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Brian Bonds in is bondage taking fat toys

At Men On Edge, Brian Bonds is in bondage as Sebastian Keys and Chance Summerlin tease his cock relentlessly. Brian’s ass is opened with a fat dildo and fucksaw while a sleeve torments his cock, but he’s built to take in the torment!

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Sam Truitt gets tied up and relentlessly edged until he begs to cum


Sam Truitt is started off bound near the windows as Sebastian tears away his clothes. Once his underwear is cut off they see the enormous size of his cock. They tease him with the hitachi’s vibrating on his cockhead until he’s about to blow. Next they have him bound in the chair as he’s teased even more. Sebastian swallows every inch of the stud’s cock as he continues to edge him. On the bed, Sam is bound in full body bondage while they jack him off with the fleshjack. They find out how ticklish Sam’s feet are and decide to give them some extra attention. They finally milk Sam’s fat cock until he blows a load onto his stomach.

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Cocky New Yorker gets tied up and edged

A cocky New Yorker gets a ball gag shoved in his mouth and endures extreme post orgasm torment.

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One word comes to mind when thinking of Slate: statuesque. Not so much the sculptures of antiquity but the simplistic and chiseled features of the more contemporary masters. He works out before the shoot then he gets tied to a machine and edged right away. In the next room his arms are tied back and he gets his cock flogged. Slate loves it and leans into the flogger every chance he gets. On his back with his arms over his head, he demands to blow his load. This cocky New Yorker gets his entire head including his mouth wrapped up tight. He receives the edging of his life and blows his massive load. Slate endures harsh post orgasm torment for being bossy all day.

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Hot rocker dude oozes pre-cum as he’s fucked and edged

At Men On Edge, Damien Moreau’s aching cock oozes pre-cum as he’s relentlessly edged all day


Damien Moreau comes to Men on Edge, eager to be bound and teased. They have him bound to the pillar as Sebastian slowly licks him from his boot to the gag in his mouth, getting Damien’s cock rock hard. They put clamps on his nipples while teasing him to the max with the hitachi right on his cock head, making him continuously ooze pre-cum from all the excitement. On the box in the center of the room, Damien’s legs are lifted off the ground while Van drives Sebastian’s head all the way down on Damien’s hard cock. They shove dildos in the prisoner’s ass and mouth before giving him a turn with the fucksall as it plunges into Damien’s hole. Upside down, Damien has another vibe shoved up his butt as the two pervs make him blow his load all over his stomach. But they’re not through with Damien just yet, they bring his legs down and milk his cock once more before finishing him off with some post-orgasmic torment.

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The Resort – Chapter 03

By TklBndg516

Orientation, Day 3

Brad was the first to arrive at the ferry, anxious for what he would get to learn and do that day.  Peter, Chris, Joe, and Miguel arrived shortly after.  Jeff was the next to arrive.  He almost seemed to be glowing after the night he had.  And that morning, Steve sent him off with one of the vibrator units keeping him stimulated.  It automatically shut-off as soon as he entered the ferry waiting area, as he was now under Island control.  The rest arrived soon after.  The 9 of them (David lives on the Island) sat together.  Brad, all excited, told Jeff he missed something really cool last night.  He told him that Joe is still locked in his belt.

Jeff didn’t seem to express any surprise about that.  Brad goes on to tell him that Joe is thinking about getting a partner account for his boyfriend and explains to Jeff what a partner account is.  Brad said how cool he thought it might be to have someone controlling his belt and having some of the extra features that David has.  Some of the others expressed their support of Joe being in the belt and how he was considering the partner account.

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