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My Fun at Dore (Up Your Alley) 2017

By Mister-X/Spartan

I had been working hard for several months. I wanted a weekend to relax and have some fun. Dore (Up Your Alley) was coming. My friend Strap-wizard (fetlife name) was also stressed out and was looking forward to some fun. He had reserved a large room at a motel, which was near to where Dore would be. He had contacted a friend who we had been chatting with on Recon (squirmman, takiem on fetlife) who was coming, as well as another friend (minddrive on recon and fetlife). Strap-wizard had some plans laid out. Little did I know what I was in for.

Strap-wizard and I arrived Friday at around 5 PM. Squirmman was coming later that evening, and minddrive was arriving the next evening. Dore would be on Sunday, but we were planning to have some fun before then. Friday, after arriving, strap-wizard wanted to check out the Mr. S store, which was four long blocks away (comparable in length to the long blocks in New York City between the avenues). He dressed up in his usual strap-restraint outfit, but I just wore my custom-made leather top and leather pants with no restraints. We got a couple of looks while we walked there, but nothing out of the ordinary. There wasn’t too much going on at Mr. S that night. The next day would be their big party.

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Event Urinal – Part 01

By Pup Nitro

I already knew today was going to be a rough day, but FUCK i had no idea.  I got to the hotel yesterday before the big event weekend kicked off.  I like to take a little downtime before the chaos starts so that I can settle in, unpack, get my bearings, and ease myself into the weekend.  We had talked about this a little bit ahead of time, but not all the details.  If we had I’m not sure if I would have asked to change anything or not.

He gets to my hotel room at Noon and comes right in, already having a key ahead of time in case he needs it later when i was shall we say incapacitated.  He doesn’t miss any time at all and slams me into the wall shoving his tongue down my throat as I groan in excitement.  His other hand starts slowly digging into and kneading my chest muscles that are already sore from the workout routine that week.  He always knows exactly how to flip my switch and push me into high gear without any ramp up.  I’m melting into him like putty and he knows it.  Just as quickly as he started, he releases me steps back and stares at me.  I see that his eyes are that cold icy glare that means I’m really in trouble.  He has one goal in mind and that is to have fun by making me miserable.  My cock throbs from it.

He orders me on my hands and knees on the bed and he steps behind me and begins inspecting my hole.  Starting with one finger, then two, then three.  Inserting the lubed fingers and worming around while I groan like a bitch in heat.  The more he worked my ass the hornier I got.  I started backing up and groaning until his other hand punched me underhand in the balls.

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Montana – Part 05

By ty dehner

I hung there for a while, feeling my cock soften after being so close in one of the hottest sexual times I’ve experienced. I was glad my cock was free from the steel but sure wish Austin would come back and pick up where he left off. The air was getting warm as the sun was rising in the sky. Of course, I was in darkness with the hood locked on my head and my arms were starting to ache.

Austin startled me as I felt his rough leather work gloves start to work on my cock as he was returning it to its prison of steel. I moaned in the hood and I heard him chuckle to himself. I barely hear the lock click as he grabbed my cock and balls and tugged on them to show they were his. As he tugged them I could sense his face next to my leather covered face.

“Boy I really want to fuck you, really want to fuck you. But the time isn’t right and frankly I want you to want me more. We’re going to head into the house and get some breakfast. I’ll remove your hood once your inside.”

He worked the ropes holding my arms above my head, off and let me free. Then he leads me across the dirt. Once in the house he had me sit on the cold wood floor and removed the hood. As my eyes adjusted I found I was the only one naked as Austin and his posse were in their rodeo gear eating breakfast. They looked me over and then returned to their dialog over the food. Austin went in the kitchen and came back with eggs, bacon and some fruit in a couple of dog dishes. There was another with orange juice. He ordered me to eat, which I happily did as I was damn hungry.

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Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 14

By PredicamentBondage

The slave is kneeling at what we call “a kneeling-rest”. Its hands are behind its back, each grasping its opposite elbow, with the forearms aligned and parallel to the floor. The head is bowed, eyes open, focused on an imaginary point on the floor several feet ahead. Its knees are spread wide, its ankles less so, toes bent and planted firmly on the floor behind its buttocks. It rests half way between an “upright kneel” and “sitting on its heels”. The strong thigh muscles draw the eyes in, and frame a glorious set of genitals, hanging invitingly as if being offered to their owner – me.

Its cut cock is impressive at about 7 inches soft, 10.5 inches when hard, with a slight downwards turn and a striking mushroom crown. The rod has excellent girth and arcs over two hairless golf-ball size globes, gorgeous to behold. The penis is rock-hard and dripping pre-cum, as it always is when in the presence of its Master. It’s a Pavlovian response. The mere thought of its Master will result in an instant erection. Training is a wonderful thing.

