10 Days in Detention – Part 30

Socalbd 10 DaysBy socalbd

Matt and I were kneeling hooded and cuffed next to each other in the center of John’s dungeon having been just delivered there after our weekend at Daniel’s property. The chain collars were also still locked around our necks. We talked for a few moments and had agreed on Matt coming home with me to spend the night as it would give us a chance to talk about the weekend. That’s when the door leading from the dungeon into the house opened.

We stopped talking and waited. The door closed and I felt someone walk over to us. The hood was pulled off of my head and John was standing in front of me. He was dressed in what I started to call his trademark look of camo pants, a black tank top, barefoot and looking hot as usual. He leaned in to me and rustled my hair with his hand. He gave me a smile and nodded his head yes up and down several times. I felt like I had his approval.

John stepped to his side to be in front of Matt and he pulled off Matt’s hood.

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10 Days in Detention – Part 29

Socalbd 10 Days Note from Metal: This is the latest chapter in a long-running series here on the Metalbond site. It’s not necessary for you to have read previous chapters for this part to make sense.

But if you would prefer to start at the very beginning, click for Part 1.


By socalbd

The sun was peeking slightly through the barn offering only a glimmer of light when I work up. Matt was lying next to me sound asleep with his head on my stomach. I didn’t want to move too much so he could continue to get his rest. We both were still completely covered in caked on dirt from the mud pit experience yesterday that Daniel and the guards created for our benefit. We both had a stench.

Matt started to stir and opened his eyes looking up at me.

“Good morning, handsome,” he said to me.

“Good morning, to you, too, handsome. You stink,” I joked.

Matt pulled himself up into a sitting position and moved towards the wall of the stall to lean back against it. After he was free of me I did the same thing sitting next to him. Our wrists were still cuffed at our sides connected to the waist chain with leg cuffs on our ankles.

Although awake after a full night’s sleep I still felt really tired and close to exhaustion after the weekend’s activities. We weren’t done yet, either. A few more hours were left for us to get through today.

“How are you feeling, Matt?”

“I’m tired. You?” he replied.

“Exhausted. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through today.”

“You will make it through. You won’t have a choice.” Matt was chuckling as he said it.

We both sat silently for a while until Matt spoke up again.

“I really am sorry, Dave,” he said.

I looked at him for a moment before asking, “For what?”

“What I said to you while we were staked out,” Matt continued. “I really was being a sadistic SOB to you. I shouldn’t have been that rough on you.”

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