IML weekend

I bet there are a lot of bondage guys at IML this weekend!

I sure wish I were in Chicago right now … but I have to miss all the fun because I am in Montreal for work. I’ll miss the vendor mart, the lobby, the parties — and of course the endless stream of hot leather-clad men. Even if I am in the men’s room waiting to take a piss, I always look FIRST at the guy with the gray hanky in his back pocket.


And for me, another thing I always enjoy about IML is the BOOTS. That’s right. I can’t keep my eyes off a hot man in a great pair of boots.

Did I ever mention that I competed in the boot black contest at IML? This was way back in 1998 and 1999. I came in second place both years. When I was polishing a hot guy’s boots one year, I was interviewed by Cole Tucker for a video they were making. I never saw the video, but someone I know saw me in it.

I am also in this book with a picture taken with the other bootblacks from 1998.


Page 171. They spelled my name wrong in the article.

I don’t bootblack in public anymore, but I still have all the gear — the polish, the rags, the brushes, the director’s chair and the stirrups.

If you are at IML this weekend, be sure to get your boots polished, and be sure to give the bootblack a big tip!

Emails from prisoners, future chastity slaves and bondage carpenters

Here are some recent emails from readers of this blog:

G’Day Metal,

The Padded Cell series was quite fascinating, and I followed along from start to finish. My interests run to extended bondage and similar confinement, so I enjoyed every post and photo. Have yet to do anything that intense, but I DID endure a lockdown in a small basement crawl space chained by a heavy, 3-foot logging chain from steel neck collar to a wall ring. No release and minimal contact for 4 days. I did OK for the four days, although was pretty quickly bored out of my skull. Like to think I could have extended that, but 3 weeks in a padded cell? The thought excites but the reality might be a bit much for this old bondage freak.

You can perhaps understand that I’d like to get in contact with The Warden to discuss this sort of thing. Some of the arrangements in the cell I was in might be of interest to him.

— via email


Dear Metal,

Last winter I had a few large oak trees come down with the severe ice storms that we had in NC. I’m going to have them cut up into lumber for flooring on one of my trailers. There is much more than I need for that project, so I’m thinking of making some bondage furniture. I’ve already put some feelers out at the NYBC for ideas.

So put on your thinking cap or put it out there on your blog and let’s see if we can make some hot/unique furniture. I have a pretty good set of woodworking tools and skills. Let me know what you think!

— via email from North Carolina

Dear North Carolina,

I think it is a great idea to make some bondage furniture!  You can’t go wrong with stocks, or if the wood is HEAVY and THICK it might be great to make a confinement box!

Please send pictures of what you make!



Hello Metal,

I have been looking at your site for a while and think that it is great! I would do anything to be your next chastity test subject. I have always wanted to try chastity but have not had the guts to go and purchase a device. I have also never had anyone willing enough to allow me to try a chastity device as well.

Let me know if this is anything that you are interested in trying.

Hope to talk to you soon

— fballboy

Hey there fballboy,

I can’t hook you up with a cock cage at the moment, but I will give you some ORDERS!

Here’s what I want you to do. Go to your local sporting goods store and buy yourself a CUP JOCK. That’s right. I want you to get yourself a hard cup — the same kind athletes wear. (When you buy it, I want you to check out at the register with the hottest guy, too!) You are to wear the cup jock for one week. That’s right, for the next SEVEN DAYS you are to wear the cup constantly, under your clothes at work, to the gym, when you are out with friends, etc. Also I want you to wear the cup jock to BED AT NIGHT. The only time you may take the cup jock off is to shower, and then it goes back on. This will, of course, mean no beating off for a week.

Then report back after your sentence is up.



Dear Metal,

Half way through the night — in my cell in pitch darkness — I lost it and started screaming and pulling at my chains. I got rock hard as I realized there was nothing I could do about it … and that was only about 12 hours in! Movement was so restricted — double chains running down from the collar to the wrist and ankle shackles.

— from an anonymous reader

The anonymous reader also sent PICTURES, but they are not for posting unfortunately. Let me just say the pictures are among the hottest I have ever seen. He’s in a striped inmate’s uniform, chained by the hands, feet and NECK with a THICK, HEAVY metal collar!



