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Handcuffed naked in front of fully clothed men

handcuffed naked

At CMNM.net, as soon as this lazy scally fucker thought he was going to lose his precious benefits he agreed to take any work going. But he’s been led through a serious of increasingly humiliating exercises until he’s in over his head and stark naked. With the proof to incriminate this wicked miscreant, they can now order this egotistical bastard to do anything and serve in every humiliating way possible.

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Video: Felix gets handcuffed and whipped

Felix is blindfolded and bound facedown to an X-cross. His firm, round ass and sexy back are brutally whipped with the single-tail then misted with alcohol. See below for a free video preview.

Dream Boy Bondage

It’s happening again. Felix regains consciousness in a new position. This time he is bound to an X-shaped, wooden platform. He’s blindfolded, in total darkness, but he can feel the wood against his naked body. He’s flat on his stomach. His wrists are handcuffed underneath the X, his legs spread and cuffed to its ends. “Hello? Are you there? What are you going to do to me?” Felix asks, panting nervously. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, a whip comes crashing down onto his shoulder blades. Then again. And again. He can’t see a thing, so each lash is a terrifying surprise – and feels like a cut from a knife. “Oh, please!” he begs, but the blows keep coming, until his back and ass are a mass of angry welts. Then the midst of liquid fire – rubbing alcohol – lands on his fresh wounds. His screams echo off the walls as his beautiful, firm ass bounces up and down.

Here is a free video teaser:


See the complete video at Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this shoot: Felix Maze – Anonymous Lust – Part 6

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Dream Boy Bondage