Welcome to the FFPD – the Fist Fuck Police Department

Fist Fuck Polce Department

After busting out his prisoner’s hole, officer Luka Sage wants to see how much his ass can take. The filthy ‘pig’ lets Josh Mikael undress him until he wraps his convict lips around Luka’s thick meat. Once Josh is done priming the front, he turns Luka around to bury his bearded face deep into his corrupt ass. After eating out the cop, Josh lubes up and works his hand deep into Luka’s hole. It doesn’t take long before Josh alternates fists while he stuffs the ‘pig.’ Luka takes every plunge from the criminal as he gets his hole punched deep. Luka wants the fists at a different angle and lays back on his desk with his legs in the air to let Josh stretch out his hole with both fists. The cop wants to cum and hops up to ride Josh’s fist until he jacks his load out all over the criminals forearm. With a spent cock and a busted hole, Luka locks Josh back in his cell.

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Title: FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department

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Martin is ingeniously bound with his cock and nut sack suspended

At BreederFuckers, Martin needs to focus on the here and now. His only purpose in this moment and every moment for the rest of his life is to serve as a cock-sucking slut! All Adrian has to do is lightly stroke the sensitive soles of Martin’s feet and he immediately kicks out, causing himself immense pain as his dick is wrenched by the rope!

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A visit to Franklin County Historic Jail in Iowa and Men In Chains

I’m in Iowa this week, as the guest of Mark Bind of the Franklin County Historic Jail in Iowa  and Men In Chains, and Mark of Serious Male Bondage. I have been locked up in a jail cell every night this week! Plus lots more adventures.

Hampton County Historic Jail

More information is coming. I will be posting many updates and pictures in the days and weeks to come. Meanwhile, I have already posted several teasers on my Twitter page.