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The Devil – Part 2

By Mister-X/Spartan

That night and the next day, the devil didn’t play with me much. That holiday he added some clamps to my tits, but that was the only additional gear he put on me. Amazing as I found it to be, I was starting to get adjusted to that extreme position he kept me in while in that cage. I erupted about a half dozen more times before I was awakened Tuesday morning to get cleaned up and go to work.

The collar he kept at the base of my neck was closed with a special kind of key. There was no way I would be able to get that off. True to his word, he removed the top collar so I could get my shirt and tie on. My cuffs were also removed, as well as the gag. It was the first time I’d had the gag out since that Friday night when we met. I was also finally able to shit, though by then it had solidified and I couldn’t.

He got breakfast ready while I got cleaned up and dressed. I noticed the shirts he’d gotten me were tighter and heavier, with a higher collar than I usually wore, one with two buttons. With those on, I couldn’t see any sign of what lay underneath. But I could sure feel things.

He locked my cock in chastity. “Whenever you leave your house, your cock will always be locked up.”

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Improving My Posture – Part 2

By Mister-X/Spartan

At work Monday morning I was obviously forced into stiff, erect posture. The problem was sitting on that butt plug, something I’d never done before. It was quite uncomfortable, and was initially distracting me from concentrating on my work. As I was thinking about the butt plug, I started thinking back on everything that happened that previous 4-day weekend.

I had never experienced anything like that before in my life. I certainly got quickly acquainted with a side of life I’d never seen before, let alone experienced. And to be truthful, I kind of enjoyed some of it. Or at least, my cock did, or would have if it could have been able to. The thought of that brought up another problem I was having, sitting here at my desk. It was difficult to find a comfortable way to sit with that metal chastity on my cock.

I’m sure that my appearance is much better than it had been, but I wondered whether my bosses were comfortable knowing that it came at the expense of my getting as much work done. Judging by how they enjoyed this past four days, I expect that they are comfortable with that. I noticed that my boss seemed wryly amused to see how uncomfortable I was wearing my new shirt, knowing that I had that butt plug and chastity on underneath. But I had to get my mind off the changes I was now experiencing and get it back on my work. If my work output declines significantly, I could still find myself without a job.

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Pictures and video: Blake takes a severe whipping

Scroll down for a free video preview from Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, a naturally submissive 23-year-old nerd is manipulated by a dominant friend, who makes him work out and shave his body. Today he submits totally. He becomes a slave.

handcuffed and collared at Dream Boy Bondage

Blake Ellis and Alex Killian have been friends for years, working at the same computer repair shop. They are both nerds but surprisingly good looking. You know the type: the guy who shows up to fix your computer, a geek with an awkward personality, but you can’t help but notice a sexy body under his dress shirt and polyester pants. Alex has virtually taken over Blake’s life in the past year, making him work out, shave his body and continue to wear shirts that are now a size too small for his new, muscular body, raising eyebrows at work. In recent weeks Alex has become even more demanding, making Blake suck his cock in the break room and call him “Sir.” Today, Blake will take the final step in his relationship with Alex: He’ll become his slave. He will be fucked and whipped and tortured. Blake is terrified, but he will do it. Alex is in his head and has manipulated him to this point of total submission.

Here is a free video preview — as always be sure to click to watch in full screen mode!


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