Ryan endures a beating with a crop and cane

Here’s more of Ryan getting tormented over at Reluctant Young Men:

Reluctant Young Men Ryan endures a beating with a crop and caneThis time, Rich has Ryan tied to a spanking bench for a beating with a crop and cane. He tells him he looks so sexy when he’s submissive, then whips him until he cries out in pain, whimpering and begging for him to stop.

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Rich taunts him, making him beg “sincerely and submissively” for a break, then resumes the beating as Ryan struggles and writhes in pain, crying “stop, stop, stop” as Rich ignores his pain.

Here’s a free video preview of Ryan’s ordeal, courtesy of the guys over at Reluctant Young Men:

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New story added to Metalbond: The Devil Wears Leather

Hey guys, I just added another story to the Prison Library, this one called The Devil Wears Leather.

It’s not a new story, actually this one is from 2008 when the movie Devil Wears Prada had just come out. But the leather version of the story is much more exciting, if you ask me.

If you guys like it, let me know.

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