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OK Prisoners, if you happened to have missed any of these stories in the Metalbond Prison Library, click below:


Blowing My Regular

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The Cell

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Life on the Beach (Novel Excerpt)

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Short Story

Solitary Confinement

Some Time in Rubber

Some Time in Rubber – The Story Continues

Tim Isn’t Going Anywhere

Unexpected Total Control


Let me know which of these is your favorite, and why. Some of you fellas sent me stories that I have not posted yet. I’m still working on those. So thanks! I and your fellow prisoners appreciate it!

There will be lots more stories coming in the coming weeks and months, but not every single night. But at least once or twice a week. So keep coming back.


Solitary Confinement

By RbbrStorage

I had it made.  Fit, handsome, in my mid-twenties, and in the perfect job.  At least, perfect for what I had in mind.  After only three years since graduating college, a series of lucky breaks and departing mentors had led to my promotion as company controller of a mid-size manufacturing company.  And as the guy in charge of handling the money, I knew exactly how I wanted to handle it … with the occasional diversion into a private account in St. Martin, thanks to some creative conversion of foreign currency when dealing with our suppliers and off-shore plants.

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How to build a bamboo cage

I would never advocate keeping a prisoner against his will, or putting anyone in restraints who does not WANT to be restrained. However, I must admit, many times I have beat off thinking about American prisoners of war in Vietnam, being kept tied up or locked in small, uncomfortable cages. Is that wrong?

gay bondage


A while back, CREUSS sent along a set of instructions on how to build a bamboo cage. Batard4skin writes:


Cages are a sort of cubic box. As you know, in tropical regions, bamboo grows fast, easily and is very solid. You can make many thinks with bamboo.

You cut the bamboo sticks first, and you make a sort of ladder crossing the two main bars with smaller ones, and you tie them all with leaves you pick up on some plants (can’t remember the name now). Those natural ties are really solid and efficient.

To prevent the bars from slipping, you make some cuttings in the bamboo, to keep it in place.

gay bondage

You make four equal panels like this, then two smaller ones. Then you build the box.

When you tie the panels together, they are firmly held. The bamboo is flexible enough not to break easily, or if you have some pressure on it.

As you are normally hands tied up in your back in such a cage, it is really escape-proof.



Thanks for the information, CREUSS!


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