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Cigar Holster

Cigar holster

With this Cigar Holster, you don’t need to worry about crushing that cigar you’ve looked forward to smoking all day. It clips directly to your belt loops and has room for two cigars, a cutter and a lighter — PLUS a spot for your ID and credit card. Fits up to an 80 Ring Gauge Cigar (Gordo). It’s a stylish and sexy way to carry your cigars at your next cigar social.

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Also shown: Boy Collar

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chain and padlock collar

A leather collar that can be locked on

Available from Mr S, this collar is 2.5 inches wide with a double strap construction and is even lined in a soft garment leather for comfort next to the skin. It also has four welded D rings attached to all four sides. A locking post in back secures the buckle and strap when you want it locked on. It can be also used without locking by just using the 2-inch buckle.

locking gay bondage collar leather


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Neo Puppy Collar

The Neoprene Puppy Collar is a great way to wear your identification tag so everyone knows your pup name. Made from soft, stretchy and durable neoprene. Crafted from the same neoprene colors as the Neoprene Puppy Hood, so you can get one that works with your puppy persona. Available in a number of stock colors — or you can create your own unique collar on the Mr S custom collar page.

Neo Puppy Collar

These are available in many different colorful colors, including white, orange, lime, hunter, aqua, pink, cobalt, grey and camo.

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Neo Puppy Collar

A Stable Headspace (A True Potential Story) – Part 04

(Cowboys, Country, TPE, Bondage, Animal Roleplay; dog/pig)

Written by BootDeputy

The next morning, Logan woke up to the metal collar being locked back around his neck. Master Dallas hooked it to the bed forcing his head against the mattress. Logan looked up at him standing naked on the bed. His cock, standing stiff at attention, covered Dallas’ face at Logan’s angle.

He then stepped between Logan’s legs and fell to his knees, spreading them. Logan’s legs pushed open by Dallas large thighs. He grabbed the base of his cock and slapped it against Logans balls and cage.

“Last morning as my boy for a while now. Gotta make the most of it.”

Dallas lowered the head to Logan’s hole pressing against it. He put his arms on either side of his chest and pushed his hips forward. Logan swallowed his cock whole, leaning back against the bed in pleasure.

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Luka gets tied up and power fucked

Slave Luka, a chain and collar holding him in place on his knees, can feel a dildo poking his asshole as he whimpers in fear. “Oh, fuck!” he shouts when his master, Nicholas Greystone, places the tip of the dildo in his hole then switches on a fuck machine. The virginal slave moans in agony as all 9 inches pummel him. Although his ass is fucked raw, he doesn’t even think of pulling away, moaning and gasping and exclaiming “Fuck!” as he is violated nonstop. Nicholas finally crawls up on top of him and spews a huge load of cum all over his back, then turns the machine back on and leaves him to be fucked like a cheap whore all night.

Dream Boy Bondage

a chain and collar holding him in place on his knees


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Title: LUKA: A Model Slave – Chapter 10

a chain and collar holding him in place on his knees