapter 5

VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

Bobby is gagged and drooling at Breeder Fuckers

At BreederFuckers, Bobby’s arms are bound together and tied to the ceiling. With his cock and balls firmly tied to his feet, this captive isn’t going anywhere.

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No matter how much he squirms, he can’t do anything to stop the bad man from fondling his hefty cock and sliding his finger around the sensitive circumference of his sphincter. This straight man is made to become familiar with every stage of being fucked. He’s presented with a stiff dick in his face, which he’s ordered to slick up by drooling copious amounts of saliva through his gag.

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His tight arse is then split into and he’s ruthlessly screwed. Bobby is then ordered to deep throat cock, which is rammed right to the back of his throat making one of the most vividly intense gagging scenes ever filmed.

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