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10 Days in Detention – Part 35

By socalbd

socalbd metalbond prison libraryAs I started to stir, I felt the warmth of Daniel’s body against mine.  Sometime during the night, I had rolled over to my other side and Daniel must have pulled me in tight.  Our midsections were touching, and our legs were intertwined.  His arm was over my torso pulling me close with my head in his chest.  It was a warm and safe place to be.  I snuggled into him to get closer, not that I could really be any closer than I already was to him.

“You are such a hot guy, you know that right?” he whispered in my ear.

“How did you know I was awake?”

“Your breathing pattern changed and that cock of yours started pulsing.  That, and the smile that came across your face after you realized where you are.”  He chuckled to himself when he said that.

I opened my eyes and looked up at him from where I was nestled into his chest.

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The New Academy – Part 03

By Rubrpig

This is a work of fiction loosely based on a fabled facility, The Academy.

The author writes chained into a chair, wearing Wesco boots, a Carrara chastity belt, a heavy leather posture collar and nipple clamps as required by his Master and Owner. It has been locked in the chastity belt for 3 years and has agreed to it being made permanent.

And it continues…

The other officers in the room finished with their prisoners and they all left the barracks room and turned off the lights.  Gary laid there in the darkness and moaned as his cock got hard again and the head of his cock pressed against the spikes in his cock tube.  He tried shifting but the restraints held him, and he grunted into the muzzle.  The other men in the room with him moaned periodically as well.  He wondered what time it was as he had become disorientated during the first session strapped in the chair.  He realized that he had not seen any windows in the facility, so he had no idea if it was night or day.  He slowly fell asleep.

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An Ice Lock Fantasy

By Unknown

I wanted predicament, and I got it. Be careful what you sigh for! Sir had placed me naked in the dog cage, you know one of those metal, foldable cages. I was facing up, with ankle and wrist restraints padlocked to the walls of the cage, which had me more or less turned into a table. The ball parachute he had tied around my balls was tied to my new Ice Lock, to the top of the cage, forcing my hips up to avoid excessive stress on my balls.

My nipples were similarly attached to the top of the cage with butterfly clamps. A cloth hood was placed over my head, the string pulled tight around my neck. It didn’t prevent me from breathing, but I couldn’t see anything.

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The Dungeon Hotel

By BondageChallengeGames

Ah, young, gay, and broke. It’s a shame how expensive travel is, especially when the best times in your life for travel coincide with when you have the least money to do so. Well, I cannot promise to solve all your travel cost woes, but listen to my pitch young man, because I may be able to lessen the load.

You see I run a chain of “hotels” in many very big (often expensive) cities in America. I use “hotel” loosely, because they do not look like your traditional hotel – no fancy lobbies, unnecessary “perks”, or cushy rooms. No… my hotels are jails. Some quite literally prisons we purchased and modified for use by free citizens, others warehouses renovated with bars and bunks.

Now I’m sure you have questions. It’s natural to be cautious of an offer to go to jail. But the fact that you’re still listening shows me that you haven’t written off the experience completely. Which is good, because curious and adventurous men like yourself always make the most of a stay with me. Let me tell you what you can expect from a stay at one of my Dungeon Hotels, and then we’ll book you a cell.

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Joey – Part 02

For Part 1 click here

By slavebladeboi

Following a mainly sleepless night, and twenty four hours after waking on that bench, it happened that Joey returned to the park, this time on his bike, which he usually used to get him to his part time work, to help with his expenses, as well as for the exercise that helped keep him in shape. There was very little breeze to slow or cool him and he felt the urge to push himself to mitigate the inner feelings he still had. Dappled shade rapidly alternated with brilliant sun, cooling and heating his back in succession as he cycled around the track, always within view of that bench, but never getting close to it.

The bench attracted him with a force he couldn’t explain but at the same time it repelled him, the two opposing forces made him feel disturbed, almost giddy. Since his experience, waking up, remembering his tortures, finding his cock locked without knowing who or when, he was both frustrated and nervous. In truth he was angry, frustrated, frightened and anxious all at the same time. He didn’t know which way to turn mentally. He’d been used. The turmoil that this caused him was fighting the feeling somewhere, deep inside, that it was sexy, hot and just about everything that he’d dreamed about most of the time he was jerking off.

Jerking off, yeah, the thing he could no longer do, and that made him angry.

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Agartha – Part 01

By Taurus

Chapter 1 – You’re Paying

“Oh Gage, you’re getting punished today – some millionaire is losing their shit today and you’re paying for it.”

Gage could not question the guard who jeered at him. He may weigh 223 pounds, a fearsome strongman with lush carpets reverently adorning his chin and chest, but man-fur was not the only thing stuck to him; a very powerful shock collar was too. He was completely naked, and his cock – if absent all external reference, looking like a micropenis despite the help of a steel cock ring – dangled between his legs.

He knew better – he had six inches whenever he was permitted to.

Wisely, he stomached the mocking and walked with his head straight and his hands behind his back into the competition hall where his three opponents – identically dressed as him – had been stretching. He joined them.

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The New Academy – Part 02

By Rubrpig

This is a work of fiction loosely based on a fabled facility, The Academy.

The author writes chained into a chair, wearing Wescos, a Carrara chastity belt, heavy leather posture collar and nipple clamps as required by his Master and Owner.  It has been locked in the chastity belt for 3 years and has agreed to it being made permanent.


And it continues…

The Director looked at the police officers and told them to keep Gary in the chair and suit for the next 10 hours and then what happened next was up to them. The two men nodded and smiled. The three of them turned and walked out of the room.  Gary stared through the lenses of his gas mask at the tight asses in the snug breeches and the tall shiny Dehners that the three men wore.

Gary sighed and smiled as he breathed in the piss of the men.  He was excited to learn what would be happening to him over the next 2 weeks.  His cock tried getting hard in the chastity belt, but he moaned in pain as his cock head pushed hard into the spikes in the end of the tube that encased his cock.  He moaned and then pissed, feeling the hot liquid run down his legs.  The hot piss mingled with the sweat that was building up in the suit and ran down his lower legs and into the feet of the suit.  He closed his eyes and drifted off.

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Buying Love – Part 6a

NOTE: This is the first of several intended side-stories for characters introduced by Cutieboy90 in Buying Love – Part 5. To start at the very beginning of this story, click here.

By Cutieboy90

cutieboy90 male bondage stories“Wake up, stud. We’re here!” Alden’s voice made Brett wake with a start. He wiped the drool from his cheek and looked ahead out the window. There it was — their destination!

It was late afternoon. The hot New Mexico sun beat down upon the bitter wind-blown abyss of dust and stone. Black, scrubby pinons stood in stark contrast to the red sandstone ground and vivid blue sky. Brett had admired the enchanting beauty as it rolled by and lulled him to sleep after hours of travel. Now as the Vaquero Ranch finally came into view, Brett found himself hypnotized once again by the picturesque high desert setting.

The ranch was set on a gently sloping mesa. Its dazzling white bricks shone out from the endless red sand like a beacon, and its old Spanish style was instantly impressive.

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