A Stable Headspace (A True Potential Story) – Part 04

(Cowboys, Country, TPE, Bondage, Animal Roleplay; dog/pig)

Written by BootDeputy

The next morning, Logan woke up to the metal collar being locked back around his neck. Master Dallas hooked it to the bed forcing his head against the mattress. Logan looked up at him standing naked on the bed. His cock, standing stiff at attention, covered Dallas’ face at Logan’s angle.

He then stepped between Logan’s legs and fell to his knees, spreading them. Logan’s legs pushed open by Dallas large thighs. He grabbed the base of his cock and slapped it against Logans balls and cage.

“Last morning as my boy for a while now. Gotta make the most of it.”

Dallas lowered the head to Logan’s hole pressing against it. He put his arms on either side of his chest and pushed his hips forward. Logan swallowed his cock whole, leaning back against the bed in pleasure.

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Video: Logan’s back and ass are whipped bright red


Logan has a lean, tight body and creamy, smooth skin. Which makes Jared want to hurt him even more. After striping his back with several blows of the flogger, Jared finally rips off his short-shorts, revealing a firm, round ass. Logan’s bubble butt drives Jared so wild that he whips his back and ass until he is literally shaking in pain. “Get up on your toes and show me that ass!” Jared orders the whimpering captive. He just can’t stop hurting him.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Logan_Jared_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Logan_Jared_04

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Title: Logan: Twink Torture – Chapter 3


Blake Daniels is blindfolded and put in metal bondage by Tyler Saint


Check out what happens at the Halloween Masquerade Party. Blake Daniels gets used, beat up, cocks shoved in his mouth and ass. This is a classic shoot at Bound In Public.


Blake Daniels is blindfolded and in metal bondage. Tyler Saint takes him into a room of horny masked men. Blake gets used, beat up, and cocks shoved in his mouth. Hooded men hold him down as wax pours all over his body. Blake endures the electric ball smasher and electric butt plug. Partygoers take turns spanking the man’s white ass. They suspend him by his ankles and make him eat ass. They all fuck him and blow their loads on his face.

blake_daniels_gay_bondage_02 blake_daniels_gay_bondage_03 blake_daniels_gay_bondage_04

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A Stable Headspace (A True Potential Story) – Part 03

(Cowboys, Country, TPE, Bondage, Animal Roleplay; dog/pig)

Written by BootDeputy

After the night in the barn as Tread the horse, Logan is taken to the city for a night of rest from the ranch with the boys.  

The next morning, Tread woke up to the barn doors opening letting sunshine in. It was already high up in the sky. He didn’t know what time it was, but it was the best night of sleep he got as a horse, and his body was sore from yesterday. Master Dallas stepped into Tread’s stall wearing only a pair of coveralls, his chest pushing on the straps that hung over his mountain-like shoulders.

He didn’t say anything, just started to remove the gear on Tread who was still in a half-dazed state. The silicon hood and suit were removed. There were some bruises forming on his back. Even the metal collar that had been on since day one was removed. Logan suddenly felt like he could float off the earth.

He moved Logan, who again felt untethered outside of his horse skin, to the washing station. He cleaned himself up and shaved while Master Dallas stepped into his office. When he came back out, he was wearing a western dress shirt and pressed jeans. A shiny leather belt and buckle holding them up. Black ostrich boots gave off a clean shine.

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