SFDom puts Mr Kristofer in storage

Many of you have seen SFDom in his classic Top role, dishing it out to helpless guys in bondage. This video is no different. SFDom loves to top and edge guys, and he could do it all day long and never get tired. He’s played with Mr Kristofer many times before, and they have a smooth interaction and play style.

SFDom puts Mr Kristofer in storage

Mr Kristofer is a big strong guy, so ultra-heavy wrist and ankle shackles are needed to keep him in his place.

Mr Kristofer is a big strong guy

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Title of this video: Slave Storage

Mr Kristofer male bdsm video Steve Landess

The Cabin Prequel – The Best Friend’s Son – Part One

Tatum takes advantages of his best friend’s son in this video from Bound Gods, a prequel to ‘The Cabin.’

The title of this video is “The Cabin Series #1 – The Best Friend’s Son

KinkMen is proud to present the prequel to the The Cabin. In this dark tale, Tatum finds out that his best friend and business partner Morgan is unable to make it to the cabin for their usual weekend romantic rendezvous because Morgan is busy with his wife. Instead, Morgan’s son Kip will be there with some hippy friends. Fantasizing about Kip, Tatum rushes off to the cabin and can’t help but creep on Kip as he’s taking a shower. Tatum soon finds out little Kip is all grown up and has a very dark side.

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The Vacation – Part 06

By Rubrpig

4798 stood in the middle of the 4 men who were now his personal tormentors.  As a prisoner who was locked in the Supermax wing of the Ferguson Correctional Centre, he knew he had no rights and now it was confirmed.  Total control of him had been given to these men by the Warden of the facility, Captain Ferguson.

The men stood quietly looking at their new piece of property.  One of them said he needs to be cleaned up as he is a filthy pig.  The others nodded and 4798 was quickly cuffed in the hinged cuffs and the lock box on the cuffs that were standard issue in this wing of the prison.  Two of his guards grabbed him by his biceps and he was marched or dragged down the main cell block to the shower room.  There he was sprayed down with liquid soap, scrubbed down by one of the men using a long handled brush and then told to stand under a shower head while he was rinsed off.  His beard, now grown in thick and dark as it had been weeks since he last shaved dripped water down his chest.

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You need something stuffed in that mouth of yours


Hey fag, let’s make this clear: Your mouth exists for one reason and one reason only, and that is to provide me with oral service. And when I am not fucking your face with my cock, I don’t want to hear you complain about how uncomfortable you are in that bondage. Yes, you definitely need to be GAGGED — severely and frequently. It will give you something to think about when you are not sucking my cock.

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Handcuff harness made and modeled by boy Blake

Not to be outdone by the likes of James Bondage and Nick, as well as the Hollywood costume designers for the movies “Infamous” and “Capote,” @bondageboyblake made a handcuff harness of his own, which he also models at his home, and on a recent visit to Hampton Jail. Check him out:

Handcuff harness made and modeled by boy Blake


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