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K-Man vs. The Evil Edgemaster

It’s a superhero fantasy at KinkMen:

Mild-mannered Jay Torque is a college stud by day, but when crime threatens the city he dons his powerful cape and is transformed into K-Man!

He is able to overpower criminals with his muscular form and the kindness of his heart. However, he has one weakness that is constantly exploited by his arch-nemesis, The Edgemaster — when he gets horny, he absolutely has to cum before he can return to saving the city.

Lured into The Edgemaster’s lair by a holographic damsel in distress, K-Man goes through an excruciating, hours-long, edging session, begging to be allowed to cum. The Edgemaster relishes in breaking the hero and leaves him chained up in the facility, powerless, and covered in cum.

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Patrick Rouge cums in mid air at Men On Edge

Patrick Rouge has been featured at KinkMen sites NakedKombat, Bound Gods, Butt Machine Boys and Bound In Public. Patrick also was featured over at Men On Edge:

He’s tied to the lockers straight away and starts to get hard underneath his jock. It only takes him a few minutes to get close to cumming, which means a long day is in store for him.

They tie his cock to the wooden cross with his hands tied frustratingly out of reach from it. Bent over, his ass is fucked and he almost cums again. Suspended with his back arched above the cross, they fuck his face and his ass and make him blow his load. The cock stroking doesn’t stop, though, and he begs for mercy while hanging in the air.

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Wilfred Knight – Post Orgasm Torment in Mid Air

Hairy French stud Wilfried Knight (of blessed memory) appeared at Men On Edge.

In leather, he’s tied up to a pillar and blindfolded. With a hard cock, his nipples are worked over and they edge him until he curses in French. With his arms up, he gets flogged hard, then they dildo fuck his red ass.

He almost cums from the constant fucking and jacking. Wrapped in leather straps, Wilfried is suspended and gagged. Edged to the point of exhaustion, Wilfred is made to shoot his load, only to be suspended again and endures the intense post-orgasm torment in mid air.

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Captured and edged in the deep woods

Logan Stevens is captured and edged at Men On Edge

Alone on a hike is Logan Stevens, enjoying the great outdoors while a horny perv lurks in the forest. After being taken, Logan finds himself tied to a cross on top of the mountain.

The perv cuts his clothes off and Logan’s huge cock gets hard. Edged and flogged under the hot sun, Logan screams into the forest. The perv then dildo fucks Logan’s ass and mouth after suspending him on one leg from a tree.

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Tatted gay porn star Logan McCree is featured at Men On Edge

It’s true! The world-famous Logan McCree gets tied up, suspended, flogged and edged!

The world famous Logan McCree has taken a break from videos and he’s living a quiet life in Europe. Men On Edge was recently in Berlin, and their German producer happens to be friends with Logan. By pure chance and incredible luck, they got Logan for Men On Edge and Bound Gods. As stated in the interview, Logan doesn’t take BDSM lightly. He practices it in real life, and these are the first sites he trusts within this genre.

Tatted gay porn star Logan McCree is featured at Men On Edge

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