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By Zac Loughty

This story is about adults, to be read by adults only.

The author would like to thank his Discipline Monitor for his ‘encouragement’ to get this story finished, and for proofreading this story.


Crap! It’s as if a boy scout has tied one of his fancy knots in my calf. I knead it with my fingers, trying to get it out.

This is what happens when you spend a night folded up in your cage.

I’m being punished. Sir says I was rude to our server last night. Whatever! I mean, isn’t that what a server’s supposed to do… SERVE? Geesh!

I need to piss! I reach through the bars and grab one of the wide-mouth bottles set within reach for this purpose. I remove the cap, position myself on all fours and drop my caged dick in the hole. What a pain in the ass!

Relief! My warm piss fills the bottle. I screw the cap back on and set the bottle outside my cage.

I wonder if Sir unlocked the padlock yet!

I turn around, reach through the bars, and grab the padlock. Crap! Still locked. I yank on it a few times just to make sure. I push on the cage door, but I know I’m not getting out. I want out!

I lie back down and wrap my scratchy blanket around me. It’s cold in the basement! I’m naked except for my collar and chastity cage. It would be really nice to lie down next to Sir’s body right about now.

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Jonah’s First Tickling

Jonah is a cute Southern boy with size 11 feet, a sweet smile and an adorable accent. He’s bi and had never done any foot fetish exploration before, but he is completely open and curious about it. He knew he was ticklish, but it had been a long time since anyone “touched him that way.” Watch what happens to him when he gets restrained:

See the video at My Friends Feet


See the video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Jonah’s First Tickling

male bondage tickling

Bondage and humiliation for Nick

At Hard Up Straight Guys, Nick desperately needs cash and is willing to do anything. He is made to strip, then gets hogtied and tickled until he screams and begs, then he’s fucked by finger and dildo until he’s grunting and moaning, clearly humiliated and emasculated, and embarrassed with what he’s made to do.

male naked bondage


See the VIDEO at Hard Up Straight Guys

Title: Nick – Part 1 (Update for 08-04-2017)

Hard Up Straight Guys

Your guide to man-on-man tickling

ERIK11 has written a book, called “The Dom’s Guide to Tickling,” which is available on Amazon as an eBook or paperback.

The description reads in part, “You will find this book to be an engaging and fascinating guide to improving your tickling talent, whether you are ticklish or a tickle Dom. You will gain new tickling techniques, resources and discover the dynamic of trust-based power exchange through ticklish vulnerability.”

Your guide to man-on-man tickling


You can find ERIK11 on Recon. He’s a longtime friend and tickle master! He tied up and tickled me a while back, and it was awesome!

Click for The Dom’s Guide to TIckling

Billy Ray Tickled

Here’s another video from Franco at Tickled Hard. In this one, Franco cuffs Billy’s wrists to the wall and slips behind him to tickle his armpits and sides. Billy curses and laughs deeply as he’s tickled on his knees and bellybutton. After a primer tickle on Billy’s size 11 feet, Franco moves back up the body, alternating between his inner thighs and armpits. Billy arches his back as far as he can, but he can’t escape his nasty gay uncle’s tickling advances. Franco tickles the backs of Billy’s sensitive legs, driving him crazy before the final stage begins. First, he uses a power drill loaded with a feathery brush to tickle Billy’s feet, then finally he tickles them with soap savers and brushes until Billy’s got nothing left to give.

Franco at Tickled Hard

See the video at Tickled Hard

male tickling videos

Fez’s Tickle Pleasure

Here’s another video from Tickled Hard. In this update, Fez is pretty excited to be tickled by a big man like Franco. He strips down to his underwear and allows Franco to cuff his wrists to a tall chair, inviting him to start right away. Franco tickles Fez in his armpits, ribs and tight little stomach first, then slides down to work on Fez’s inner thighs. Fez laughs breathlessly and clearly enjoys not being able to escape the tickle pleasure. Even though Fez struggles, he still follows Franco’s commands, giving up his bare soles to the tickle top. Franco tickles Fez’s smooth soles with his big fingers and soap savers, then gives him a whole new tickling sensation on his feet with a hairbrush. The tickling experience really goes to the next level, though, with the addition of some lube…and a tickling buddy! Branson joins the fun, enjoying his first experience as a tickle top. The guys soak Fez with lube and tickle his slender body from head to toe, focusing especially on his most sensitive parts, his stomach and inner thighs

male bondage tickle videos

See the video at Tickled Hard

male tickle torture

Elijah gets tied up and tickled hard

In this video from Tickled Hard, Franco cuffs Elijah to his new tickling board and goes at him in his armpits with a toothbrush. The tall, lean cutie giggles and swears at the annoying sensations, which only encourages Franco to be more vicious. A few minutes into the brutal tickle session and Elijah is ready to tap out! Franco tickles Elijah’s inner thighs with his fingers and his bellybutton with his beard and tongue before tickling his size 12’s. Franco tickles Elijah all over his bare feet, causing him to squeal and laugh loudly, but he really wears Elijah out by tickling his thighs and armpits. He tickles Elijah both from underneath and from above until he’s finally broken. He then releases Elijah’s hand so he can stroke himself, but right as he’s finishing, Franco takes over. He jacks Elijah’s sensitive cock after he cums and tickles him until he’s red all over.

Elijah gets tied up and tickled

See the video at Tickled Hard

male tickle bondage