Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 12

By PredicamentBondage

It takes a few moments for fuck-face to feel the lightly pulsing current through its dick. At first the implications don’t register to the scallies dullard brain, but as the sensations get stronger, and the urge to cum once again increases, the slave realises that he’s not in an ideal situation.

The bound captive raises his head slightly, eyes widening. Turning towards me, and with a slightly anxious voice, says “No need, mun! Sack it la!” Translation: An exclamation of disapproval followed by “Stop it! Don’t do it!” The dialect is quite melodious and is roughly based on English.

I respond calmly: “You think I went to all this trouble to just let you go? No way fucker, you’re gonna learn some respect.”

I pull the chair closer so I have a good view. “Now, when you’re ready to behave, just let me know and I’ll turn the machine off”, I lie.

Fuck-face clenches its lips, closes its eyes and rests its head back on the rack. I always find this so fucking horny. There’s nothing sexier than a bound, stretched torso laid out ready for torture, unable to protect itself from the monstrous ministrations planned by a sadistic Master. And there’re few Masters more sadistic than me. <grin>

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Nice gag

At BreederFuckers, this captive’s lithe muscular body is like a live wire thrashing about against his restraints. He is radiating with hot anger and disgust. Lee’s arse is thrashed till he’s bending at the knees. The humiliation, pain and fear is written all over Lee’s stupid face. All that macho pride has been whipped out of him as all his snot and spit drips down his face. Lee’s real horror is ramped up as a stiff dick is shoved in his mouth. With his gob wrenched constantly open with the gag restraint he can’t do anything to stop the cocks from being rammed down his throat or prevent his mouth being filled with men’s stinking piss. If he’s not going to suck dick properly he’ll have to live as a human urinal!

gay BDSM

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gag the fag

Montana – Part 01

By ty dehner

Ty and i had met on line one evening, when i was feeling horny. i was hanging out in one of the many chat rooms. We started talking about our mutual interest in leather, cowboys, bondage and other fun things that guys like us enjoy. We traded pictures, but neither of them were up to date. After talking back and forth for nearly six months, i asked Ty if he was going to be near my hometown soon. i had a week’s vacation coming up and thought it would be fun to finally meet in person. i could drive or fly and meet him for a day or two. Ty said that the rodeo was going to be in Billings, Montana the first weekend that i was on vacation.

Ty and i really enjoy cowboys, their gear and the games that two cowboys can play. Ty is purely a dominant guy, and i am submissive all the way. Being that i lived on the west coast, driving to Billings in time for the rodeo was not going to work. Ty offered to pick me up at the airport and we could share a room. Ty enjoyed the rodeo, as i did. i’m not sure if we liked watching the bull riding, calf wrestling, or just watching those guys in chaps and Wranglers.

i woke the morning of the flight to Montana. I put on my Wranglers, lace-up ropers, belt, black brush popper shirt, leather vest and my hat. i had packed a few other things, knowing that i was only spending the night.   As we took off, i enjoyed the feeling of my tight jeans. i chuckled as i noticed a few of the guys in the airport checking me out.   And the male flight attendant sure seemed to be giving me great service. i know that standing 6’1”, as i do, i can look pretty “tough”, but if only they knew my real personality. i’m a husky guy, weighing in at 240 pounds, i keep my hair cut real short and am clean shaven. i’ve been trying to work out a bit, and eventually hope to have the same shape as Garth Brooks. Talk about a hunk, i can feel his thunder roll any time!

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The return of story week in the Prison Library

OK prisoners, get ready for Story Week!

Metalbond Prison Library gay bondage stories to beat off to


That’s right, there will be new gay bondage fiction posted right here on the Metalbond site each night this week between 7 and 8 p.m. EST, starting tonight, Sunday night. There will be more of the ongoing series from lthr_jock and PredicamentBondage, and a new series starting up from ty dehner.

So get your leg cuffs and handcuffs ready, make sure your cock cage is securely locked, and plan accordingly.

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Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 11

By PredicamentBondage

Scally-lads are a British phenomenon that have flourished across our society for close on twenty years. They are tribal animals that run in packs, usually congregating in groups of three or more on street corners, with little to do except look for trouble.

They are essentially feral mongrels that live by their wits, self-obsessed, self-serving, enjoying life, without a care in the world.

Their uniform usually consists of ill-fitting, worn and unwashed tracksuits, with hoody tops and trainers or tennis shoes, often branded and new.

Usually uneducated, they have poor language skills, are often loud, abusive and lack social skills.

They typically have very high libidos, fucking whatever low-life females they can convince to ‘put-out’ for them. They make excellent sex slaves but I encourage owners to adopt a very specific attitude towards their scally slaves….

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