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Copdar – The Policeman

By Cuffsandcops

At the beginning of June, I was contacted by a fetish site member who did not have a picture posted. The content of the profile was pretty generic, claimed to be 100% passive, into anything, and new to submitting. He messaged first and ended each message with Sir. He asked about my location and was bummed because my home city and the GPS distance didn’t match, which happens often on that site.

The next message from him was quite bold if you ask me. He said to let him know if I ever wanted to meet him halfway. He said he is a cop, new to kink, and would let me cuff him and use him however I wanted. I responded saying that sounds like fun and asking about which level of law enforcement he worked in, local, sheriff, or state. He said I would have to find out. He told me his weight when asked, he is a lot smaller than the guys I usually go for, but the thought of overpowering him put a smile on my face.

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More With Jonas – Part 5

By ty dehner

At times, the day passed quickly and at other times it passed oh so slowly. As the day went on, I wanted to be released more and more. It was getting harder for my cock to get harder, and the electro only seemed to be more intense each time. My breathing was labored in the hood, being gagged with the piss-soaked sock and the duct tape keeping it in. Even though the piss kept my mouth moist, my throat was getting scratchy because of the moaning and screaming I would do as the electro reach the high frequencies.

I was sweating in the heavy leather I was strapped into, but the hood kept my nose filled with the smell of leather. It was diabolical what Jonas had done to me. I had shot my load over and over, probably six or seven times. I lost count, just like I didn’t know the time of day or even where I was kept.

I didn’t know when Jonas or Max might return.

As I enjoyed the rest, I tried to get into things to that I could get hard and shoot another load. Another round started, and like the others before it was random and I didn’t know the extent of suffering I was going to endure. After a while I was able to get hard, as I felt the tightness of the bondage I was in. Things were building again, and as I was getting hard I started to lift my head. Quickly it was pushed down, and I felt something on the sides and top that kept my head from moving.

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More With Jonas – Part 4

By ty dehner

As I struggle with the hood, it is quickly laced tight and the zipper is pulled down over the laces. My hands are pulled behind my back as I realize that Jonas must have gotten out of the chair. The hood has a strong leather smell as it is snug on my face. Handcuffs are slapped on my wrists, and they aren’t gentle about it. The zipper at the front of the hood is opened, and I learn that this is one of the layered hoods.

Jonas is smiling at me.

“Get on your knees.”

I struggle, as my hands are cuffed behind my back, and get on my knees on the concrete floor. I look up at him, and he just stands before me allowing me to take in how amazing and powerful he looks in his leather uniform. After a few moments, his gloved hand grabs the zip of the hood and closes it, putting me into a leather solitary. I hear their boots leave the room, and I am left alone again.

For a little while I can take kneeling, but over time my knees get sore on the hard floor. I work to relieve pressure on one knee, but it adds pressure to the other. Then I adjust the other way. I spend my time moving back and forth trying to manage the pain that is increasing. I think about sitting or getting in the chair, but I’m certain that would not go over well and I would be punished. I haven’t done anything to be punished so far and am not going to start now.

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More With Jonas – Part 3

By ty dehner

I was exhausted and fell asleep bound to the table. I don’t know how long I slept, but Jonas woke me up with a slap to my relaxed cock.

“Time to wake up and get ready for your next round, gimp.”

He started working on the rope and slowly released each part of my body. Once I was free, he helped me sit up and turn, letting my legs hang off the edge of the table.

“Now we are going to really change things up for you. I am going to remove everything you are wearing, everything. I want you fully exposed for this next round. So, you will not speak even through your mouth will be empty, and you will keep your eyes closed when the hood is removed. I will let you know when you can look at me. If you understand, nod your head two times.”

I do so and am relieved that I am going to get out this rubber suit.

Jonas is in no hurry as he works to remove the duct tape on my head. As it reveals more and more of my skin, I feel the cool air drying the sweat. He then took out the cloth and I was ungagged for the first time in a long while. But I didn’t speak. Keeping my eyes closed, I felt his gloved hand stroke my face and head. At one point I leaned into his hand and placed a gentle kiss on his glove. He patted my cheek. He started working on the suit.

