A leather collar that can be locked on

Available from Mr S, this collar is 2.5 inches wide with a double strap construction and is even lined in a soft garment leather for comfort next to the skin. It also has four welded D rings attached to all four sides. A locking post in back secures the buckle and strap when you want it locked on. It can be also used without locking by just using the 2-inch buckle.

locking gay bondage collar leather


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Daniel gets spread-eagled with ropes to the walls and flogged mercilessly

Muscular rugby stud Daniel is rope tied to a spanking bench at BreederFuckers.

male bondage and discipline video

Dave stuffs a ball-gag into his stupid gob and fastens it tightly to muffle his screams. Dave gives Daniel an atomic wedgie with his underarmour to display his massive hairy globes. The lad is belted into the middle of next week, trying to avoid the blows by thrashing around. Drool splutters out of his crying mouth. His bare buttocks are glowing a bright shade of red but they haven’t finished humiliating the hetero. Totally nude, he is spread-eagled with ropes attached to the walls and flogged mercilessly. His big hetero donkey dick flaps about attractively so Adrian grabs hold of it and rubs it furiously to beat an orgasm out of the reluctant sportsman. What? Are BreederFuckers being nice to straights now? Just at the moment of orgasm Dave blasts back in just as the hairy lad is busting a nut, ruining his orgasm cruelly. With more torment for his post-coital penis, the straight is left in no uncertainty who is now in charge.


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Flip Fuck – Part One

A muscle stud endures brutal suspension bondage in sharp twines at Bound Gods:


Alpha slaves Leo Forte and Jason Miller are alone in the house as their Master is away. While Jason does the chores like a good slave, Leo decides to dress in leather and have some fun. He ties Jason up, gets his cock sucked, and flogs the stud’s chest. Next Jason endures one of the most painful suspensions one can as he’s wrapped in twine. The thin strands cut into him like razors as he is made to stand on an electrified grate. Leo laughs as he makes the captive dance between twine bondage and the electricity at his feet. Jason’s huge balls endure the electric ball crusher as Leo milks the stud. A hard ass and foot caning earn Jason a fuck in the hanging bondage swing as well as the rogue slave Leo’s load. Jason is exhausted, but he’s ready to take his turn as Leo’s dom …

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The Trucker – Part 07

By Steellock

The Trucker turned to the camera and laughed. ‘That got Matt squirming!’ he joked. ‘We got some lovely noises coming from inside that thick rubber hood, you could just imagine what was going through his mind as the fingers moved over his body and the needles started piercing his extremities! Needless to say, Matt had agreed to piercing with his Master Jim a while ago, he just did not know when or how it would happen, certainly not that it would be watched by so many friends around the country and world. Could you see yourself here in my cab, your body completely at my disposal? We have one more little experience for the big fucker before he gets a break. We will drop my friend The Piercer off so he can get back to work then set things up. Let’s have some guesses from you all in the comments on what Matt’s next little nightmare / dream may be.’

Gus pulled the truck into a rest area and stopped next to a car. It was waiting to take The Piercer back up the highway to his home and shop.

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Bondage and pain mixed with pleasure all around

Jay has experienced a lot of new things. He loved sucking Master Kane and Mitch, and then he got some clothespin fun before being tightly bound and getting sucked off himself. Now he’s on the bed, roped down and being covered in pegs again! He seems able to endure a lot, and his captors are taking their time with him, enjoying every painful moment. Watch as he gags on cock again and gets his own dick slurped some more!

Using Fit Boy Jay

Using Fit Boy Jay


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Title: Using Fit Boy Jay – Part 4

male bondage stories boynapped

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The Trucker – Part 06

By Tigerkey, edited and approved by Steellock

Note: This is a continuation of a story by Steellock. This chapter is by Tigerkey. To start at the very beginning, click here.

I keep dreaming of the different things that might happen to me in the hands of Jim, Jess and of course the Trucker while I can smell the leather around me. Having my mind going nonstop and not knowing what they might have in store for me, I wake up. I feel different as in not able to move and thinking Oh shit what’s happened to me, my arms and legs won’t move. But I didn’t know when I passed out that one of the thing’s I’d spoken to Jess about was being put on display on Matt’s bench in the window in some Segufix, but just the wrists and ankles.

He and Jim had helped this come to life and they had some nice pictures for keepsakes for me and the Trucker, and of course some for Jim to show how different sized people can fit into the gear he sells in the shop. So, in the end I come around and am not sure where I am until I realise that I’m being held by someone or something I start to move my head.

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