Dear Metal,

Seeing the 3-week-long session The Warden did gave me an idea for a story line. Setting a museum (a science), a 3-month display on prison and prisoner conduct. Intake of the prisoners, with help from the local jail, would start off with a week in the “real” jail, then the people who are the prisoners transferred to the display. The cells will be monitored by the visitors by closed-circuit TV.

Have a set of guards and have solitary as well as a padded cell.

— Gene

Dear Gene,

What a great idea for a story! This reminds me a bit about the Stanford Prison Experiment and the movie Das Experiment, which I have written about here on Metalbond in the past.

Anyway, I love bondage stories, especially when they involve lockup of prisoners, and hopefully your idea will inspire someone to write something interesting and send it to me!




I am loving your website. I found it a couple of months ago and find myself checking it a couple of times a day for updates. I love the photos of course, but the stories are really amazing. I’m dying to find out when The Bear Trap saga will continue. I’m so anxious to hear more of the story.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know you have another fan and I hope you keep up the good work. I appreciate it and my dick loves it.



Dear Lance,

Thanks very much for the email, and I am so glad you enjoy the Bear Trap series! It’s one of my favorite stories as well and I am thrilled to be able to share it here on the site.



Dear Metal,

I get off on all kinds of m2m kink and BDSM, etc. Will be 87 in June but not ready to still feel the pain being more of a masochistic pain pig. There is something hard and very masculine about metal as it’s so unforgiving and sadistically macho. Got initiated after being picked up in a San Francisco bar in 1961 and became a totally addicted pain pig. Founded an SM club here in Vancouver in 1982, and it still exists. Called Vancouver Activists in SM, the web site is GMSMA helped me with info when I was setting up the club. Became a member of Chicago Hellfire Club in 1984 and remain an associate.

— George aka skindad

Dear skindad,

Thanks VERY MUCH for writing! I think it is awesome that you are going strong at 87!




Sent you an e-mail a few days back and you have not responded. I thought that in your blog you say that you respond to all e-mails. Sorry if I have bothered you.

— via email

Hey guy,

This blog is a part-time hobby for me, not a full-time job, so I can’t promise I’ll write back immediately. But I always try to respond to everyone eventually. Thanks for being patient with me.


gay bondage porn

Lost Identity

By Marknorth

Part 1

I really hadn’t done anything all afternoon but watch the clock.  It was almost 3:00 and I was starting to get nervous.  The FedEx deliveries were usually brought around usually by 2:30.  Maybe he didn’t send it or it was sitting down in the mailroom.  I knew I was running tight on time and couldn’t be late or all the planning would be for nothing.  It was a one chance deal – don’t show and don’t bother trying again.  It was Friday, I had next week off, and I had finally gotten up the nerve to fulfill a major fantasy – I was going to give up complete control.

Continue reading Lost Identity

Email from an anonymous blog reader about a neck chain and padlock

A blog reader who wishes to remain anonymous sent the following email to me:


Dear Metal,

when i was in design school, we had this shop and a faculty member ran it that was all about big tools and cutting things – whatever.  so i met this master online and i was young and thinking i was going to be his slave for life and so when i finally met him he did offer to put his collar on me and i accepted thinking it would change my life and I’d be his forever.  so i had this huge chain on my neck with a padlock.  he left then when the weekend was over and he lived out-of-state from me and i forget when we were going to meet again (plan was for me to move to him after school, hahaha in like years). anyways, my life didn’t fill with sparks with the collar on and i figured it actually wasn’t what i wanted.  so i did tell him and he did say he was going to mail me the key.  anyways, like 2 weeks went by and i just got scared and no key came and so i actually went to the wood shop and told the faculty guy that i “lost” the key and would he please find some way to get that thing off of me. hahahhahahahaha.

his grin was so huge.  he was the cheshire cat in alice in wonderland.  he didn’t say much.  he just grinned.  damn, i should have checked his pants for tentage but i wasn’t thinking like that at the time but now that i think of it, he was so enjoying me chained up.  but he yelled for his student assistant to hold the chain away from my neck while he grabbed this massive chain cutter and snapped my chain off like an icicle. hahahahhahahahahahhaa.

it was funny.  i just said thank you so much and went on my freedom way. hahahahahhahaha.

the key showed up like a week later.


Thanks, anonymous blog reader, for sharing this story!