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Video: Top-man Anthony edges Nigel for hours


This is from Dream Boy Bondage. Sexy top-man Anthony Martin keeps Nigel rock-hard – even though the captive is terrified and his nipples are screaming in pain. Anthony knows how to keep a cock hard, on the edge of cumming, sometimes for hours. Completely naked, his torso showing signs of the whip, Nigel moans in combination of pain, fear and desire, so ready to bust a load his body shakes from head to toe as Anthony works his cock and fingers his asshole. Finally, after edging him for hours, Anthony lets his prisoner’s cock erupt like a geyser. Even after he cums, Nigel remains rock-hard. His reward: More pain. Nigel screams as he’s stretched so wide his legs completely touch the ground. He’ll remain like that, doing the splits, overnight, chained in a dungeon, naked, blindfolded, gagged and helpless, whimpering in pain, his dick still oozing cum.

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Sexy top-man Anthony Martin keeps Nigel rock-hard

Video: Gareth is tied up for hole abuse

At BreederFuckers, Gareth’s hot masculine body is totally on display as he’s strapped down like a wild stallion. Scroll down for a free video clip.

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Gareth’s arsehole is worked over to stretch it open and keep him in position to take cock after cock in a relentless gang bang. He feels the tip of a vibrator tickling his guts like how men’s dicks will soon be pounding against his prostate. Adrian manipulates the bastard’s dick until he’s got a red angry hard on and spills his sperm. He uses the hetero’s spunk to lube up his hole and fuck him hard because of course he has to sample the goods before whoring him out.

Here is a video preview:


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Male-on-male bondage sex

In this ‘Duty Bound’ scene at Str8Hell, Petr Ujen is blindfolded and naked. He is gagged too and his wrists and ankles are shackled as he kneels on the chair. He is making a lot of noise as his tormentor, Oleg Hubert, comes in. Oleg takes a swig from his bottle as he spanks on Petr’s ass. Then he starts to whip that sexy ass a little and spanks it as well. Spreading Petr’s ass cheeks Oleg examines the tight hole. He removes Petr’s blindfold and rubs his bottle against that sexy asshole.

muscle bondage

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Video: Bondage sex and hole wrecking

Cazden Hunter enters the black room to find Ian Greene gagged, blindfolded and bound to the leather bench. A thick string of saliva drips from his mouth as Cazden lifts his face to spit in it. He pulls off the mean metal gag to give Ian’s mouth access to his big uncut piece. Ian sucks greedily like the horny slave he is.

Bondage sex and hole wrecking

Ian’s shiny black rubber tights are pulled halfway down to reveal his round smooth asscheeks, and Cazden gives them a smack. He slides them down further to spank and redden the captive’s helpless butt. Pulling out a leather crop, he begins lightly teasing Ian with sharp little whacks from back to buttocks. Tenderized and rosy, Ian’s ass is too hot and sensitive to resist. Cazden buries his face in the warm juicy crack as Ian nods in plaintive agreement.

Cazden Hunter enters the black room to find Ian Greene gagged

Ian’s cock is long, thick and half-erect, responding to his harsh treatment. He reaches behind to pull his ass open wide as his hole throbs and twitches for more of his captor. Cazden slaps his dick around the crack and roughly enters the heated-up manhole. Dispensing with the usual niceties he plows in greedily with no regard for Ian.

male bdsm

Boots spread wide apart and hands on the bench, Ian is a helpless fuckpuppet moaning with need and hunger. Between hard pumps Cazden keeps smacking his ass to remind him who’s boss. Abruptly he pulls out and reaches down for a huge angry dildo, slathers it with lube. Ian’s hole puts up token resistance but yields to a good seven inches of the arm-sized toy. He beats his cock as Cazden pounds it further into his horny ass.

male bondage

Black glove covered in gelatinous lube, Cazden introduces his fist into Ian’s wide open ass. Ian grimaces and emits a groan of assent and ultimate surrender. Wrist deep, Cazden pulls out his fist to show Ian’s wet juicy rosebud.

Here is a video preview:


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male bondage and gagging


Leo and Tomas get into some raw and raunchy bondage sex

Meanwhile at Str8Hell, the handsome, studly Leo Lombar is relaxing on his bed, enjoying music as he is on his computer. The door opens softly as a hooded Tomas Fuk peeps in. He enters the room and overcomes Leo so that he can shackle and gag him. Naked and shackled, Leo is at the mercy of Tomas, who enjoys feeling all over the sexy body. Leo’s dick is rock hard as the hands explore his hot body. Tomas rips off his hood and begins to kiss and lick that hottest of bodies. Leo writhes against his shackles but his stiff cock reveals what he is really feeling. He enjoys a tongue on his nipples and then the feel of Tomas’ mouth on his fat cock. Tomas smacks the huge thighs and sucks on that throbbing cock. Then he licks the balls and the shaft too. He sucks on the heavy balls and on that big cock. Then he uses a vibrating massage on Leo’s rock hard dick. He moves Leo, bending him over the bed to give access to his hot ass. Tomas kisses the ass and starts to finger the tight hole. He spanks and bites the ass too. Lubing the hole he shoves a vibrator into it and starts to fuck . Leo takes that toy into his hot ass. Then, when is it loosened enough he feels Tomas’ cock fuck deep into his ass. Tomas fucks that hot ass hard and fast, turning Leo over, onto his back. Leo takes hold of his own dick and wanks it fast as he enjoys the dick slamming his ass. Tomas continues his fucking as Leo wanks himself. He keeps going until Leo shoots the creamy cum from his cock. Then Tomas pulls out and wanks himself to unload his cream onto Leo’s hot hole. Then his pushes that cock back into the tight hole using the cum as lube.

raw muscle bondage sex

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Archer Croft gets tied up and edged by Dillon Diaz

At KinkMen, Archer Croft shoots his first porn ever! Dillon Diaz and Sebastian Keys blindfold him, tie him up and fully suspended in rope bondage. They edge his cock till he cums hard through his Prince Albert piercing.

Archer Croft shoots his first porn ever

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Dillon Diaz and Sebastian Keys blindfold him, tie him up and fully suspended in rope bondage

Gareth gets strapped naked to the discipline bench

Hot tattooed builder Gareth is strapped naked to the discipline bench wearing nothing but his grubby workman’s boots. The furious bastard fights against his manacles. He’s not in a position to make any demands. They mercilessly cane his feet and break open his virgin arsehole with a massive thick dildo. Adrian bathes Gareth’s sore arsehole with his sperm and secures it up him with a butt plug. Now the sorry fucker is painfully aware that the little swimmers are sloshing around inside of him and there’s nothing he can do about it!

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