Christmas greetings and goodies

Thanks to all of you guys who sent special holiday greetings for Christmas. I was especially moved by the gay erotic artist RH of Mencomix, who sent me a hand-drawn, fame-worthy card, illustrated with a boot, a cage and a ball and chain — all in his own inimitable style. I won’t post the image here because it is personal, but here is a teaser:



And fellow kinkster Trikoot, who is a guy from Finland into rubber and BDSM, sent a very cool card, showing himself encased in rubber and leather alongside his crotch rocket. As a special touch, he even used the Tom of Finland postage stamp on the envelope.



And a number of guys made end-of-year monetary contributions to Metalbond. I got two “minimum-security” level offerings, and one “super-max.” You guys know who you are, and a big THANK YOU to you all. If anyone else wants to follow suit (“life without parole,” anyone?) — the PayPal button is in the sidebar to the right. Just select your desired amount in the pull-down under “Contribute to Metalbond,” then click on the PayPal link.


The Show Dealer

By Mister-X / Spartan

Brad started loading his stock into his van. His partner, Jay, just stood watching. Jay was taller than Brad, about 6’ 4”, looked like a football tight end with his muscular 245 pounds, but Brad didn’t want him helping to load, since Jay didn’t know what came next and where to put it. It was easier for Brad to load everything himself, even though it was a lot harder since he had a metal collar with foot long chains attached that were padlocked onto his wrists, restraints that Jay had put on him that morning, going over the PVC suit which covered him from chin to ankle along with the thick ankle shackles with the foot long chain between that went over his boots. It was what Jay required Brad to wear during a normal day at home, and with the physical exertion of loading the ton of stock into the van while wearing all that, he was sweating heavily in the nighttime heat and humidity.

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Chastity Game

By Strappeddown

There were a number of small gifts from my boyfriend, but when I opened the athletic cup, I was a little confused. It seemed like an odd gift. He had smiled, and said it was for a “chastity game” he wanted to play with me.

That had been last Christmas, and I soon found out what he had meant. Occasionally, throughout the year, he would ask me to put on the cup, and the chastity rules would start. The rules were simple, I had to wear the athletic cup continuously until he gave me permission to stop. I could pull it down piss, and when I was taking a shower, but I was under no circumstances allowed to touch myself during those times, and I wasn’t allowed to remove the cup until he gave me permission.

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The lengths some guys will go through to get their dicks locked up

It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths some guys will go through to get their dicks locked up. A few days ago I came home and opened my mail, and a friend of mine had sent me two keys to his cock cage:



And it looks like these keys go to a high-security lock of some sort. Fucking hot. Now I just have to think of a creative way to make him “earn” the keys back. Yeah, it’s risky to send your keys to another guy — especially to ME. I gotta give this buddy of mine lot of credit though, having the balls to do something like that. Oh, you want out tomorrow? We’ll see, buddy.


Another guy I met up with in person once told me that he had an interest in wearing a chastity device, but that his foreskin was making it difficult to get a device to work. This guy actually went ahead and had an adult circumcision, and last I heard, he was happily getting his dick locked up.


Another way to take chastity play to the next level, I mean really crank things up to an 11 as they say, is to get a PA, and then get a device that incorporates some sort of lock that goes through the piercing and is part of the device. DualDrew just got his dick pierced, so that he can ramp up his chastity device wearing game in the new year.


pierced_01 pierced_02



Damn, all of you guys are fucking great. Here’s to more cocks getting locked up in the New Year, guys!