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The Trucker – Part 03

By Tigerkey, edited and approved by Steellock

Note: This is a continuation of a story by Steellock. This chapter is by Tigerkey. To start at the very beginning, click here.

Dreaming of the Trucker

A brief intro into me: I am an adult male sub who has always been interested in a sub/Dom relationship, to give up total control to a top/Dom who will take over my life.  In hopes of this I have been looking into it and looking on the internet for some information to know how things work. In doing so I came across Jim’s online shop, so I started looking more and more on his site and found that he has Matt, a sub, into bondage and the things that they get into, but the shy loner that I am, I don’t have it in me to go into the shop just yet.

So here I am reading everything that I can to find out what I’m looking for, and to fantasise about and wank off to, each and every night too. I came across Jim’s latest showing of the new and improved E-stim set up, which shows Matt in all his wonderful and impressive size, and I dream I had his muscular body and his strength.

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Cycles of Discipline – Part 02: Warming Up

By JoxMau

Our lives are like a honeymoon again. We won’t start our new relationship for weeks. I first had to give my two weeks notice to my job, which I was more than happy to do.  You want time to do more research and prep. You want to start off out on the right foot. I am nervous that you are thinking of backing out, but you assure me that that is not the case.  As the weeks move from one to the next, more and more packages arrive so I know you are up to something.

You encourage me to enjoy my freedoms while they last.  You take me to one of our favorite steakhouses and whisper to me over and over how I might not have a steak and potato for a very long time, so I better savor my meal.  I do slow down when dining out with you and try to be more mindful. The sex is like nothing we have had before.  Although you have my cock locked up most of the time, you let me out regularly for lots of play sessions which might only be teasing but just as likely may end with me cumming.

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Cycles of Discipline – Part 01: Discovery

By JoxMau

You find me on my laptop when you come home. You can tell I am out of sorts.  We have been in a relationship for a while that is periodically Dom/sub with lots of chastity during the kinky months.

This was near the second week of our vanilla period.  You could tell I was getting restless and was done with the vanilla break.

You come over and give me a kiss on the top of my head and ask if I am doing okay.  It is in that moment you see what I had been looking at.  It wasn’t the normal rubber and leather pics that you had come to expect.  Nor was it pictures of the traditional hot muscular guys that flood the web.

You reach over and take the laptop away from me and start looking at all that I have been browsing for the day and then you continue to go back and look over the past week or so.

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At Last

By Cutieboy90

“Oh fuck!” I’d finally hilted. I bite my lip, fighting the urge to make this pleasure quick. My cock throbs its frustration, squeezed into the silky softness of his tight ass.

I smile down at him, giving slow rolling thrusts as we acclimate to the tight fit we are. Kissing the sweat from his forehead, I caress his shoulder with one hand as I pant in heat. I feel his cock hard rubbing against my abs. His eyes tell me he’s ready for the ride I promised. I give his sweet mouth a sensual kiss, muffling his moans with my tongue as I pick up the pace.

It’s like the feeling you get as the roller coaster reaches the top of the track, or the airplane starts to take off. The anticipation is almost more exciting because you know exactly what’s about to happen, but you’re not there yet. Then you get faster and faster until you outrace time itself, even if for a moment.

Faster and faster, my heart pounds. Harder and harder, my cock drives. I break our kiss, only to growl in pleasure.

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Rookie Cop

By Cutieboy90

Jake Hilforde’s head felt heavy. The 31 year old felt disoriented, there was no recognizable sound, and everything was dark, like he was underwater, and he had the worst migraine he’d ever had. As the rookie cop started to come back to his senses, he realized he was completely immobilized; he was tied to a chair, his hands behind him, and his legs too!

True to his training, the rookie stayed calm, taking in his surroundings, and figuring out what was going on. He remembered leaving the station after his shift, heading to a house at the edge of suburbia. Why again? No Jake, think. The reason’ll come back.. What else happened? He’d gotten to the house, where he was greeted by a man, not much older than himself. What the hell was his name again? Trevor? Tyler? Something with a T, anyway. They sat down in the kitchen and chatted. The house had felt warm, despite the hum and breeze of an A/C. Wait, how did that work? How could he feel so hot, in an A/C’d room? He flexed his aching shoulders. Damn, he’d clearly been tied up for a long while. How could he forget. He’d felt so warm, that he’d passed out, so his host put him in a chair. Which he’d promptly been cuffed to… With his own fucking cuffs!

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Beyond Solo – Part 02

A short story by ty dehner

As his heart skips a beat from the sudden touch on his shoulder, Jamal screams into the gag, which echoes through the room as a muffled sound. Trying to turn around the layers of tape wrapped around his head makes it difficult for Jamal to turn his head. In total darkness, Jamal is fearful as he doesn’t know how someone has gotten into his room and is standing behind him.

Quickly, Jamal’s secured wrists are grabbed by the unknown individual. The wrists are lifted over Jamal’s head and lowered to the extent of his arm’s ability to bend, settling on the back of his neck. Faintly, there is the sound of duct tape being pulled from the roll and swiftly slapped on the wrists, wrapped around Jamal’s throat. Being wrapped several times around the neck and hands of Jamal, the tape forms a layer that thickens around the 26-year-old boy’s neck, with it slightly tightening on his throat. It hinders his breathing but not enough to make it difficult. The stranger wraps the tape, moving to the end of Jamal’s neck.

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Beyond Solo – Part 01

A short story by ty dehner

A blue glow shined upon 26-year-old Jamal’s face as he was sitting in front of his thirty-six-inch computer monitor, watching bondage videos off the web. Slumped back in his black leather office chair, Jamal had his hand under his Nike basketball shorts of shiny red, gently fondling his manhood as the videos filled his imagination with more and more kinky thoughts.

It was a Saturday night, just like any Saturday night for Jamal, as he was not ready to expose himself to actually living his kinky interests. No, it was safer to be in his room and experience things with his own hands.

Jamal was watching a video of a man encased in rubber, heavily bound, hooded with tubes for breathing, with wires producing electrical sensations to the man’s genitals. It was an intense experience that Jamal often dreamed of. Seeing this action made Jamal produce more pre-cum that was lubing his cock as he stroked under his Nike shorts.

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The Resort – Chapter 14

By TklBndg516


Over the years, the relationship between Master Ray and Master Steve grew.  They became good friends.  Master Ray was a mentor and coach to Master Steve as he acquired partial ownership in The Resort.  There was a quality in Master Steve that Master Ray noticed from the beginning.  Master Ray helped him refine that to where he eventually became second only to Master Ray in his control over The Resort.

The friendship between Jeff, Brad, and David also continued to grow.  They would often spend time together when not on duty.  They would often be present when Master Ray and Master Jeff got together, but also on their own.

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