Florida Trap – Part 05

By Johnny Utah

I shuffled into the Receiving Building.  I was the largest building I had been inside of in weeks, and it stank of industrial disinfectant. I thought I’d have to stop and do something like fingerprints and a mugshot, but then it hit me I already had a prison ID card. I had a record here. I had no idea why I was taken from the fields into prison. Everything was going OK since we got back to the work camp. Going to pick sweet potatoes wasn’t that bad, now I was facing something else. Something unknown.

In the processing area, Sergeant Stiles was waiting for me.

“Prisoner Utah, J. 35374, you are going to be processed for entry in the Special Housing Unit, disciplinary segregation section,” he announced.

I shuffled down a hallway and turned into a big white painted room with six tall cages, each one obviously meant to hold one man. I was put in a standing cage, painted white. It was about four by four feet. There was a kind of bench to sit on. The door clanged shut and was locked.

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Jimmy gets tied and tortured three different ways

Padded Cell


Jimmy Bullet thinks he’s ready for the test that 30 Minutes Of Torment has in store for him. He starts off in the padded cell with a straight jacket on to keep him in place. Van beats his ass red and ragdolls him around the cell, stomping on Jimmy’s balls before taking him off to the pit.


The Pit


With his hands behind his back, Jimmy has weights added to his balls for extra torment as his backside is beaten with the flogger. Once his balls are nice and tender, Jimmy moves on to his final challenge.


The Water Chamber


Chained to the wall, the bound stud has clover clamps attached all across his torso and even on his balls, the pain driving him crazy as water is sprayed on his clamps. Screaming at the top of his lungs each clamp is removed from Jimmy’s tender skin before he’s challenged to cum.

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The hardest spanking Wes has ever had

At Spanking Straight Boys, Wes gets locked in the spanking tower. Going into this spanking, Wes had never seen or heard of the spanking tower, so it’s a complete surprise for him. Tom orders Wes to strip down and locks him into the spanking tower. He then sets about spanking Wes with his hand, a riding crop, wooden spoon and a leather belt. He also uses the riding crop on the captive’s feet. Wes struggles with the spanking. He breathes heavily, jerks about (what little he can) and cries out here and there. Overall, Wes takes it like a man. He is obedient and accepts correction well. At the end of this session he explains that this is the hardest spanking he’s ever had.

The hardest spanking Wes has ever had

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Title of this update: Wes In The Spanking Tower

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Eagle Grove Steelworks – Part 01

By Atlanta Stud

stories by Atlanta studNestled in Iowa, just 25 miles northeast of Fort Dodge, is the small town of Eagle Grove, with a population of just over 3500.  It’s a farming community with solid farmhands who are strong from the endless days working the crops and playing sports.  Two of those men, Seth and Jacob, were close. Their farms were next to each other, and they were the same age, having known each other their whole lives.  Now, aside from farming and sports, there’s not a lot to do in Eagle Grove, and bros being bros, Seth and Jacob found ways to have fun.  The usual playing catch, trying to get the forty-year-old LTD to run again that’s been parked behind the barn all those years and hanging out in the woods were just a few.  Seth and Jacob both had impressive physiques.

They were about 5-foot-11, with muscled arms, defined pecs and definition in the abs region.  Seth sported chest hair with a nice treasure trail going down the abs, while Jacob had a light dusting of hair in the chest region.

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Scenes from ‘Prowl 4’ at Titan

In Prowl 4, take a trip with blond muscle god Trey Rexx into a leatherman fantasy as he jerks his horsecock and conjures up one hot stud after another, beginning with sizzling muscular leatherman Anthony LaFont. After Anthony pins Trey in a wrestling match, he plunges his fat cock deep into Trey’s guts until they both spray the place with spooge. Cute hard-bodied Bobby Williams appears buck naked and chained to a hobby horse and Trey nails his ass good. And in the final scene, piggy Rhet Hengst gets fucked ferociously in a sling by one stud after another, including Marco Paris, Mike Grant, Arpad Miklos (of blessed memory) and Trey; they nearly split him in two, spearing his ass with their big dicks and spraying him with gobs of sticky spunk.

muscle god Trey Rexx into a leatherman fantasy as he jerks his horsecock and conjures up one hot stud after another

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Hey bro, are your balls ticklish too?

Like most guys that eventually get into the tickle chair at My Friends Feet, Scott Riley really didn’t know he was all that ticklish. Scott claims at first that he’s ‘fairly’ ticklish but within a few minutes he is squirming around saying stop. And this is with his shirt still. Needless to say, by the time Scott loses his shirt, socks and shoes, he is nothing but a big pile of gorgeous, well-tickled mush. He gets completely naked, and his balls turned out to be so ticklish!

are your balls ticklish too?

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Scene Title: Scott

Scene Short Description: Scott Riley Tickled Naked

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