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If You Are Brave

By Jaybird

It was almost dusk as I pulled into the long driveway. Once past the line of trees, I saw the classic farmhouse with a porch was on my left, to the right there were a couple of working metal barns. Once again I was on a business trip, and had found him on Recon, sent a cruise, got one back, and started a conversation. I immediately liked his easy going, no posturing, attitude, we could both laugh at our kinks. He offered up that he had what he called a “horse,” one of those now pretty popular pieces of bondage gear built from plywood, with a flat padded top, supports on the sides for forearms and shins, and straps – lots of straps. I told him it would be totally hot just to be strapped into that for three hours or so. He seemed to like that idea.

The fact that he insisted on talking on the phone increased my comfort level. We had a good conversation, though I remember feeling kind of awkward just because small talk isn’t something I do well. But he understood, asked a lot of good questions, and reinforced my impression that I was dealing with a basically kind, good natured guy with some compatible interests.

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Gym buddies take it home for bondage and foot worship

Handsome Zeek caught the eye of Thom at the gym. Zeek has a fantastic body and Thom wants to see if he has sexy feet to match. Thom wants to get Zeek’s socks and toes in his mouth so bad he captures the big man and pulls his shoes and socks off. Thom should have tried asking first — it turns out Zeek would have said ‘Yes!’

Gym buddies take it home for bondage and foot worship

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Scene Title: Zeek

Scene Short Description: Zeek’s Size 12s Worshiped

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Video: Using a heavy-duty gag on a male prisoner

Here’s more male-on-male bondage featuring a Silencilicone gag. Scroll down for a video clip, courtesy Mark from Serious Male Bondage:

Using a heavy-duty gag on a male prisoner


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The Silencilicone gag is available here

Using a heavy-duty gag on a male prisoner

Using a heavy-duty gag on a male prisoner

Ruckus endures the Electric Station and a 30-pound flogger


Ruckus meets with Van for the 30 Minutes of Torment challenge. In The Pit they make the challenge all about his balls, and with them tied to the platform he endures a hard flogging. The tight rope on his balls making it so he can’t avoid the large 30-pound flogger. In The Electric Station, Ruckus is strapped down to a chair with electric pads on his thighs and an electric butt plug up his ass. As the electricity surges through him he squirms in the tight belts while the plug fucks his hole up and down. In The Water Station, he endures a mass of clothespins all over his body, including nearly a dozen on his balls. The water blasts them off, causing him to writhe in pain, only to have his screams muffled by the wet pillowcase that cuts off his breathing.

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Jacob Durham is abducted and tormented in bondage by Jessie Colter

Jacob Durham may be made entirely of muscle, but that doesn’t help him when he is swiftly abducted, gagged and tied to a chair by twisted sadistic Jessie Colter! Upon regaining consciousness, Jacob is punched, slapped and manhandled before his tight shirt is cut off, his pants yanked down to his ankles, and his nipples maliciously tormented by his captor. However Jacob can’t contain himself, and his thick cock rapidly hardens as his nipples are pinched, flicked and bitten, prompting the Jessie to edge him mercilessly while choking and depriving Jacob of air until he is gasping for breath — but there is no relief for the captive as he is subjected to the sharp bite of clothespins on his delicate nipples and all over his rock hard shaft. Next Jacob is hung upside down by his ankles by duct tape and flogged until his captor decides it is time for some intense vertical sixty-nine. Once he is satiated, Jessie flips Jacob around and flogs his back and ass before playing with Jacob’s tight, hungry asshole. After Jacob is tied to the bed frame and face fucked, Jessie rails his ass relentlessly until neither of the muscular hunks can take it any more and blow their loads all over the place!


Title of this shoot: Beefy Muscular Hunk Deprived of Air and Fucked into Submission

Models in this shoot: Jessie Colter, Jacob Durham

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