Hardcore male BDSM porn: Wilfried Knight uses and abuses Leo Forte

Leo Forte hangs under his own power under the watchful eye of Wilfried Knight

In this video from Bound Gods, Leo Forte hangs under his own power under the watchful eye of Wilfried Knight. When Leo loses his grip it’s time for Wilfried to test him. He crops Leo as he makes the captive worship his leather. After a good cock sucking, the real challenge can begin. The title of this video is “Wilfried Knight – Leo Forte’s dream comes true”

In full bondage, Leo’s balls are pulled, yanking him off the ground. Then in one of the most daring zippers you’ll ever see, Leo has clothespins clipped to him and tied off all around the room. Wilfried suspends Leo, ripping the clips off and sending Leo into sub-space. Wilfried rewards him with a hard flogging and an even harder fuck. Leo ends the session covered in both their loads.

Wilfried suspends Leo, ripping the clips off and sending Leo into sub-space

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The Vacation – Part 02

By Rubrpig

Marc was led into the training centre by his four armed guards.  They stopped at a solid steel door and one of the motorcycle officers pressed a button on an intercom.  He stated his name and that they had a prisoner for processing into the facility.  There was a buzzing sound and the officer pulled the heavy door open and they entered the building.  They walked up to a counter with a heavy steel grill covering the opening above the counter.  Behind the counter were 4 men dressed in black swat gear.  One of the swat officers who had control of Marc unlocked the cuffs of Marc’s wrists.

The processing officer told Marc to empty his pockets and turn them out to show that there was nothing in them.  Marc quickly obeyed and placed his keys, wallet and phone on the counter.  The processing officer picked up the phone and turned it off and dropped it along with the keys and his wallet into a heavy brown envelope and then wrote Marc’s name and a 4 digit number on the envelope.  He dropped the envelope in a bin.  He then told Marc to strip and place everything on the counter.  Marc pulled his t-shirt off over his head and put it on the counter.  He leaned down and unzipped his boots and pulled them off along with his socks.

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Handcuffed to a tree

Check out Jake Marshall and Kevin McDonough in action at Butch Dixon.

Jake Marshall and Kevin McDonough in action at Butch Dixon

Jake Marshall is a hot, silver-haired daddy. You just know this guy knows exactly what makes a guy tick. He’s handsome and looks so dignified, which makes it even more of a turn-on to see his silver heard in a guy’s ass. Kevin is eager to impress, and Jake pushes all his buttons, turning the muscular pup into a pulsating selection of holes to be used and abused with his long, rock-hard daddy meat.

Jake Marshall and Kevin McDonough in action at Butch Dixon male bdsm

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Title of this shoot: Jake Marshall and Kevin McDonough

gay bondage Jake Marshall and Kevin McDonough in action at Butch Dixon

The Vacation – Part 01

By Rubrpig

Marc was tired from a long day on the lead trading desk.  He stretched and his muscular frame felt stiff so he knew he was going to hit the gym when he finished work for the day.  He had received his yearly bonus and since he was the lead trader for his firm, it was larger than he had anticipated so that had put him in a good mood.  He looked around the trading room and he spotted the VP of HR heading his way so he knew he was in for another lecture about taking his accrued vacation time.

The VP had been after him for weeks to start taking his vacation time as currently he had 12 weeks accrued.  He sat down as the VP entered his office.  He held up his hand and told him to hold the lecture and told the VP that he would think it over and let him know in the morning.  The VP nodded and told him that otherwise he would be left with no choice but to suspend him from work until he had used up all the accrued time.

Marc sighed and turned back to the computer screens and noticed a couple of trends so he executed several trades and noted with satisfaction that he had come out ahead once again.  The New York market closed so he stood up, grabbed his jacket and headed out.  After giving some orders and instructions to the night traders, he headed for the gym.

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Hyland Tickled Hard

At Tickled Hard, Hyland is very excited to be tied up and tickled. He even pops a big boner while Franco gets set up. Everything changes radically, though, as soon as Franco starts tickling him. This one’s a howler! Hyland laughs uncontrollably as Franco tickles his long, slender thighs and size 12-and-a-half feet. He chuckles with delight when Franco tickles him in his armpit with a watercolor brush, but laughter quickly turns to wailing when Franco applies more pressure. The whole table shakes and Hyland begs for it to stop, but that just makes Franco guffaw with delight and tickle him harder. Hyland is so reactive that every one of Franco’s approaches is its own tickle extreme. Franco tickles his big bare feet and inner thighs, causing Hyland to scream and cry. The attack continues on his lower ribs, which Franco plays like a piano before returning to those sensitive thighs. With a handful of lube, Franco delivers a final tickling of Hyland’s torso until he’s clearly worn out. At last ecstasy returns as Franco slurps down Hyland’s cock, deep-throating and stroking him until he shoots his load. Talk about exhausted!

Hyland Tickled Hard

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male tickle torture