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Tyler Alexander gets tied up and edged

Tyler Alexander shoots a massive load all over his face after being edged for hours

In this video from Men on Edge, Tyler Alexander is not familiar with edging, but he’s about to be. They put his arms back on the metal pipes, tie him up, and cut off his clothes. His uncut cock gets hard right away and they tie that up too, pulling on his balls and making him arch against the pipe.

In a standing hogtie, he receives a dildo in his firm, round ass. Fully suspended in the air, he gets fucked some more in both his holes and gets flogged as he swings around the room. The captive has room for more play, so they throw his legs over his head and cane his ass, fuck his hole with the vibrator, and make him shoot his massive load all over his face.

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KinkMen fan Hugh Hunter becomes a male BDSM porn star

In this video from Men On Edge, a hot KinkMen fan gets tied up and jacked off in bondage:


Sebastian meets up with Hugh Hunter, a KinkMen fan who fantasizes about receiving a bondage experience beyond anything he’s had before. Sebastian obliges, tying Hugh to a chair and slowly stripping the clothes from his muscled body. Sebastian places a blindfold over Hugh’s eyes to intensify the sensations and starts worshipping the nipples on Hugh’s bulging pecs. Hugh moans as Sebastian takes his time on Hugh’s throbbing cock, agonizingly teasing it with his mouth before finally peeling it out. Sebastian edges Hugh again and again, making Hugh taste the precum from his diamond-hard dick.

37709_6 37709_9

Even with a double-Hitachi treatment on his nipples and dick — followed by an extended foot worshipping — Hugh still is not allowed to cum. Next, Hugh is taken from the chair and bound to the pool table, face down, ass up. With his balls tightly wound in red twine, Hugh takes a vibrating dildo up his tight hole. The ass fucking makes the cum denial more and more unbearable, but Sebastian continues the edging. Now flipped over on the pool table, Hugh has his toes worshipped a second time as Sebastian jerks his swollen dick. Hugh gets the large prostate massager in his ass and receives more edges. Pushing Hugh to the limit, Sebastian finally allows the hunk to cum all over his bound abs before tormenting his sensitive cock head and tickling the hell out of his feet.


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Brendon Scott: Taken, Tied Up & Edged

After getting knocked out at the bus station, Brendon Scott awakens to find himself tied up in bondage at the mercy of his perverted captors.


They cover his mouth with duct tape and tear away his clothes to start playing with his cock. Brendon screams for help when tit suckers are placed on his nipples, but his cries for help turn to moans of pleasure once his cock head is pressed up against the hitachi. The bound stud is then bent over to swallow cock as a dildo fucks Brendon up the ass. He is then suspended in mid-air, with dildo in ass as the two perverts milk a load out of the boy’s aching cock and tickle the hell out of him.

37215_0 37215_5 37215_6

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Male bondage video: Trevor Spade gets edged and fucked

At Men on Edge, cocky punk Trevor Spade walks into the bar like he owns the place. Sebastian has just been hired, and when he gets tired of Trevor’s attitude he teaches him a lesson the only way he knows how. With Trevor tied to a chair, Sebastian cuts off the stud’s clothes and gets his cock hard.


As Trevor moans and squirms in the bondage, he is brought to the edge again and again. Once the desire to cum eclipses Trevor’s attitude problem, he is putty in Sebastian’s hands. Sebastian fucks Trevor’s tight hole with a vibrating dildo and teases his rock hard cock. Finally, after hours of edging, Trevor shoots a fat load all over his abs and endures the post-orgasm torment to really teach him a lesson.

36088_7 36088_11

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Hidden Detention — Part 03

By Desert Pioneer

Immediately Jack figures he knows what is going on. This night was more than he could have imagined. Yet I’ve imagined so much, but I could have done without the sucker punch. Kidnap with bag over head, however, on the bucket list.

Without the use of his sight, Jack is led deeper into the trees, perhaps along that path but at times through undergrowth. Neither Jack nor either of his captors speak a word. Jack doesn’t think his chance of being released is very good but wonders if he should add some resistance as part of the role play (if that is what this is). Actually, this is pretty shitty role play he thinks. Too obvious. Yet the dress up cop had seemed pretty adamant about Jack leaving. If this is some back woods role play Jack is clearly not on the invitation list. Still, they could have used further measures to get Jack to leave but instead they are dragging him deeper into the woods.

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Extreme edging with advanced bondage positions

At Men On Edge, yoga stud Elijah Wood endures extreme edging with advance bondage positions.


Elijah Wood does a lot of yoga, so they take full advantage of his flexibility. They start him off tied to the bed and blindfolded with his thick cock bound. They stroke him, suck his cock and toes, edging him repeatedly as precum drips from him. He is tickled like crazy shortly before he cums a first time. He is then bound in a suspended yoga position and edged again and again as he begs to cum. Upside down and sucking cock, he finally blows his huge load a second time.

37141_7 37141_8 37141_15

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