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10 Days in Detention – Part 34

By socalbd

SoCalBD authorI was feeling content as I walked home on Sunday morning.  It was nice of Matt and Brian to ask me to share in their burgeoning relationship with dinner and some fun last night. They were off to a good start.  I honestly don’t think I did that much to help it along, but I was glad to help in whatever way I did.  I also felt my circle of friends was growing.  I never started this journey with that intent, but it’s been a pleasant surprise to have men around me that care about me.  Shared interests are one thing.  We have that.  Sharing each other’s joys and concerns is something else.  It’s good to understand that part is there with these fine men I’ve gotten to know over the last months.  I’m a lucky guy.

Daniel and I continued to connect during the week as we looked forward to our weekend together.  This would be the first time it was just us.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Daniel kept telling me to trust him and we would have fun as we got to know each other better.

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10 Days in Detention – Part 33

By socalbd

SoCalBD authorI started to stir out of my sleep.  I was lying in a fetal position with naked skin pressing against most of the backside of my body.  Matt was pressed up against me with one arm under my head and the other over my body lying on my chest.  I could feel his engorged cock pressing between my butt cheeks pulsing.  His breath made my neck tingle as be inhaled and exhaled.  He was awake.  He took the hand over my chest and lightly massaged my nipple.  I moaned.

“Morning, sleepy head.  I was starting to wonder when you were going to wake up,” he whispered in my ear.

“I could wake up like this every morning,” I said.  I grabbed his hand that was on my nipple pulling us into a tight hug.  It felt good to wake up with someone else you cared about.

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10 Days in Detention – Part 30

Socalbd 10 DaysBy socalbd

Matt and I were kneeling hooded and cuffed next to each other in the center of John’s dungeon having been just delivered there after our weekend at Daniel’s property. The chain collars were also still locked around our necks. We talked for a few moments and had agreed on Matt coming home with me to spend the night as it would give us a chance to talk about the weekend. That’s when the door leading from the dungeon into the house opened.

We stopped talking and waited. The door closed and I felt someone walk over to us. The hood was pulled off of my head and John was standing in front of me. He was dressed in what I started to call his trademark look of camo pants, a black tank top, barefoot and looking hot as usual. He leaned in to me and rustled my hair with his hand. He gave me a smile and nodded his head yes up and down several times. I felt like I had his approval.

John stepped to his side to be in front of Matt and he pulled off Matt’s hood.

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