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One last smoke before he hangs

Check out what @JamesBondagesx did to @Nick61666000 recently — a full arrest scenario, including accommodating the condemned prisoner’s request — a last cigarette!

“It was very hot and a lot of fun,” says @Nick61666000, who sent these pictures to be shared here on the Metalbond site:


You can find these guys on Twitter:

Dom: @JamesBondagesx

Sub: @Nick61666000

The harness shown in the pictures above was made for @JamesBondagesx by a friend of his, based on the movies “Infamous” from 2006 (screen shot below) as well as “Capote” from 2005. These movies both feature execution scenes of the killers from the book “In Cold Blood.”

Daniel Craig In Cold Blood Infamous

A Barber Story

By John Mercer

It was a warm summer afternoon, and I decided to get a haircut right after work.

I left my office just after five and started to walk the short distance to my regular barbershop. Along the way, I saw a new barbershop I hadn’t seen before. It had a sign on the pavement out in front, which read:

“Haircuts £10. Hot towel shave £15. Full treatment £20.”

I thought, what the hell. I may as well try a new place- at that price it’s hard to refuse.

I opened the door and stepped inside. Immediately my senses were awash with the sounds and scents of barbering- the aroma of lemon cologne, the faint hint of barbicide, the buzz of clippers and the clicking of scissors.

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Probation – Part 03

By Johnny Utah

Ryan and I were on our fourth day inside. It didn’t take long to settle into our kitchen duty routine. Get up, go to work, go to sleep. We didn’t have a lot of contact with the other inmate volunteers.

At that morning’s headcount things changed. After the guards counted us all present, one guard strutted down to me and Ryan.  “Both of you are going up to the Sergeant’s Disciplinary Office. Get up against the wall,” he ordered. We were frisked right there in the pod, the other inmates looking on. We had a leather belt with a metal loop tied around our waists. Handcuffs went through the loop.

“Click,” the handcuffs went on. “Down on yer knees!” Leg shackles with a connector chain to our handcuffs. We shuffled out the pod door to the Sergean’’s office across the hallway. We were just outside the closed door to the office when the guard said in a whisper, “Just go along and deny everything, you’ll like it.”

The guard gave one loud knock on the door and bellowed, “Two inmates for a disciplinary hearing!”

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Bad Cop: Scene 3 with Hunter Marx and Damien Stone

bcop_scene03_Damien_Stone_001 bcop_scene03_Hunter_Marx_001

From TitanMen, here are shots from Scene 3 of Bad Cop. TitanMen Exclusive Hunter Marx and Damien Stone meet in the locker room after a long shift. Both are horny and hungry for each other. Hunter is soon swallowing all of Damien, before getting the favor returned. This locker room scene quickly heats up from here, and ends up in a flip-fucking good time!

bcop_scene03_Marx_Stone_003 bcop_scene03_Marx_Stone_004

A trailer for Bad Cop: Scene 3 with Hunter Marx and Damien Stone is available here

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A rugby player gets handcuffed

Tough hetero rugby man Thomas thinks he’s onto a good thing. He knows how much gays thirst after his perfectly toned muscular body and big cock. As he thinks he’s clever, he makes the decision to get queers to pay him lots of money for showing off his body. Now they are going to show him what it really means to be a whore for gays by making him a captive!

Rugby player in handcuffs

See the video at BreederFuckers

rugby player in bondage