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This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. And it seems to be posted all over the place online. There are even some guys who have posted it in their profiles claiming it as their own.


But listen, there is only ONE MAN who can claim this picture as his own — and that man is GIJoeSkin. If you see anyone other than GIJoeSkin posting this picture in his profile and claiming it as his own, kick them in the balls.

Timed Bondage Suit – Chapter 1

By Collector2

I can hardly wait for the courier to leave so I can open the package that he has just handed me.  The formalities of  receiving the parcel seem to go on forever but, finally I am alone.  With trembling hands I tear the wrapping paper off the box and struggle to break the tape sealing it.  It resists my efforts till I grab a knife from the kitchen and carefully cut it.  As the box opens a strong smell of rubber assails my senses.  I plunge my hands into the cool rubber’s soft caress and slowly lift it out of the box.

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Closet Trick in a Suit

By Clyde

Part One

Back in the day of phone line hook ups, when the internet was still just a gleam, I had been chatting with this guy who sounded very hot but something didn’t feel exactly right so I had never arranged the final hook.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but my instincts told me to steer clear.  Sure enough, I was talking to a bud about him when my friend figured out that he knew this boy and his less than stellar reputation (only took one day and some amateur sleuthing to be absolutely sure).  My wanna-be trick worked for a brokerage downtown, loved taking cock in his ass, mouth and throat and promised to be a real pig, but played it very straight in public, even going so far as to harass the out gay guy in his office.

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