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Two buds are turned into captive sex slaves

At Dream Boy Bondage, top man Kevin Ford captures two straight buds, strings them up, strips them naked and lures them into a psychological game of wits that will turn them against one another, making one friend torture and fuck the other, first unwillingly but then with relish, as both captives become his sex slaves.

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both captives become his sex slaves

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Title of this series: JOSEPH & HUNTER – Straight Bros

Dream Boy Bondage

More behind-the-scenes footage of JimmyUSMC in heavy irons

Here are a few more behind-the-scenes images from the filming of the popular Appleville movies that are available at Men In Chains. As a bonus, at Serious Male Bondage, you can see behind-the-scenes videos that were shot during the filming, and much of the footage is with the indefatigable JimmyUSMC.

Jimmy USMC in metal bondage

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extreme male bondage videos

What color is your Neo Puppy Collar?

The Neoprene Puppy Collar is a great way to wear your identification tag so everyone knows your pup name. Made from soft, stretchy and durable neoprene. Crafted from the same neoprene colors as the Neoprene Puppy Hood, so you can get one that works with your puppy persona. Available in a number of stock colors — or you can create your own unique collar on the Mr S custom collar page.

Neo Puppy Collar

These are available in many different colorful colors, including white, orange, lime, hunter, aqua, pink, cobalt, grey and camo.

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Neoprene Puppy Hood available here

Chastity devices available here

Neo Puppy Collar

You Wanted This

By Locked22

“You wanted this, slave.”

The voice spoke confidently through a speaker overhead as Derek stared at the collar.

This wasn’t just any collar. “It must weigh ten pounds” he thought, as he lifted the massive metal object off the floor of the cell he found himself in. It was a beautiful piece of ironwork, with an integrated locking mechanism that removed any need for a bulky padlock. A length of heavy chain stretched from an anchor on the wall to the collar – long enough to allow a wearer to sit or stand, but not long enough for the wearer to get close to the door of the cell.

He knew that if he closed it around his neck, there was no going back.

Not that there was much chance of that as it was. He was naked, save for the chastity cage that had been a constant companion over the preceding month, and alone in the small cell. He didn’t know where he was, or even who he was about to put himself in the custody of.

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Journal to Hell – Part 02

By rts

male bondage storiesLooking around my cell (as much as my posture collar permits), I see several chains hanging down from the ceiling, several eyebolts imbedded in the walls, the floor is dirt, and the air is hot and stifling. I am thirsty. The ball gag is getting unbearable. I’ve been here for a while, maybe 2 hours. I can’t move around much with my collar chained to the wall. I have to piss, and my arms cuffed behind my back are beginning to hurt.

I hear some noises outside my cell, rattling chains and heavy boots stomping along, someone shouting “move it fags” and a few heavy doors slamming and then the sounds of a key unlocking my cell. The door opens and a leather-clad and muzzled prisoner is shoved inside followed by 2 skinheads, one holding the chain locked to the leather man’s posture collar, the other holding what looks like a remote control box.

“Halt Fag” the one holding the box commands, and he immediately stops. The skinhead looks over at me. “Take a good look you sorry faggot, this is your immediate future.”

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