More gay bondage action for Tied Up Tuesday

The orgy at KUMA’s Tied Up Tuesday bondage fetish night is in full swing, with Jay Tee and Ty Roderick ramming their raw rods into dick-hungry Asian studs Zed Sheng and Nolan Knox. The two bottoms on hands and knees are kissing and holding each other for dear life with the ass-pummeling they’re receiving. Ty flips Zed over and pries one leg high and wide to drill his raw dick in balls deep. Nolan is grinding his tight little ass into every hard thrust Jay Tee can dish out.

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When Jay Tee swings around to feed his thick cock to Zed, Ty takes his position at Nolan’s rear as Nolan plows into Zed’s juicy hole. Watching Zed chow down on Jay gives the other buddies an idea. They circle him and begin beating their stiff prongs in the horny bottom’s face. He gorges on this buffet of big cocks and each of them let their cum loads fly into his face or hot hungry mouth. Once he’s dripping cum, the other three milk their last drops into him and feed him the faceful of sperm he’s been wearing like a badge of honor. Tied Up Tuesday is done for the week, and four horny studs are drained, sticky and exhausted, at least for the night.

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Site: Peter Fever

Title: Tied Up Tuesday 7: The Final Knot

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The notorious Cagedjock is hosting the first annual Locktoberfest on Friday, October 6, 2023, at a top-secret location in Brooklyn:



This event, the first of its kind, is dedicated to the Locked Boys community — and is also open to tops who are eager to assert their dominance! Which are you?

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Cagedjock is hosting the first annual Locktoberfest

Video: I’ll let you out, if …

Rank assembles a unique suspension frame and uses it to crank his rubber gimp up and off the floor with an overhead winch. Once airborne, Rank torments the prisoner with a vibrator and a unique breath-control hood. Finally, Rank strikes a deal with the gimp whereby he must attempt to turn him self around 360 degrees before he will be released from the suspension. Will he be able to do this?


Find out by watching the full video, on

Title of this video: EVIL GENIUS




Anal play with a captive in metal stocks

See the video at Boynapped

It’s been one of the most anally focused sessions of dom Sean’s career, but the horny top isn’t done with bottom stud Jonny yet. With the prisoner on a barrel and his ankles in metal stocks his legs are hoisted, his snug hole ready for more deep and raw pounding. Master Sean has some toys to use on the twink, stretching his pucker while he fucks the captive with the thick rubber tools. His big meaty dong just won’t quit, he needs to get his cum pumping and slams into the twink’s arse for more deep and wet fucking, finally finishing with a shower of semen all over Jonny’s hole!

See the video at Boynapped

See the video at Boynapped


See the video at Boynapped

Scene Title: Jonny Montero & Sean Taylor

Scene Short Description: Sean Raveges Bottom Twink Jonny – Part 3


Anal play with a captive in metal stocks

Trenton Ducati has Nate Grimes locked in a cage

Locked in a cage, Nate Grimes awakens to find himself with a chain around his neck as his tormentor, Trenton Ducati, approaches.

The sadistic leather dom grabs his captive by the chain and smashes his face against the bars, relentlessly zapping him with electricity as Nate screams in agony. Now that he knows his place, Nate opens his mouth to receive Trenton’s fat, hard cock as it slams all the way down his throat. With a ball gag in place, Trenton’s new play thing is bound in full rope as he feels the flog whip against his flesh. Nate’s eight-inch cock dangles between his legs as Trenton flogs and stretches the prisoner’s nuts before having a turn at his ass. After a thorough ass-flogging, Nate then feels the depth and stretch of Trenton’s huge toys shoved in his ass. But nothing compares once Trenton slides his hard cock deep in the man’s ass, fucking him without mercy until Nate shoots his load all over the dungeon floor.

Models in this shoot: Trenton Ducati, Nate Grimes

Title: New boy with a big cock at Mr Ducati’s mercy

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