Wearing a cast

This blog is dedicated to the physically restrained male. And physical restraint can be accomplished with a wide range of implements — even something like a cast as shown here. And you don’t even have to break your leg to be put in one.

gay bonadge

I am told this stud was kept in this leg cast for four days, during which time the “coach” kept him in a jock or a hard cup, took him out in public on crutches, got lots of attention, and, since he could not fight back much, took advantage of him.

Fucking hot if you ask me.

Muscle Endurance Bondage

By Unknown

The muscleboy is naked, standing in the middle of the playroom. Leather wrist restraints are locked onto his wrists and fastened behind his back. His bare feet are spread about 4-1/2 feet apart, and tied to two eyehooks in the floor. A single strong chain is suspended from the ceiling. A sturdy leather collar, with a D-Ring in the back, is locked around his neck.

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Tied to a filthy mattress at BreederFuckers

gay bondage

Officer Kieran likes to think of himself as a real hero. With a tip-off about seedy and disgusting practices going on at the BreederFuckers warehouse, he goes to investigate. Just when he thinks he’s saved the day he finds himself tied to a filthy mattress.

gay bondage

He discovers too late the kind of perverted den of sadistic men he’s entered into. He’s tied spread-eagle to a bed, stripped of his uniform and subjected to bare-handed spanking. He’s spit-roasted and made to swallow cock while the men surround and dominate him.


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Connor Maguire and Jeremy Stevens in bondage and SlickItUp gear

Connor Maguire of the Onyx tribe infiltrates a Redz lair, tormenting and fucking one of their members, Jeremy Stevens

gay bondage

While the bondage-loving Redz tribe are away, Jeremy Stevens is left behind to watch over their lair. Late one night he brings a hot stud, Connor Maguire, to the lair for some fun. Jeremy begins tying up Connor’s muscular body as he sucks Connor’s rock hard cock. When Jeremy unties Connor, he soon realizes his mistake as Connor pounces on him, revealing his Onyx identity. Connor tears away Jeremy’s Redz uniform and edges the Redz member over and over. Jeremy’s bent over to swallow Connor’s cock before taking a rough fucking from the Onyx member. After he’s beaten with the flogger, the Redz member finds himself bound on the ground, with his balls trapped in an electrical device. Once Connor shoves an electrical butt plug up Jeremy’s ass, he begins tormenting his balls and his prostate with shocks of electricity. After one last fuck, Connor milks a load out of Jeremy’s cock before spraying his own hot cum all over the Redz face.

(I wish they would get David Mason to guest star in one of these someday!)

Here are more shots from this latest update at Bound Gods:

gay bondage 31480_0 31480_1 31480_3 31480_4 31480_22

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