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Dolf Dietrich in the chair at My Friends Feet

He believes he ranks a 10 on the ticklish scale! He wasn’t kidding, either. Hugh Hunter dropped in to help tickle torture Dolf Dietrich to hilarity, and between fingers and electric tickle tools Dolf ended up a complete laughing mess. While Dolf said he didn’t like having so little control of moving around and the things they were doing to him, the huge hard-on he was sporting by the time they got him naked said something much different! Dolf Dietrich is very tall and muscular with big size 13 feet.

Dolf Gets Tickled Naked

See this video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Dolf Gets Tickled Naked

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Dolf Dietrich in the My Friends Feet tickle chair

Dominic’s Pleasure Tickle

At Tickled Hard, Dominic relaxes on the tickling table in just his jockstrap and ankle socks while he eagerly waits for Franco to tie him up. After Franco blindfolds Dominic, he tickles him with a feather and his fast-moving fingers on his sides and in his armpits. Dominic is obviously very ticklish, which shows even more when Franco tickles his cute size 9 feet. He gladly submits to Franco’s tickle pleasures, even if he’s holding back a little. Franco has ways of breaking through any hold, and with Dominic, it’s applying more tickle tools and techniques to his feet. Dominic giggles and growls like a tormented puppet, bouncing what little he can in the cuffs and duct tape bonds. Removing the blindfold snaps Dominic back to reality and intensifies the situation. Franco’s hands are masterful tickling devices, moving from one part of Dominic’s body to the next, and when he’s not using those, he draws from his cache of tickling tools, including a wide array of brushes. Past the halfway point, Franco adds lube, and the sensations are so intense that Dominic barely makes a sound. His head and torso turn red, and and he bounces up and down, desperately trying to catch his breath. Just when Dominic thinks it’s over, Franco brings Buck Williams in to help him finish the sweaty captive off.

he eagerly waits for Franco to tie him up

See the video at Tickled Hard

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Gordon is tickled to the fullest extent

At My Friends Feet, Gordon is subjected to tickle torture at the hands of two men. This tickle chair secures a guy’s legs so that his feet can’t move. Gordon has very ticklish soles, and this was a good setup for them to take advantage of that fact. With his hands tied above his head and his feet bound, Gordon is up for the taking. The look of fear on his face as they slowly take off his dress shoes is priceless, but it’s his laughter that gives incentive for proceeding to tickle torment Gordon to the fullest extent.

Gordon is tickled to the fullest extent

See this video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Gordon Bound and Tickle Tortured

Gordon is subjected to tickle torture at the hands of two men

Turns out Mikey is extremely ticklish

The look of fear on Mikey’s face is very evident, and it is a fear that is well grounded. That’s because Mikey is extremely ticklish. So much so that even just tickling the inside of his thighs has him squirming around. By the time his shoes are off exposing his size 11 feet, Mikey is nothing more than a well-tickled puddle of hilarity!

Mikey is extremely ticklish

See the video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Mikey Tickle Tortured In The Tickle Chair

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Tickle stud

At My Friends Feet, Chance Cruise gets tickled while bound in stocks. Chance tried to fight off his sensitivity, but he couldn’t for long. It is so hot to watch him fight the urge to laugh as they tickle the soles of his size 13 feet, but very soon he relented. His armpits are even more ticklish too!

male bdsm tickle videos

Model in this video: Chance Cruise

See the video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Chance Cruise Tickle Tortured

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Graham tickle tortured

At Tickled Hard, Graham undresses to his athletic socks and hops up on the table. Once his wrists and ankles are cuffed, the anticipation kicks in, but that’s nothing compared to what’s coming. First, Franco tickles Graham in his armpits and on his upper ribs, causing all of his muscles to tense up. He then moves down to Graham’s muscular thighs, which look like a statue’s when he flexes. Despite having a slighter build, Graham is crazy strong, so Franco adds rope to help stabilize him and lube to make sure his manly fingers have maximum tickle power. Graham is red in the face and swearing…and eager to torture someone else…but this session is far from over. Franco keeps adding more lube, tickling Graham’s size 11 1/2 feet with his fingers, soap savers and brushes. Graham looks around for a moment, trying to figure a way out, but when he realizes he can do nothing, he shuts his eyes and forcefully shifts his body, attempting to muscle through it. Franco climbs on top, tickling Graham’s quivering torso from above, until he finally rewards his tickle victim with a blow of his big, uncut cock and a little butt play.

Graham tickle tortured


See the video at Tickled Hard

Franco tickles Graham in his armpits


Video: Bondage and tickle torture for Stan

Stan wants to be tickled. His tickling history started when he was very young, and over the years Stan has become more and more interested male tickling experiences. Foot Friends gives Stan exactly what he needs: a hot tickle session with tons of attention to his perfect, sexy feet!


See the complete video at Foot Friends

Title of this video: Stan

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