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Tickle torture sling

Here’s another VIDEO from My Friends Feet. Amone knows what it’s like to be in the sling waiting for his tickling torment to start. Amone is in the driver seat now, and AJ is acting all tough before it begins. AJ will not be so chipper by the end of his tickling ordeal today! In fact, Amone seems to really piss AJ off by tickling him and making him squirm and laugh so much. AJ’s upper body is the most ticklish, but his gorgeous feet are sensitive too. He seems to frighten Amone more and more as the action moves on!

AJ Tickled In The Sling

VIDEO at My Friends Feet

Scene Title: AJ

Scene Short Description: AJ Tickled In The Sling

male bondage tickle torture

Video: Mathew Rock Tickled Hard

This is Mathew Rock‘s first time getting tickled, and he’s very excited and already giggling while Franco undresses him. Giggles turn to crazy laughter as the tickling begins in Mathew’s armpits and on his ribs. Strung up like a pig, there’s nothing Mathew can do to get away, but it sounds like he’s having too much fun to want to! Mathew spins around and lifts off the ground with his big, uncut cock bouncing as the tickling pleasures continue. With a big smile on his face and a raging boner, Mathew laughs hysterically during this tickle-manhandling. Franco clips Mathew to the wall and removes his pants and underwear, leaving him in nothing but socks. And, man, are his feet ticklish! Mathew flails around as Franco tickles him through his socks, first right-side up, then upside-down. It gets even more intense when the socks come off and Franco tickles Mathew’s lubed size 10’s with an electric toothbrush and soap savers. Finally, Franco sends Mathew over the edge tickling his feet with his manly fingers before helping Mathew shoot a well-deserved load.


See the entire video at Tickled Hard

Video: Mathew Rock Tickled Hard

Chad Hammer gets tied and tickled in a sling

Rikk puts Chad Hammer into some bondage in a sling to get easy access to his hairy, ticklish body. His sexy size 10 soles are exposed and Rikk knows just how to attack them with his fingers until Chad is struggling to escape. Rikk also tickles Chad’s armpits and furry sides which makes Chad convulse with laughter. It’s Chad’s thighs that are the most ticklish, though, and Rikk hits them with full force until Chad is in hysterics.

Chad Hammer gets tied and tickled in a sling


See the video at My Friends Feet

Scene Title: Chad

Rikk puts Chad Hammer into some bondage

Bullet gets locked in the stocks for tickle torture

Meanwhile at Ticklish Chubs, Matt knows various interesting ways to make a chubby captive squirm and giggle while trapped in the ankle stocks. He starts out innocently enough, tormenting masked and bound Bullet with his fingers, but with his captive’s socks off and his toes secured, he breaks out his electric toothbrushes to show just how much tickle torture he can deliver. The poor guy’s bare soles take so much attention, but it wouldn’t be a thorough tickling without some armpit, nipple and cock bulge play, too.

Bullet gets locked in the stocks for tickle torture

See the VIDEO at Ticklish Chubs

Models in this video: Bullet and Matt

Title of this video: Electric Toothbrush Torment

See the VIDEO at Ticklish Chubs

Mike Maverick gets tied up and edged

In this shoot from Men On Edge:

With a handsome face, muscled body and an eager cock, Mike Maverick gets into another hot edging session. He’s bound to the windows as Sebastian teases Mike’s bulging dick. Feeling the sensation of tit suckers on his nips, Mike is driven to ecstasy as a cock sleeve slides up and down his hard cock. Van and Sebastian bend over the muscled stud to take a look at his juicy ass, plunging a dildo deep in his hole as they bring him right to the edge. Mike can’t stand the tickle torment that ensues on the bed, but the tight bondage is no match for his squirms for escape. After shooting a hot load all over his stomach, Mike thinks he’s in the clear, but they surprise him with one more round of tickling before sending him on his way!

mike_maverick_gay_bondage_02 mike_maverick_gay_bondage_03 mike_maverick_gay_bondage_04 mike_maverick_gay_bondage_05

Title of this shoot: Tickled to the Extreme in Tight Bondage

Models in this shoot: Mike Maverick, Sebastian Keys, Van Darkholme

Short description: Mike Maverick gets tickled to the extreme before busting a huge load!

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Site: Men On Edge

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mike_maverick_gay_bondage_07 mike_maverick_gay_bondage_08 mike_maverick_gay_bondage_09 mike_maverick_gay_bondage_10 mike_maverick_gay_bondage_11 mike_maverick_gay_bondage_ad

KinkMen male BDSM

Book review: ‘The Dom’s Guide to Tickling’

I enjoyed ‘The Dom’s Guide to Tickling’ by ERIK11. It’s got tons of ideas about technique — and it can be read by the dom or the sub, if you ask me! The author talks about various implements and restraints that can be used to enhance a scene, as well as some different ideas for tickling roleplay. He’s also got a section on how to throw a tickle party, too!

The Dom’s Guide to Tickling

The book is for sale now on Amazon as a paperback or as an eBook.

The cover and back cover illustrations are by Achilles.

You can find the author on Recon under the screen name erik11.