Coming this Friday to 30 Minutes of Torment: A live shoot with Doug Acre

30 Minutes of Torment will offer its first live show this Friday, Oct. 3, from 7 to 9 PM PDT (10 PM to Midnight Eastern time) with Doug Acre


This BDSM event will star Doug Acre as the sub, a mysterious gimp, and Van Darkholme as the dom. This show will be free for 30 Minutes of Torment members and pay-per-minute for non-members. This is your chance to watch Van and the gimp take Doug Acre to his limits.



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The Rivalry – Part 1

By Jackson Amacher

I spent my first summer before college in a private young men’s military camp in western North Carolina. It was mostly bullshit, but it made my father happy. He was in the Marines for a while, and he always wanted me to go into the service. I wasn’t too hot with the idea, but I had to admit military life had a few benefits, so I agreed to go to this place.

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