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Two guys gang up on Leon and tickle him

In this video from My Friends Feet, Leon gets restrained and ticked by two guys. They barely touch him before he starts losing it. So much so that they were beginning to wonder if his bonds were going to hold. Leon isn’t a small guy either, boasting a lot of strength. Leon went crazier than must guys do when they’re being tickled. He went event more mad by the time they had his shirt and socks off in order to get at his armpits and incredible size 13 feet!

Two guys gang up on Leon and tickle him

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Title of this video: Leon’s Size 13 Feet and Body Tickle Tortured

Leon's Size 13 Feet and Body Tickle Tortured

Buddy gets tied up and Tickled Hard

At Tickled Hard, Buddy is okay with being tickled as an idea, but when he hops up on the tickling table, nerves quickly kick in. Franco cuffs Buddy’s hands behind his back and lays him face down for a test tickle. He’s crazy ticklish! Franco tickles Buddy’s hamstrings before telling him to flip over to tickle his front. Buddy screeches and thrashes violently as Franco tickles him in his armpits. At one point, Buddy breaks one of the ropes, but this bull can’t buck Franco off. After lowering his arms to reduce the pain, Franco tickles Buddy in his bellybutton and on his ribs. This guy may be strong, but no matter what he tries, he can’t stop the tickle torture. Franco tickles Buddy through his athletic socks, then on his cute, size 9 bare feet. Finally, Buddy is able to sneak out of one of the wrist restraints, and in a rare turn of events, he gets in a split-second tickle of Franco. He even breaks the tickling table in half! When everything is put back together, Franco exacts his revenge. He tickles Buddy hard on his ribs, munches his sensitive feet, then sits on his chest and tortures his inner thighs. Franco tickles Buddy’s neck with turkey feathers and his bristly beard, then drives him nuts tickling his ears. To end the marathon tickle, Franco tickles Buddy’s soles and sucks his big toe. Oh, and one brutal final tickle between his thighs.

Franco cuffs Buddy's hands behind his back

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Franco tickles him in his armpits

Video: Corey’s Tickle Fantasy

He secretly fantasized about being restrained and tickled until he couldn’t take it anymore. Ever since the hot guy across the street, the one he had a crush on, moved away, nobody tickled him. Then he met Chip ,and his fantasy came true. Corey is 6-foot- 2, 24 years old and straight. Pretty kinky for a young, straight dude!


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Title of this video: Corey’s Tickle Fantasy

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Joe undergoes bondage and tickling

At Tickled Hard, Southern roughneck Joe D. Wood has been away for a while, so he’s not really sure what to expect. Franco starts by gently petting him all over to keep the big straight beast calm. Then he flips Joe face down on the table and starts tickling him. The sounds Joe makes are so arousing that Franco immediately flips him right-side-up so he can see his face. Joe moans with pleasure as Franco gently tickles his neck with his brush, beard and feathers. His furry, muscular body writhes as Franco tickles him in his ribs, armpits and bellybutton. Franco even throws in a little ball-sucking and dick-licking to confuse Joe’s senses. After more torso tickling, the struggle continues with Franco tickling Joe’s feet using brushes and licking his big bare soles. Franco lubes up his fingers and tickles Joe between his toes while Joe groans and swears. In the final act, Franco tries climbing on top of Joe, pinning him with his full body while he tickles him, but Joe’s thrusts are such a turn-on that Franco gets a better idea. He dismounts, tickles Joe’s hairy chest and armpits, then moves directly back to his big dick. Franco sucks and jerks Joe until the good old boy busts his nut with a tremendous moan. He licks Joe clean and gets in a few extra strokes and tickles before debriefing Joe about the tickling, bondage and what it’s like getting off with a guy.

he flips Joe face down on the table and starts tickling him

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Male tickle torture: Not the feet!

Meanwhile at My Friends Feet, Joey is one of the most ticklish guys on earth – and he just happens to be one of the hottest muscle daddies too. Casey Cooper is an excellent tickler, and he drives Joey practically insane with his merciless strokes. He does an especially good job of making Joey plead, “Not the feet!” before utterly destroying the bruiser with feathers and fingers on Joey’s big soles and sensitive armpits.

Casey Cooper is an excellent tickler

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Title of this video: Joey Tickled By Casey

Models in this video: Joey J and Casey Cooper

male bondage tickle

Tickle torture for a muscular ref

Everyone in town knows that Braden Charron, referee for all PeeWee and regular football games, is extremely ticklish. Word gets around, you know. One of Braden’s calls was so out of bounds that the men over at My Friends Feet decided to get some revenge. Braden is so ticklish everywhere that breaking him down isn’t extremely hard, but it’s still extremely fun. His socked feet, armpits, neck, sides, navel and bare soles are tickled mercilessly.

Braden is so ticklish

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Title of this video: Referee Braden Tickled

male bondage tickle torture