I am on the cusp of a dilemma. An hour ago, I received a call from the client who ordered this wonderful piece of beef. The customer has had a change of mind and asked if we could negotiate a deal that will allow him to take delivery of only two of the three slaves he ordered. He’s a good patron, having purchased a lot of product in the past, so I don’t want to upset him with a refusal.

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Risk – Part 04

By lthr_jock

Mike struggled and fought against the restraints. He screamed into the gag, but the thick rubber apple was well secured and all he could do was make incoherent noises. The only people who knew he were up here were probably speaking to his colleagues from the station, so no-one would be coming to help him. He tensed, knowing what was going to happen and utterly helpless to prevent it.

And he waited.

After several minutes, he realised that nothing had happened, that although he could feel the vibration from the machine and hear it whirring, nothing was pushing itself against his virgin arse. He relaxed, slumping in the restraints with relief and now that he realised the danger was passed, started again to enjoy the situation he found himself in. His cock quickly hardened and by the time he heard the clump of approaching boots he was dripping a steady stream of precum.

“Damn. Such a filthy pig.” Mike grunted with relief as he heard Gordons voice. The older man moved around behind Mike and switched the machine off. He then moved around and crouched in front of Mike. “ Like I said, nothing like that unless you want it.” He grinned and reached out with a gloved hand to tousle the rubber pig hood. Mike swore at Gordon, secure in the knowledge that everything he said would be tortured into unintelligible grunts. Gordon laughed as he seemed to understand what Mike had said. “Careful, Mikey. Swear at me like that and I’ll leave you here overnight. Or are you ready to go home.”

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Montana – Part 04

By ty dehner

I look at Austin in disbelief. He builds an evil grin on his face.

“I don’t have any money, Ty has my wallet back in his barn.”

This pisses Austin off. He grabs my crotch and slowly pushes me in the dark corner of the bar. Two of his posse follow and the other goes gets some beers. I am slammed against the wall and Austin pushes his tongue in my mouth and gives me the kiss he started in the corral at the ranch. As he does he works my hands behind my back and soon I am cuffed, and he knees my balls making me moan into his lips.

He pulls back slightly his eyes looking into my mine.

“Oh, fuck boy, we’re going to show you your own private rodeo.”, he knees me again in the balls and I start to yell in pain he covers my mouth with his gloved hand and laughs. I struggle some and he smiles even more.

“Struggle cowboy, struggle. I fucking love me a cowboy that struggles and when I have you roped like a calf I am going to shoot my load all over you!”

The cowboy returns from the bar with three beers setting them on the table next to us, they sit down, and Austin has me sit in the chair next to him. Under the table he reaches over and starts kneading my cock and ball in the Wranglers causing me some pain.

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Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 13

By PredicamentBondage

As it turns out, by the time I’d slurped my coffee, sent a few emails, made a few phone calls, collapsed in front of the television to relax, and relaxed a bit too much and fell asleep, I left fuck-face being tortured by the unsympathetic computer somewhat longer than I’d planned.

I awake with a start. Checking my watch, I realise that fuck-face has been tormented by the tireless machine for a full nine and a half hours. “Oops!” I say out loud. “Guess I should have set an alarm. The scally-lad will be well-done by now; charred around the edges I expect.” I smile.

Rubbing the sleep from the corner of my eyes, I muscle myself out of the too-soft sofa, and stroll back to the rack-room.

Not quite sure what to expect, I tentatively open the door, enough to squeeze my head into the room to assess the damage. First impression is of an overwhelming smell of sex, testosterone and musty sweat. I open the door enough to step through and hesitantly step towards the prisoner’s prone body.

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The Surfer Bottom

By Mister-X/Spartan

Jimmy got off his surfboard after riding the wave ashore. He’d spent the day surfing, and now that the sun was setting, he figured it was time to head home. He decided to stay in his custom-made neoprene surf suit for the drive home. He put his board in the back of his pickup, laid out the bath towel on the seat of his truck, got in, and was soon on his way.

When he got home he saw that his two brothers were parked in the driveway, waiting for him. He hadn’t seen them in a couple of months, and was always glad to see them. His cock stirred a bit in anticipation. His older brothers were bondage tops, and he was the bottom one of the family. He figured that they were soon going to have him tightly bound.

When he got out and shook hands with them, they commented on his suit. Rob started it. “That is a great looking surf suit. It’s full body, even covering the neck up to the chin. All it’s missing is a hood. I’ve got one of those that will match the suit.”

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