In the Drum

By Max Cita

Part One

Life’s not always a barrel of fun!

1993, late Fall in a small country place in Northern Ontario, Max (had not yet attained the Title Dr. Mad Max) had decided to take in a weekend bondage event where there was lots of mud to play in. The other guys who might attend as well, were into ‘who-knows-what’ but it was a little bondage, rubber, leather and a lot of drinking. In retrospect it was a perfect weekend and the pleasures had not been revisited since.

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Surviving the Cut – Special Forces Diver

I saw this last night for the first time, and I can’t stop thinking about it.

There’s a new series on The Military Channel called Surviving The Cut, and one episode in particular is the hottest thing I have seen on TV in a LONG time!

It’s about a group of elite military men who are in training to become special forces rescue divers. These men are all in peak physical condition to begin with, and they are subjecting themselves to eight weeks of grueling training.

In one phase of the course, called “Drownproofing,” the men must demonstrate that they can control their fear. For the exercise, their hand are bound behind their backs and their feet are bound, and they must bob in the water for 5 minutes, float on the surface for 2 minutes, swim the circumference of the pool while still tied, then perform front and back flips underwater, then retrieve a mask from the bottom of the pool using just the mouth, then bob up and down five more times. They do this while wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy shorts.

A rubber dude gets bolted down with chains and padlocks

This is from the Serious Male Bondage website:

Rubber dude bolted downIf you ask me, this is fucking hot.  A bondage website that GETS IT.

By “gets it” I mean these guys know how to use real PADLOCKS to restrain a prisoner ….  and this video would actually be 10 times HOTTER if they also used locks on the ankles and neck.  But at least they got it right on the stud’s wrists.

Don’t get me wrong, I love other bondage sites because they have models with killer bodies.  But let’s face it: a lot of that kind of bondage is FAKE because they “restrain” the guys using metal clips and not locks.

When I see bondage porn I want to know that the dude is REALLY locked down, not in “pretend” bondage with metal clips that the guy just has to unsnap to be free.  It’s like drinking nonalcoholic beer — what’s the point?

Here are some more images from Serious Male Bondage:

Rubber dude bolted downRubber dude bolted downRubber dude bolted downbolted down

To learn more about Serious Male Bondage, click here.

male bondage

A Long Way from Home

By unknown

Part 1

I was tired. But I had to keep going.  Sure it was late and it’s a dangerous thing be riding a motorcycle in the middle of the night and even more so if you are getting sleepy. I pulled over on the side of the road and killed the engine. The road cut through a wide grassy plain…there was nothing. No lights except for the moon and the stars and no sounds save for crickets and the occasional bird. I stretched out on the edge of the road and stared up at the stars. Being so quiet my leathers seemed to make a lot of noise as I stretched out and before I knew it I was asleep.

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Rural Pursuits – Parts 1 to 5

By Kiggle

Chapter 1

I had grown up at the same time as Jim, although he was not a particular friend of mine. I had always admired him: he seemed so confident and self possessed. His father had owned large market gardens producing some splendid vegetables on the fertile soils surrounding our village. Jim’s father had died a while ago and Jim had inherited the large family home with all its outbuildings and barns. In earlier times these outbuildings had housed the carts and the stable for Dolly their big old horse.

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Rubber Bondage Prisoner

By MetalbondNYC

Aside from a few minor changes, this story is 95 percent TRUE.

Thursday Night

So he picks me up at the airport wearing full leather.  Skin tight leather jeans, leather cop jacket, boots, gloves.  Keys on the left.  He was totally fucking hot.  We go back to his place, where he made me strip and get into my new rubber body suit, which completely covers me from the neck to wrists to ankles, then he puts me in a posture collar, tall black rubber waders, and bolts a metal band around my waist.

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DZ Ranch Land and Cattle Company – Part 2

By FirefighterSIR

Part 2: The Beast

Travis heard more than saw the slave called The Beast.

The blond jock had been on the ranch for months now.  His cock weighed heavy inside the clear plastic chastity device, his shaved balls swollen with loads of cum waiting for release.   His muscled body, built strong by years of demanding football coaches, was now at its peak.  The guards and Masters of DZ Ranch had seen to that, honing him with precision workouts and a full schedule of hard labor in the oak studded confines of the remote ranch under the snowy gaze of the volcanic peaks of Lassen and Shasta in far Northern California.

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