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The boss gets tied up and tickled

Drake said he was going to give everybody a Christmas bonus to get everyone to work extra hours. Now it’s the new year and Drake has reneged on his promise for more money. But Drake is extremely ticklish. He is wearing his office attire and sheer socks and he looks hot. He is tied, served up and ready for his ticklish reckoning.

male bondage tickle torture

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Title of this video: Ex-Boss Drake Tickled

male tickle torture

Buck Williams Tickled

At Tickled Hard, Franco ties up Buck and tickles him on his size 12 feet, then in his armpits and on his ribs. Every time Buck thinks he’s got it under control, Franco moves just enough to unlock a new tickling sensation. After a few minutes of tickle pleasuring, Franco amps up the sensation by lubing his hands and tickling Buck in his armpits. Buck swears and calls for help, but no one can save him now…as if he wanted to be saved! Laughing adorably, Buck squirms in Franco’s arms as he tickles his ribs and pits from behind. Now that he’s warmed up, Franco returns to Buck’s feet, tickling them with detangling brushes, soap savers and his lubed fingers. Even though Buck howls with delight, Franco wants more and climbs on top to tickle Buck in his most ticklish spot, his ribs. With Buck nearly exhausted, Franco rewards him with a hot blowjob and mutual jack-off session, leaving him coated in cum.

Buck Williams Tickled

See the video at Tickled Hard

Franco ties up Buck and tickles him

Marky’s Tickle Torture

Today’s video is from Franco over at Tickled Hard. In this update, Marky exhales anxiously as Franco restrains him and tickles him with a long feather. Marky has packed on a lot of muscle in the past three years, and every one of those muscles now activates as he thrashes under the tickle torture. Marky screams and begs for it stop, but Franco just moves to the next part of his hot, muscular body. It doesn’t really matter where Franco goes because Marky is super-ticklish absolutely everywhere! Franco tickles his ribs (the worst), inner thighs and cute size 8 feet, causing Marky to laugh maniacally. With veins popping, Marky repeatedly begs for the torture of his ribs to end. He finally agrees to a devil’s bargain of having his bare foot tickled instead, but the deal doesn’t last long once the foot tickling begins. Between howls of laughter, Franco confirms that the deal is off and finishes by tickling Marky in each of his major ticklish spots.

Franco restrains him and tickles him

See the video at Tickled Hard

Marky screams and begs for it stop