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Copdar – PD Open House

By Cuffsandcops

A suburban police department nearby hosted an Open House this morning. Included in the advertisement for the event were interactive games, vehicle displays, and police demonstrations. I have had some previous interactions with officers from this department. Last fall I got a young officer to cuff me, you can read that interaction in Recent Short Stories. I had a lengthy chat with a different officer about watches one day this past winter, but he was hesitant to cuff me when I asked. A few weeks ago when I spoke to yet another officer from this department, he suggested that an event like their Open House could provide me with a chance to experience being cuffed. With this knowledge and made a plan to stop by the Open House to see what might happen.

I arrived at the Open House, which was held at the police department headquarters with about 30 minutes left in the event. After parking my truck, I walked past the fire department vehicles and police explorers positioned at the entrance to the parking lot. I looked in a mobile command center trailer.

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Officer Connor Maguire cuffs a prisoner and fucks him

Check out Connor Maguire and Kip Johnson at Bound Gods:


Kip Johnson has been brought in for questioning. Kip tries to weasel his way out of the situation, but Officer Maguire won’t put up with any of his bullshit. Kip’s hands are cuffed as Officer Maguire strips the criminal down and gives him a taste of his own medicine. He whips out his hard cock and shoves it down Kip’s throat before taking him to the jail cell for a beating. The muscled officer beats Kip with the belt before giving him some CBT. Kip is thrown onto the bed to take the officer’s cock from behind, his mouth covered to silence his screams for help. After plowing his prisoner’s hole, Officer Maguire gives him a hot load right on his face before cuffing Kip to the bed and milking his prostate.

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Jared pumps out a huge load with a wrist handcuffed to his cock and balls

When Jared is in bondage, his cock remains hard the whole time, the rope binding it acting like a cock-ring. His arms are lowered and his right wrist is cuffed to the base of his cock and balls, giving his hand just enough range to work his cock. Every muscle in his body tightens as he pumps out a huge load of cum then stands there, helpless, his hand and dick cuffed together, covered with jizz.

handcuffed to his cock and balls

VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage


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Title: JARED: Elite Athlete – Chapter 4

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At Last

By Cutieboy90

“Oh fuck!” I’d finally hilted. I bite my lip, fighting the urge to make this pleasure quick. My cock throbs its frustration, squeezed into the silky softness of his tight ass.

I smile down at him, giving slow rolling thrusts as we acclimate to the tight fit we are. Kissing the sweat from his forehead, I caress his shoulder with one hand as I pant in heat. I feel his cock hard rubbing against my abs. His eyes tell me he’s ready for the ride I promised. I give his sweet mouth a sensual kiss, muffling his moans with my tongue as I pick up the pace.

It’s like the feeling you get as the roller coaster reaches the top of the track, or the airplane starts to take off. The anticipation is almost more exciting because you know exactly what’s about to happen, but you’re not there yet. Then you get faster and faster until you outrace time itself, even if for a moment.

Faster and faster, my heart pounds. Harder and harder, my cock drives. I break our kiss, only to growl in pleasure.

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Rookie Cop

By Cutieboy90

Jake Hilforde’s head felt heavy. The 31 year old felt disoriented, there was no recognizable sound, and everything was dark, like he was underwater, and he had the worst migraine he’d ever had. As the rookie cop started to come back to his senses, he realized he was completely immobilized; he was tied to a chair, his hands behind him, and his legs too!

True to his training, the rookie stayed calm, taking in his surroundings, and figuring out what was going on. He remembered leaving the station after his shift, heading to a house at the edge of suburbia. Why again? No Jake, think. The reason’ll come back.. What else happened? He’d gotten to the house, where he was greeted by a man, not much older than himself. What the hell was his name again? Trevor? Tyler? Something with a T, anyway. They sat down in the kitchen and chatted. The house had felt warm, despite the hum and breeze of an A/C. Wait, how did that work? How could he feel so hot, in an A/C’d room? He flexed his aching shoulders. Damn, he’d clearly been tied up for a long while. How could he forget. He’d felt so warm, that he’d passed out, so his host put him in a chair. Which he’d promptly been cuffed to… With his own fucking cuffs!

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