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Psycho SJ Bondage Projects

In a video update at Serious Male Bondage, PsychoSJ shows off two pieces of stainless-steel bondage gear that he and his friend Fesselschnecke built. Fesselschnecke used a CAD (computer aided design) system to design the gear, then used a regular bandsaw and TIG welder to make the bondage chair, and a CNC (computer controlled) laser cutter to make the vertical bondage stand parts. The first piece is a bondage transport chair that’s modeled after similar chairs used in law enforcement. The second piece is a vertical bondage device that PsychoSJ calls the “Bishop Stand.”

PsychoSJ shows off two pieces of stainless-steel bondage gear


See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this update: Psycho SJ Bondage Projects

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Two buds are turned into captive sex slaves

At Dream Boy Bondage, top man Kevin Ford captures two straight buds, strings them up, strips them naked and lures them into a psychological game of wits that will turn them against one another, making one friend torture and fuck the other, first unwillingly but then with relish, as both captives become his sex slaves.

Check them out:

both captives become his sex slaves

See NINE videos in hi-def at Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this series: JOSEPH & HUNTER – Straight Bros

Dream Boy Bondage

More behind-the-scenes footage of JimmyUSMC in heavy irons

Here are a few more behind-the-scenes images from the filming of the popular Appleville movies that are available at Men In Chains. As a bonus, at Serious Male Bondage, you can see behind-the-scenes videos that were shot during the filming, and much of the footage is with the indefatigable JimmyUSMC.

Jimmy USMC in metal bondage

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What color is your Neo Puppy Collar?

The Neoprene Puppy Collar is a great way to wear your identification tag so everyone knows your pup name. Made from soft, stretchy and durable neoprene. Crafted from the same neoprene colors as the Neoprene Puppy Hood, so you can get one that works with your puppy persona. Available in a number of stock colors — or you can create your own unique collar on the Mr S custom collar page.

Neo Puppy Collar

These are available in many different colorful colors, including white, orange, lime, hunter, aqua, pink, cobalt, grey and camo.

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Neoprene Puppy Hood available here

Chastity devices available here

Neo Puppy Collar