Derek Pain gets his balls tortured by Mulengro

Mulengro is one of the meanest masters a man could encounter, as you’ll see. With huge muscle man Derek at his disposal, he binds him tight by the arms and legs, raising his prone body from the table just enough to tightly bind his plump balls. Trapped with coarse rope, they’re soon being stretched and pulled as his massive weight is lifted up by the hoist. He can’t do anything while his nuts are tugged away from his body!

Derek Pain gets his balls tortured by Mulengro

Derek Pain gets his balls tortured by Mulengro


See the video at Bound Muscle Jocks

Models in this video: Mulengro and Derek Pain

Title of this video: Sadistic Mulengro Dominates Derek – Part 5

Derek Pain gets his balls tortured by Mulengro

See the video at Bound Muscle Jocks

Jimmy Bullet gets tied up and edged till he blows his load

Here’s another one from Men On Edge:


They blindfold Jimmy Bullet and bind his hands to his thighs over near the windows. Once they tear away his clothes, Jimmy’s cock gets rock hard as they begin to tease him. Using the fleshjack, they edge Jimmy till he’s about to cum before taking him to the center of the room. They suspend Jimmy in the and Sebastian swallows the stud’s cock as Van shoves a dildo up his ass. As Jimmy’s fucked in the air he’s made to swallow Sebastian’s cock before they tie him down on the mattress. After tickling the hell out of Jimmy they surprise him by suspending the entire bed and edging him mid-air.

Here are more pics:

34787_3 34787_5 34787_16 34787_17

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Jimmy Bullet male bondage

Long Term Confinement – Part 04

By Scribe and Stormbound

A few months after the Discipline Technologies slave warehouse was fully operational at our prison facility, we received a message from a potential client. This client indicated that he was looking to experience long term imprisonment and slavery at our facility. He indicated that he was well off and had inherited a trust fund that could automatically cover the payments for his incarceration. The candidate was in his late 20s and had no living relatives after his parents died in an accident several years prior leaving him to inherit their wealth. Recent attempts to be dominated were unsatisfactory as many masters were not harsh enough and seemed more interested in his money than true slavery or bondage.

We responded by sending a questionnaire, and his responses indicated a desire for heavy bondage, extreme discipline, objectification, slavery, and humiliation. After a few rounds of negotiation, we arrived at an agreement for his imprisonment conditions. The following is the candidates account of his arrival and confinement in our facility:

I couldn’t wait to tear open the envelope I received today from Discipline Technologies. We had discussed the terms of my confinement, and this letter finalized the date and instructions for reporting to the prison. I will serve one year closely confined in their underground prison and then serve one year as a slave in their warehouse facility. The company will make automatic withdrawals from my trust fund to pay for my incarceration. I won’t know when my term will end, but we did negotiate one way that I could end my ordeal. Every two years I will be given a choice to answer yes or no to continuing my imprisonment/enslavement or being released.

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The man behind Serious Male Bondage gets incarcerated in metal and rubber


Wow this is cool! Mark — who runs — is also a practitioner of serious male bondage. He’s the real deal. Mark visited the private jail facility run by Bind, and he’s got some great pictures and information to share. Check him out:

long_term_bondage_jail_cell_01 long_term_bondage_jail_cell_02 long_term_bondage_jail_cell_03 long_term_bondage_jail_cell_04


Mark writes,

This is me in a private jail facility owned by my friend Bind. I was trying out my new steel bondage belt and rubber mitts. The belt was made by and the mitts were from The mitts you see are actually a pair of large size mitts pulled over a pair of medium size mitts, creating a much more intense sense of helplessness. No dexterity and complete helplessness.

long_term_bondage_jail_cell_v1I was chained to the wall like this on five different occasions during my stay, two of the sessions were overnight. The leather muzzle had an attached rubber penis gag, and my ankles were locked together with a pair of steel cuffs. I loved every minute of my experience and can’t wait to do it again. I was on a natural high. In one scene I watched the sun go down and the cell become pitch black, and in another scene I watched the sun come up and the cell get light. All my thoughts were silent, and all my cares went away. I was just there. I have fantasized about being chained up in a jail cell since I was a kid and at various times in my life.

long_term_bondage_jail_cell_v2The cool thing about this jail cell is that it was built before round vertical bars were used. As you can see, the old-fashioned strap steel bars are far more scary and oppressive, which adds to my feeling of helplessness and being overpowered. This scene took place a few days before Thanksgiving 2016, and strangely enough, while I was looking through the strap bars to the outside window, I fantasized about being locked up like this over Christmas, knowing that my family was gathering for a meal and opening their presents. While they are sitting around the fireplace and watching the game on TV, I am in heavy bondage, chained to the wall in a small oppressive and scary long_term_bondage_jail_cell_v3jail cell, helpless and completely alone. This fantasy is very fulfilling and extremely exciting to me. The truth of the matter is I would like to be chained up like this every night, and I don’t mean to be insulting, but this feels more satisfying to me than being in a relationship and sleeping with a partner. I’m sure that shrinks would have a field day with that, but it doesn’t matter. I have sought bondage experiences like this since I was a kid, and although they have sometimes come close, this experience in the jail cell was the absolute best.

A special thanks to my friend Bind for allowing me to have this fantasy come true with my own gear. Check out his profile on Recon, FetLife, his bondage website, and his jail facility at

long_term_bondage_jail_cell_v4 long_term_bondage_jail_cell_v7


Thanks, Mark, for the pictures and information!


long_term_bondage_jail_cell_ad1 long_term_bondage_jail_cell_ad2

His body is on display as he is tied into the stirrups

Adrian is embarrassed that after some stroking his dick is aching hard. Those big balls of his are bursting full and notice the gooey line of precum oozing from his cock. Adrian spunks all over himself while his arsehole is fully exposed, still gaping from when they widened his sphincter. They tempt Adrian to lick his spunk, but this proud hetero is having none of it!

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The ABox Mk2 electroplay device from E-Stim Systems

Available from E-Stim Systems, the ABox Mk2 is a unique electroplay device created specifically for erotic sound driven electro stimulation. It is simple to use and very effective, this is an upgraded version of the company’s Classic ABox, originally designed in 2006. The Mk2 is smaller, lighter, and more powerful, with a more sensitive microphone response and higher output levels.

The ABox Mk2 electroplay device from E-Stim Systems


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The ABox Mk2 electroplay device from E-Stim Systems

Can Dreams Come True? Part 4

By Shket36

With English-language editing by Joshua Ryan

Convict “Sanin”:

They took me back to the cell.  “To the wall”, “go”, “hands”, “to the original” – commands that I already carried out automatically.  I thought about my meeting with Nikolai.  I’d really missed someone who knew me, who knew my true interests…  And it seemed to me that Nikolai was proud of me, of how I clearly carried out all the commands of the officers…

So the time passed in thought until the evening inspection. As usual, at the command “on duty,” I stood at attention and made a report.  Then they took me out of the room, put me in position with my head bent against the wall, and examined me and my cell with special care.  But this would not be a normal inspection.  One of the officers who searched the cell shouted that he had found a “cache”!

I was shocked: “How? Where? It can’t be so!”  The senior officer immediately commanded: “Convicted Sanin. In your report you said that you do not have any prohibited items. We found a cache in your place containing a cutting object. This is a serious violation. Your reward is detention in a punishment cell for 30 days. Take him away.”

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