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One of my favorite models from Straight Up Guys

Straight Up Guys is now an archive site. There is no new material being added anymore, but that does not stop us from enjoying pictures and videos from their enormous archives. Here are some images of one of my favorite models:

Straight Up Guys

This hot guy wearing an athletic singlet gets tied up and gagged at Straight Up Guys. Click any of the pictures to be taken to the site:

Srraight Up GuysStraight Up Guys 03Hogtied wrestling hunksTied up in rope

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male bondage in the locker room

Blindfolded sling sex

Meanwhile at Hot House, Skyy Knox and Johnny V make out passionately until Skyy takes control and throws Johnny in a sling with a blindfold on. Johnny hoists his legs in the straps with the help from Skyy, giving him easy access to Johnny’s awaiting hole. Finger, tongue, finger, tongue is the tease for this unknowing bottom. After a rigorous rimjob, Skyy instantly shoves his thick tool deep inside Johnny. Moans and screams echo from Johnny as Skyy’s thrusts get faster and harder. Skyy wants more, so he rips Johnny from the sling and ball gags him before bending him over and slamming Johnny’s lossened fuck hole. Unable to see or speak, Johnny jacks and shoots thick ropes of hard-earned cum. Skyy empties his balls all over Johnny’s face and chest and licks it off. Eventually, Johnny’s blindfold and gag are removed and the two share a sweaty, cummy kiss.

Skyy Knox and Johnny V make out passionately

See the video here

Site: Hot House

Title: Blindfolded

gay porn Skyy Knox and Johnny V

Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 05

By felon

The cell rings, I can’t hear much of the conversation as the radio is blasting country music. We are speeding down I-79 getting deeper into West Virginia. The skinhead prisoner seated next to me starts to struggle in his restraints. From up front: “Do the fags need to take a piss?”

He yells f–k yes. I can only grunt.

We stop about 30 miles down the road at an old fashioned gas station with the outside doors to the restrooms.

The driver says, “I know the guy that owns this place — one at a time gentlemen.” He gets the skin out of the van, and finds he can’t get the restroom door open. So he rips open the jumpsuit and pulls out the guy’s monster dick and says, “Just piss against the wall.” He leads him back to the truck and re-chains his feet to the floor.

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Muscled Master and His Toy

Twink male bondage

At Bad Boy Bondage, the Master drags his toy to the table and ties him to it. Stroking his body and using a whip, he starts to warm the captive up to his attentions. The electro toys come out, and soon end up attached to his nipples and balls.

tied up men

For all content at Bad Boy Bondage, click here.

Title of this shoot: Muscled Master and His Toy Part 3

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Metalbond gay bondage

A captive wakes up in bondage

A muscular young man wakes from a dream to find himself tied to a cold, metal table instead of his warm bed. Still groggy and confused, he struggles and moans through a gag as a masked man enters and starts to fondle and grope his sexy, firm body, then begins to rip and cut his clothes. He’s helpless to defend himself as the man slowly exposes his smooth, muscular chest, thick thighs and bulging biceps. The helpless young man grows silent with fear as the man cuts away his briefs to get at his big dick and full, ripe balls.

male bdsm

See the VIDEO at Straight Men In Trouble

This of this update: Nightmare Becomes Real – Part 1

male bondage