Jessie Colter and Dirk Caber have fun with Pup Tyler Rush

In Leather Dogs Scene 4, Pup Tyler Rush is tied to a bed with a cock cage clamped on his dick. Jessie Colter fingers the begging pup as Dirk Caber teases Tyler’s mouth with his bone.

Jessie Colter and Dirk Caber


After lubing up Tyler’s caged cock and opening his ass, Jessie needs some relief of his own and mounts up to fuck Tyler’s open hole. Tyler’s ass feels amazing and Jessie pounds him hard making the pup howl with delight. As a reward for such good behavior, Jessie and Dirk decide to unlock Tyler’s cock from its cage. The second the cage is removed; his dick quickly grows to full capacity. Jessie keeps pounding away on Tyler’s tight hole until Tyler’s cock explodes, covering the young pup with jizz. Jessie sees Tyler’s thick load and pulls out to follow along and mark his own territory on Tyler. In the end, Tyler is a wet, sticky mess. Dirk and Jessie are happy they didn’t get caught by Tyler’s master and take off, leaving Tyler tied and drenched and panting next to his open kennel.

Pup Tyler Rush

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Rex: A James Story – Part 04

By Rex

This is a follow-up to Thunder’s story, called “James.” To start at the very beginning, click here. Based on a true story.

I was in literal pain. I still hadn’t peed. If I could of have I would have been hopping up and down. After what seemed like an eternity the car stopped, Todd and Alan got out and opened up the back, where I was waiting with the other dog.

“Welcome to the kennel, your home away from home. James, you’re in for a real treat. Dog, I want to pay attention and watch what James does.” With that Todd unlocked the cage James was in. As though there were an invisible fence, James stayed inside kneeling until Alan snapped his fingers, then on all fours he walked over to them where a leash was attached to his collar. “Alright, dog, are you going to be good or difficult?”

Through my gag I snorted and shook my head. Todd leaned in closer, “Okay dog, here’s the deal. I’m going to open this door and you ARE going to crawl on all fours over to Alan. You are NOT going to resist us. You are NOT going to disappoint your Master again, and you sure as shit are NOT going to disappoint us.”

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Tyler Sweet and Trenton Ducati in ‘Onyx Recruit’ at Bound Gods

In this archived shoot from Bound Gods, Trenton Ducati warps Tyler Sweet back to his lair to show him what the Onyx Tribe is all about


Tyler Sweet sits at the bar, sipping his drink when a muscled hunk, Trenton Ducati, joins him at the bar. As Tyler admires Trenton’s outfit, he learns it’s for a bondage club called The Onyx Tribe. Intrigued, Tyler follows Trenton as he warps the two of them to his lair. Trenton morphs into his Onyx uniform and orders the captive to remove his clothes. On his knees, Tyler worships Trenton’s boots as the muscled Onyx crops his ass. Trenton grabs the stud by the neck and throws him up against the wall before throwing him down to his knees to suck Trenton’s hard cock. Chained to the wall, Tyler is bent over as Trenton rams his cock deep in his ass, pounding him harder and harder to the screams. Trenton then takes out his flogger and whips Tyler into submission before binding him down on the table. Tyler feels the violet wand against his skin as Trenton sucks on his cock and shoves a metal plug in his ass. Trenton then removes Tyler’s plug and fucks him again, using a pulley system around his neck as he rides Trenton’s huge cock. Tyler blows his load onto the Onyx member’s chest before Trenton throws the captive down and cums all over him.

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Rex: A James Story – Part 03

By Rex

Based on a true story.

“You awake back there?” A large pecker gag in my mouth prevented me from responding. “I can hear you rustling around. You’re safe. You’ve been hooded, gagged and stripped. You’re beginning your training as a dog now. Dogs don’t have clothing, so you don’t have any. Dogs do not speak, so you have been muted. In time you will learn and accept this, but for now it will stay locked on.”

I tried to turn around and face my kidnapper, dognapper? But the cage was just too small to twist in. I later learned that this man’s name is Todd. He’s also incredibly sexy, and while I would grow to love him, at that moment, I hated him with every fiber of my being. As mad as I was at my Master and this man, I was just as furious at myself, you see, my dick was hard enough to cut glass. No matter what I thought about the brutal reality was that every bit of this was turning me on.

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Rex: A James Story – Part 02

By Rex

Based on a true story. NOTE: This is a follow-up to Thunder’s story, called “James.” To start at the very beginning, click here.

I started coming to in the vehicle. The driver was either offroading or purposely hitting every pothole. I was about as physically shaken up as I was mentally. What happened after I blacked out? I must have been more disoriented than I thought. Only when I stretched did I realize that I was in a very small cage. It didn’t feel like those expensive heavy duty ones, no, it was more like a… a fucking dog cage.

I tried to recall everything that had happened. My Master was done with my attitude and had decided to course correct. I had started as his slave but over the years I had become more of a housemate. I still loved him deeply though, which is why when offered the chance of packing my bags or recommitting not just as a slave, but as a dog slave, I couldn’t walk out the door. He wouldn’t go into the specifics but said my choice, whatever it may be, would be the final say on the matter.

I got on my knees to apologize. I told him that I would do whatever was necessary to keep us together. I agreed to anything and everything.

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