Jonas – Part 1

By ty dehner

You going to be home tonight? Was the text that came from Jonas.

I replied in the affirmative that would I be home. After a few moments he replied asking if I trusted him. I responded back that I did. There were a few moments, then a longer text.

So, I want to come over, but I want to see where you are in trusting me. At six o’clock I want you to leave your front door unlocked. Go to your bedroom, strip down until you are naked. Take your blind fold and put it on. Kneel in your bedroom, back to the door and handcuff your hands behind your back. Leave the key for the cuffs under the welcome mat.

That message really surprised me as we hadn’t done any bondage since we met. My dick grew a bit in my pants and before I thought too much about it, I agreed.

He responded with one last text. Good boy. I will be there after you have prepared, of course, you won’t know exactly when. That struck me, yes, I wouldn’t know when he was there until he came in my bedroom.

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Video: Daddy Kevin orders more bondage action for his two captives

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Daddy Kevin orders more bondage action for his two captives

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