It’s Raining Again in Oregon

By John Strickland

an excerpt

From behind, Zac tugged Keagan’s T-shirt over his head.

“Hey!” exclaimed Keagan. “My T-shirt!” he said.

Keagan had a great body. He had filled out a lot since the last year to become athletic and muscular.

“You don’t need a T-shirt,” said Stefan, already picking up the straitjacket. “Leather lining!” he said. “You sure you’re ready for this, Keagan?” He noticed Keagan’s nipples were erect. He noticed Keagan’s crotch was bulging.

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Remembering Rob aka mdbndgboy

The beloved Rob Cline, aka mdbndgboy, passed away recently. I am told that he had been struggling with the ALS-type symptoms since last fall.

gay bondage Rob_02 Rob_03 RobCline

Rob was one of the sweetest, most affable men I have ever known. He was also quite kinky, and he was also a real exhibitionist. I remember one Delta when he spent the first 48 hours tied up and blindfolded. Each December he would send out his famous Christmas cards, with pictures of himself in various forms of restraint over the past year.

Rob was active in Delta, the 15 Association (Bootcamp), the New York Renegades, the Philadelphia Bondage Club, plus just about any other ‘gathering’ you can think of. He appeared in Drummer, Bound and Gagged and several other magazines over the years.

He also wrote a book, How I Became America’s Most Requested Bondageboy, which is available on Amazon kindle.