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More With Jonas – Part 2

By ty dehner

A few hours passed as Jonas and I just rested; he always kept his touch on me. At times he would tap my balls through the rubber just to remind me he was around. But he mostly just let me sleep. I was stewing in piss and sweat, but I was able to catch some down time.

Jonas eventually got up, instructing me to stay on the bed. When he returned, he said he was going to feed me. I admit I was extremely hungry and ready to eat. Setting me up on the edge of the bed, a straw was inserted into the grommet hole of the hood and I sucked in. It was a chocolate protein shake that I took down quickly. Between the cold and taste it filled my mouth with flavor. Being so hungry I felt the cool in my stomach. Next I was allowed some water and another protein shake.

After feeding time I was led to a chair with a padded seat, and restraints were locked that kept me secured in the seat.

“Rest up, more fun comes later, gimp.” With that Jonas tapped me on the side of my head and left me alone to stew further in my silent world.

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More With Jonas – Part 1

By ty dehner

“Your fucking life is over, gimp. You’ll never see the outside world again,” Jonas said. He had an evil grin on his face as he enjoyed telling me that I was going to be his captive forever.

I was trapped, speechless because of the inflated gag. My head was encased in heavy leather with a heavy padded hood and muzzle over that. The rubber dry suit that he had put me in a few days ago was filled with my sweat and piss. My ass was sore with the plug that he sat me on a day ago. After he informed me of my new state as his gimp, I struggled against the restraints and box that he had locked me in. I tried screaming into the gag, but there was no use to the effort. As I struggled it caused a sharp pain in my ass, and I stopped my struggle.


I woke from my slumber realizing that I was still in the state Jonas had left me in after our time at the bar. My neck was stiff from being held up and not able to move for the hours that I’ve been locked in the box. I laughed at myself for the wild dream that I was having where I was going to be Jonas’s gimp boy. He never even had talked like that. But no doubt some of the piss I drank earlier was laced with beer, so my mind was in a different state.

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The Chair

By Mister-X/Spartan

“Hi, Mr. Master. I’m Ronnie. I’m here for my first lesson.”

The two shook hands, and Ronnie handed the master the money. After counting it, the master brought him into his house.

“You will be bound and gagged and restrained to my chair. I will be doing various things to you which you will be unable to prevent. I’ve found that this is the best way to teach guys the self-discipline they weren’t taught by their parents.”

“I understand.”

“And you will call me either Sir or Master.”

“Yes, Master.”

“First I will need you to take off all your clothes. I’ve got an area set up here for you to undress.”

Ronnie went into the area while the Master waited outside. When he emerged the Master took a look at his cock and saw that it was flaccid.

“I will first need to put these items on your cock.” The master first strapped a cock sheath on, then put a condom over the end.

“Next I will be gagging you. Before I do, do you have anything you want to say or ask?”

“No, Sir. We covered everything in our earlier conversations.”

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Copdar – Reluctant Retired Deputy

By Cuffsandcops

This past Friday, I visited a friend in Annapolis, Maryland. After grabbing some lunch, I set off to visit another friend in North Beach. He wasn’t arriving home from work for about an hour longer than the drive was going to take. I decided to pull over in a shopping plaza parking lot and open up the apps to see if there was anything interesting nearby. I threw out a couple of “woofs” after checking out some profiles. I don’t mind picless profiles. Sometimes you find some gems that don’t post pix for one reason or another. The wording in one particular profile caught my attention. Under the What I Do tab was the sentence, “I babysit society.”

My opening message was “I’m guessing you are fluent with handcuffs.” He responded with yes. I then asked if he wanted to lock up me and get serviced. He responded by saying he is a sub pig bottom. I came back with, “Can I lock you up and give you a load then?” I told him I had my own cuffs, but would prefer to take his off his belt off his body to lock him up. He said he didn’t keep his gear there. He stated that he liked boots and man scent. I told him I had boots with me and could use the underwear I had on all day yesterday to give him some scent. I also hadn’t showered.

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