The Story of Dax – Chapter 07

By TheBadOne

Hooded, with my arms shackled behind my back and a short chain hobbling my steps, it’s difficult for me not to stumble as I’m pulled behind Prince through the dungeon. His stride indicates that he is not worried about my ability to keep up, though, and I somehow manage to, though I bump into a few walls and at least one person- Omni, based on the stream of humiliating words barked at me after- before we stop.

I feel a pair of hands go for each of my legs- strapping on kneepads- thick, heavily padded ones, suggesting what’s to come. After they are securely strapped on, whoever attached them to me kick the back of my knees in synchrony- knocking me down and onto the floor, where other than the shock of the fall I suffer no damage.

The large gag is yanked out of my mouth, and I grunt in relief, taking in a few deep breaths and swallowing in some of the overflow of saliva.

“My name is Prince,” he says imperiously. “You may address me as ‘My Lord’ or ‘Your Highness.’

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Professor Smith gets taken down by one of his students and relentlessly edged

Here’s a vintage shoot from Men On Edge, in which professor John Smith gets edged and dildo fucked


Sebastian is dozing off in Mr Smith’s classroom when he dreams of pouncing on the teacher and tying him up and covering his mouth with duct tape. Not long after, Van is called in to join in on the fun as they tear away Mr Smith’s clothes and tease his cock. The bound teacher moans with pleasure as the vibrating hitachi brings him right to the edge. Mr Smith is then gagged with a banana as the two pervs jack him off with hollowed out apple cores while shoving a dildo up his ass. Tied down on his desk, Mr Smith is fucked with the banana before having the fucking machine shoved up his ass. As the machine plows his hole, Mr Smith finally blows a hot load onto his stomach before he’s finished off with post-orgasmic torment and tickle torture.

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Video: A captive twink undergoes heavy CBT

A captive twink whimpers and moans seductively as his sadistic master tortures his lean, hairless torso and his huge, gorgeous cock, keeping him rock-hard the whole time.

He will be fucked and even more brutally tortured in the days and weeks to come

Marcus has a lean body, a huge cock and beautiful, low-hanging balls. He is chained, arms overhead, against a concrete beam, hooded but otherwise naked. He’s been bound and gagged for a dozen hours. His nips, cock and balls have been tortured with clothespins and he’s already been jerked off, but his cock gets instantly hard with just a few strokes from his tormentor. Once hard, his cock and his smooth body are tortured with a razor-sharp pinwheel – but his big dick just gets harder. Master Alex then ropes his captive’s jewels to a heavy weight, forcing him to arch his back off the post, but still he remains hard, moaning seductively. He will be fucked and even more brutally tortured in the days and weeks to come.

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Title of this shoot: Marcus Rivers – Young Cock Torture – Chapter 3

Dream Boy Bondage

Casey Everett is tormented in full bondage and suspension

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Casey Everett and Sebastian Keys male bondage

In this update, Casey Everett is bound, gagged, tied to a St Andrew’s cross with his arms above his head, and fully exposed to Sebastian tenderizing his willing muscles.

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Casey Everett is bound, gagged, tied to a St Andrew's cross with his arms above his head