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Iowa Cowboy – Part 10

By Atlanta Stud

A few hours later I was instructed to check on Brody and provide him with some water. That was the first time I had seen him with the hood and added transport belt. I pulled up the spandex hood just enough to clear his mouth, let him take in as much of the water as he wanted and promptly pulled the hood back down. Not an easy task when one’s locked up in transport shackles, by the way.

“Gotta say, Brody, that hood’s a nice touch. You’re really enjoying this aren’t you?” I got a nod of approval from the prisoner.

“Looks like I got just what I asked for, doesn’t it Jake? Sucks we gotta leave in a day. We’ll need to come back and do this again.”

“Well I can’t stay long. Don’t want to get myself into any trouble with the Warden up there, but I’m sure you’ll be checked on again before we hit the rack.”

“Thanks Jake. By the way, I hope you’re enjoying that cock cage. Bet you’re loving it, huh Cowboy? Just wait ’til you get morning wood!” Brody said with an evil chuckle.

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Iowa Cowboy – Part 07

By Atlanta Stud

Dave had yet to take his shower that morning when all this took place, so he announced that he would be getting it in while we stayed locked up in the living area, but not before he repositioned my hands behind my back, double locking the cuffs and unlocking the shackle around Brody’s right ankle and locking it around my right ankle. We stood there for a few minutes taking it all in. I mean seriously, what the hell just happened in under 24 hours?! I couldn’t help but look at Brody’s crotch. The bulge was even more prominent with the chastity device securely locked on.

“Does it hurt? Your cock being locked up in that thing?” I asked Brody.

“No dude, good thing, huh. Feels weird. I mean, I can feel my cock in that cage, but that’s it. I can’t feel my jock against my cock. It’s like your hands are in a set of boxing gloves. You can feel the gloves around your hands and wrists, but you can’t really feel much of a sensation from the exterior,” Brody said.

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Video: Cesar Xes, Angel Duran and Dominic Pacifico have sex with handcuffs in prison

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Cesar Xes, Angel Duran and Dominic Pacifico have sex with handcuffs in prison

Cesar Xes is taking a piss in the filthy steel toilet, and cellmate Angel Duran sneaks over to steal his pack of cigarettes. A fight ensues, and vicious Warden Pacifico is there like a flash. He and Cesar yank down Angel’s pants to humiliate him, and Pacifico unzips to make him pay for causing trouble. Using both hands, he fucks his big uncut cock into Angel’s captive throat while Cesar holds him immobile. Alliances and enemies in prison are very quick to change.

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Cesar’s dick is out and aching for relief. He plows it into the young inmate’s juicy mouth. Pacifico and Cesar toy with him, bending him over on the bed and spanking his ass while he sucks helplessly. Once his hairy cheeks are rosy and stinging, his hole is ready for rimming. Handcuffed and blowing Pacifico, Angel’s butt is reamed by Cesar’s rough tongue. With no lube but for gobs of saliva, Cesar pumps into the tight red hole. Pacifico whacks his dick with one hand as he holds Angel in place, then switches position so he’s the one to feel sizzling ass wrapped around his thick meat.

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Angel submits fully to his two-man punishment and gladly opens wide at both ends for fucking and sucking off the two out-of-control madmen. Each enjoys the hot, well-used hole and hands it off to the other in a sadistic fuck game. Upping the ante as Angel gobbles Cesar’s spit-slicked knob, Dominic pushes into him with a hard metal nightstick. It’s a rough spitroast nightmare, but Angel is past the point of complaining and just revels in the abuse of every hole.

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As Cesar and Angel slobber on Pacifico’s gargantuan cock, Cesar is reaching a blastoff. Dominic wants first cum into Angel’s hole and pumps in deep. Angel groans and begs for cock as Pacifico sprays cum onto his belly then pushes his sputtering dick back inside his prisoner’s quivering hole.

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Iowa Cowboy – Part 05

By Atlanta Stud

I’m not sure who had it worse the rest of the way to the cabin, Brody or me. Every time he adjusted his feet you could hear the leg shackle chains, and I’d get horny just thinking about him locked up in a full set of transport shackles. Of course, actually seeing him locked up whenever I’d turn to look at him while chatting didn’t help my situation, either.

We finally reached our destination, and I must say that although the cabin wasn’t huge, it was nice and the property certainly provided privacy. Dave parked the Explorer and unbuckled Brody’s seat belt so he could get out and asked him for the keys to the cabin. Brody told him to unhook him from the transport set and he’ll open up the cabin.

“I don’t know, man. You look like a dangerous fugitive to me. Where’s the keys and I’ll open it up,” Dave said back to him.

“Small pocket on the duffel bag.”

Brody knew he wasn’t going to win this one and hoped it would lead to finally getting unlocked. As we grabbed our gear out of the Explorer, Brody smirked and said, “Gee, love to help, but I’m a little tied up right now.”

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Forced nudity and bondage for Mike at BreederFuckers

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Here’s more from BreederFuckers. In this video they tested the mettle of hetero businessman Mike, who had never been sexually touched by a man before. Here he’s presented to a group of hungry pervs who greedily watch every second of his humiliation as his suit is removed a layer at a time leaving him standing before them stark bollock naked. At first he’s full of arrogant pride and bravado to cover his nervousness, but soon that’s stripped away, revealing his true feeling of panic. The former squaddie has a hard body and a cocky attitude with a shapely peach of an arse. As his rear is lashed with a leather strap his butt cheeks glow angry red and his eyes fill with tears. The crushing reality of his situation sinks in as he’s overcome being disciplined and sexually exploited in front of a lecherous male audience. He’s offered pennies to jerk off, but they surround him and press up against him. They greedily study his fit straight body as he desperately strokes his cock and spills a load. Mike blushes red all over with aching self-consciousness as realises how low he’s sunk.

male forced nudity and bondage

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Iowa Cowboy – Part 02

By Atlanta Stud

Hogtied on the floor, belly side down and Dave’s sweaty socked big toe had invaded my mouth and along with that some specific instructions as to how part of the rest of the night was going to be spent. After a couple minutes, Dave removed his socked toe from my mouth, took his sock off and placed it right under my nose. The sweat from his feet combined with his leather boots was intoxicating. He bent down near me and began telling me things that I didn’t know this farmboy had been paying attention to over the past semester.

“You see, cowboy, I’ve been paying attention to some things about you this past semester. I’ve noticed that you often wear the same no-show socks with your sneaks several days, even a week at a time without washing them. Even saw you a couple times take a whiff of ’em when you pulled them off, you just didn’t realize that I actually saw you do it. Seems to me, cowboy, that you have a thing for sweaty socks, and feet too I bet.”

With that I shook my head no in trying to convince him he was wrong, but he continued by telling me that it was cool, because he was going to enjoy having his feet taken care of by me all semester long starting with tonight as he reminded me that the ropes weren’t coming off until he was satisfied with my work.

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Cutieboy90 shows off some of his newest cuffs

Metalbond Prison Library author Cutieboy90 is often adding to his handcuff collection. Earlier this year, he sent the pictures and information below about some of his latest additions. Check these out:



Cutieboy90 writes:

“Smith & Wesson 100EL and Peerless 700-6X. Both have longer chains that the standard models, so they don’t dig in as badly. Of course, this means you can keep them cuffed longer! Also got a waist chain. Fun stuff, and now I’ve rounded out my cuff collection with some good American cuffs.”

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