Adam Herst takes his real life partner, Dylan Strokes, to his limit and rewards him with a face full of cum

Check out the shots below from this week’s update at Bound Gods: “Adam and Dylan – Real Life Couple Series

Adam Herst rents a dungeon and brings in his real-life partner, Dylan Strokes. They’ve played around with BDSM before, but tonight Adam aims to take his partner to his limit. Adam lets his Dylan know, “I’m going to beat you good, and you’re gonna love it.”

Dylan’s response: “Yes, Sir.”

Adam has his partner strip and introduces him to the crop. Dylan winces at the sting but still keeps his cock hard. Adam then gives the captive a nice red ass while having his boots polished by Dylan’s tongue.

In a one-legged suspension, Dylan gets Adam’s cock down his throat and endures a hard flogging. Finally with his hole spread wide on the bed, Dylan gets hot wax all over his chest, abs and balls. Adam fucks the cum out of his partner and rewards him with a load of his own.

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Up Your Alley – Part 1

By ty dehner

I had returned from spending the morning down at the San Francisco waterfront exploring the tourist traps and watching the America’s Cup boats test out the waters on the bay. Having walked most the morning, I decided to head back to my hotel room after a good lunch at the Boudin Sourdough Factory. Traffic wasn’t that bad, and I was back in my room by 2pm.

Sitting on the bed, I powered up the laptop and logged into Recon and my other favorite site, Gearfetish.

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