The Pickup

By Ropeluvr

The following is fiction and enacting could have possible negative risks. It is provided for entertainment purposes only.

This is all I plan on posting for this story. It’s a story opener. Your imagination fills in the details after the ink has dried.

© Ropeluvr


There I was out in the middle of nowhere. But that’s where we arranged to meet. I’d been down the highway a few times, but had never seen this abandoned convenience store tucked far off a seldom-used side road. There were no houses for miles, and I hadn’t seen a car pass by since I arrived. That was roughly an hour ago.

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Keeping a Prisoner – Part 1

Extensive jail work or an elaborate dungeon is not necessary to keep a man prisoner. It can be done quite effectively with a sturdy chain, a couple of padlocks and a good, solid post to which to attach it. The article that appears below, “Keeping a Prisoner,” is from the archives of Dungeon Master magazine (issue 42), and it is posted here with permission. Comments from the original editor — Zerotaf, also known as “TAF” — are in parentheses.

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