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Master Eb’s Spirit

By ty dehner

ty dehner authorThis is a Metalbond exclusive excerpt from ty dehner’s all new holiday novel, Master Eb’s Spirit. This story is set in our current day leather community, based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. After having spent a portion of Christmas Eve in his local pub, The Regents’ Boot, Master Eb is returning home to spend the remainder of the holiday night alone. Well, at least that is what he had planned…

The Warning

Master Eb exits The Regents’ Boot.

Zipping up his leather jacket, the Master steps into the air that has cooled with the waning night. He pauses as his breath floats before his face before lifting up to the low clouds that cover London town. Putting his gloved hands deep in his jacket pockets, Eb notices a lightness to the surroundings as the snow has covered the cobblestones completely, reflecting the city lights to the low clouds creating a blue glow to the city on this Christmas Eve.

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One Week?

By rts

Saturday (day one)

They put this amazing heavy rubber suit on me, the only entry was thru the neck hole which they held stretched open as I squirmed myself into it’s well lubricated interior. The suit had attached feet but no gloves or hood, a short zipper sealed access to my bung hole (I would be able to take a dump but had no access to my cock) . They told me as the neck snapped closed tight around my throat that there was no way that I could get myself out of this suit without their help.

They sealed the neck and wrist openings to my skin with some rubber adhesive and told me that the bung hole zipper closure was also a leak proof seal. They said I would have to piss inside the suit as I lived in it for the week that I had agreed to and nothing could leak out. (I was a little uneasy about this but the idea of having no choice in the matter got me hard). It had no gloves or hood they explained, so that I could be wearing my work clothes over it all day as I went to my job sweating inside the rubber covering without anyone knowing unless they could hear the occasional wet squishing noises brought on by the build up of the sweat and piss contained inside the rubber as I moved my body.

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Welcome to the Military Police


stories by CREUSSI’ve been serving in the foreign legion for years now…

Good time, bad time… depends…

No regrets…

No pain, no gain, said the enlisted Englishmen… it was right here too…

I was to change of regiment. I was due to get to the new one, next week, on Tuesday… I did not have my “Feuille de Route”, but we always get it at the latest minute.

As we were Friday only, I was expecting having a 72 (a leave for 72 hours – 3 days). Sure it was not signed yet, but I was almost sure I would be free tonight….

In order to move quickly, all my belongings where ready by the middle of the day, and I was just waiting the documents to be signed to get dressed in “tenue de sortie”, and go…

I went to the “ordinaire” (the place where troopers eat) for lunch, and had a nice lunch.

Then I went for the regular haircut, in order to look perfect when I get to the new place.

I was not to be involved in the training this afternoon.

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Hunting Accident

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90Fall was in the air this morning as Josh and Alex left their truck at the trailhead, gravel crunching under their boots. Early morning dewdrops still clung to the foliage and spider webs, and fog still obscured the treetops.

Alex surveyed the brush.

“Heel, boy.” Josh whistled. Alex quickly obeyed. Josh smiled. “Sorry boy, you won’t find anything here. There’ll be plenty further up, I promise.”

“Yes Sir,” Alex replied, readjusting the straps for his backpack.

“Good boy.”

It was quiet as they made their way along the trail. Alex gradually acclimated to the initially crisp smell of ferns and wet gravel. The trees grew thicker, casting shadow across the path. The flat gravel path began to narrow and slope, soon giving way to well-worn earth and natural forest floor.

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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 12

By felon

I had received lots of attention by several tops over the past few days. It seems a special gathering is planned for this weekend. As I indicated several messages ago, although this apartment is small there were other parts of the building that I did not have access to. Today there were men in those rooms moving furniture around and doing some kind of construction. They must have access through an outside door as they were not in my quarters at all.

The paramedic and his buddy, also some kind of assistant or nurse, arrived again and spread-eagled me on the bondage table. The IV was inserted in my arm, and I was given two more injections in the crotch that resulted in an instant hardon that would not stop. I was shaved again slippery smooth, and whatever was dripping into my veins was very relaxing.

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Saxophone Lesson

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90Jason strode up the rhododendron-lined walkway to the front door, his alto case in one hand.

“OK Jason,” he swallowed. “You’re only meeting the greatest sax player to ever breathe. There’s nothing to be nervous about…” After a pause, he rang the bell.

Footsteps. The lock turned. The door creaked open.

“Ah, you must be Jason!”

“Y-yes Sir!” Jason stammered, star-struck.

“Please, call me Dave. Come on in!”

Jason followed Dave into the house and into the studio. He set his backpack and saxophone case next to a chair and sat down.

Dave adjusted the window shades and sat down in a chair across from Jason.

“Alright, Jason,” Dave said. “I see you brought your alto. I’m sure you’ve been working very hard to work up some impressive etudes for me as well. And we’ll get to all that. First though, I must impress upon you that I am very demanding of my students and my methods aren’t for everyone. Do you understand?”

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The Vacation – Part 13

By Rubrpig

Final Chapter

4798 had just been returned to his cell in the Supermax prison wing.  He was as usual in full black swat gear, body armour and the heavy rubber locked gas mask hood.  He had gotten so used to being locked in this gear he no longer really noticed the gear.  He also never really thought about his cock and balls as they had been locked up in the heavy steel chastity belt for the last year.

He sat on his bunk and thought about the last year since he made the commitment to the Captain to become an investor and a permanent prisoner of the facility.  The Captain had used the commitment to create new programs so that 4798 earned his keep by serving as a hostage guard when required or as a prisoner for a sadistic prison guard.

4798 slumped down and then decided to lie down on the bunk as the last 2 days really tired him out.  He had been used heavily by a sadistic prison guard who had paid for 2 days of experience as a prison guard.

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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 11

By felon

Once again I was left alone in the apartment, no cell phone, and a bunch of work orders to process for my job in my e mail. So I put TV on and sat down to do some work. About 10:30 pm I received an e mail from the PO, checking on the status of my ankle device.

All seemed to be in working order on this end, and I was informed that I was confined to the apartment for the next four days. Instantly I reached for the bowl on my desk and realized my car keys had been removed from the bowl. However the car was parked out in the lot right where I had left it.

I went to bed about 11 pm, and I slept soundly. I was awake at 3 am when there were flashing yellow lights outside my window. With the painted glass, the best I could determine was a tow truck was near my parked car. Later I discover my car had been removed.

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