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24 Hours in Jail – Part 2

By Prisoner805


It happened. I was in jail. As I heard him turn the key to the door lock, I leaned back on my bunk and felt the cold cinder block behind me. I raised my foot and kicked what must have been the toilet. I extended my foot and was able to touch the wall. AR came back after I had a few moments to rest. AR took off my transport chains and told me to strip. My hoodie, shorts, socks and shoes were gone. He locked them away out of my reach. AR did another search. I had asked to be treated like a high escape risk. That’s exactly what I got. He wasn’t taking any chances.

I had never seen this place before. AR told me that first thing, he’d show me the facility. Still hooded and gagged, AR put me in the rigid collar and cuffs. When that was secure, he took off my muzzle and my hood. Looking around, I stammered “The shit I get myself into…” while I looked on in amazement at where I was, and the state in which I was present there. My cock throbbed then as it does now while I write thinking about it. I was a prisoner for use by a sexual dominant.

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A Week Without Arms – Part 2

By Mister-X/Spartan

Spence pulled Brad into the crowded room. He was looking around to see someone that he knew when he heard someone address him from behind.

“Bind-em-tight, looks like you got a new one.”

“Oh, hi, bcman. How ya been?”

“I’ve been fine, but it looks like you’re doing better. Who’s your new sub?”

“This is my roommate at college.”

“You move fast. I see you’ve already lived up to your name with him.” The guy started inspecting Brad.

“His hands are cuffed behind his back, and there’s leather arm binders on. This is a leather top that has no arm holes that is strapped on. Then there’s this coat that has the arm holes seamed over.”

“He must be really into the scene. How did you get him bound up so tight so fast?”

“He’s got a class assignment to go a week without arms to see what kind of life a double amputee has.”

“Wow, that played right into you. Is he turned on by being restrained?”

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