Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 07

By felon

Apparently the discussion outside the door concerned me. It seems my status as a felon slave was being moved quickly into some level of complete ownership. This would be more than a weekend session. From what I could determine, and what I had already suspected, these men were more concerned about the mental and physical aspect of control than appearance, age, etc. And they had done their homework, checking into my finances, lifestyle, earnings, savings and lack of family. I would be the perfect project for their Prison Group.

They entered the room I was being kept in and removed my leather gag. It seems there would finally be some kind of communication. I was in a very vulnerable situation, naked, gaged, ass plugged. I was removed from the table and forced up against the concrete block wall. I was photographed by cell phone camera from all sides, all angles, naked of course. It was then I noticed two ceiling-mounted cameras in the room. So it would be safe to say that others might be involved in this action in the mountains of West Virginia. Close-up pics were taken of my wrist tat and leg tat. I was handed a sign to hold for the cell camera with my ID – PA6404.

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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 06

By felon

I was “restrained” from writing sooner as I had to return to work. I still seek real-time prison action – hope you enjoy!

At the pull-off on RTE 19 in West Virginia, my captor stopped and left me restrained in the car while he made some purchases in a CVS. He returns as it begins to rain, I have the feeling I have been drugged, feeling sluggish but still aware of where I am, etc. My ears have been plugged, so it is difficult to hear him on the phone, he has a radio unit in the car but always uses the phone. We take off again and leave RTE 19 and proceed on a narrow road into the mountains. It is raining and getting dark.

We drive several miles and he pulls off the road. There is a narrow private gravel road with a chain and padlock blocking entrance. He gets out removes the chain and drive onto the road. We drive several miles on this deserted road and seem to be entering a farm, but very overgrown, and come up on a barn, a house, a concrete building sunk into a hill and a parking area with several pickups.

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