Spencer Reed trains Phillip Aubrey


After Phillip Aubrey passes his first test on Bound Gods, Spencer Reed trains his partner for the Upper Floor. All subs should know the slave positions and etiquette. Phillip learns the seven things he has to do in this house to be of service:

Sucking cock

Being fucked

Taking pain


Cleaning up the mess

Taking orders

and being adaptable.

Spencer uses the cane on Phillip while he’s cleaning up the mess. Phillip is at the brink of breaking, but he’s determined to go on. He even endures the electricity in his cock and hole. Will they go on to part three of this series?

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Video: Garrett is abducted, tied down and ball gagged

Garrett is a tall, lean college stud out for a jog when muscle-stud Jared grabs him and throws him in the dungeon. This hot captive is strapped down on the bondage table, stripped, gagged, kept hard and whipped.

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Training Property – Part 2

By ty dehner

The cop car came to a halt and I heard the Cop exit out of the car with the door slamming shut. I could hear a garage door closing and then the door open above my leather bagged head. He cut the cable ties that held my feet and cuffed hands together. Grabbing me by the shoulder of the jacket he slid me across the seat. He was strong as he held me off the ground until my feet could make contact with the concrete floor. I struggled to gain some balance as he quickly turned me and marched me quickly out of the garage and up a flight of stairs.

A door was opened before me and I was dragged into a room. I couldn’t see a thing but I just cooperated with whatever he wanted me to do. He stopped quickly and both hands grabbed my shoulders as if to place me. He let go and I could hear him move about the room. It was faint with the leather bag increasing the sound of my breathing.

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