Bondage superhero porn: The Kink Avenger

At Bound Gods, the Kink Avenger falls into the evil clutches of The Sado-Spectre and endures brutal torment before being mercilessly fucked


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Here is a description of this shoot from Bound Gods:

Defeated by The Orgazmatron, our hero Kink Avenger is dragged off to the evil Sado-Spectre’s secret lair. The bound superhero endures electric punches to the torso and a cruel edging before getting a face full of villainous cum. His torment continues as Sado-Spectre administers a merciless flogging and ramming his hard cock down the Avenger’s throat. Unwilling to submit, Kink Avenger suffers the electric zapper as it shocks all over his body. Barely standing, the defeated hero is bent over for a hard pounding, before he’s made to shoot his superhero cum all over the floor.


Title of this video: The Kink Avenger – Breaking Point

Models: Scott Ambrose, Lance Hart

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Axel gets tortured in the pillory

At Dream Boy Bondage, Axel finds himself once again bound and helpless, this time strapped to the pillory and standing, completely naked, with his arms and legs spread, wrists and ankles cuffed to wood beams. Joseph, wearing nothing but leather shorts, enters with a short, thick flogger and really lays into Axel’s back and ass, making the young stud squirm and gasp as the backside of his firm, smooth body is transformed from white to dark red. With his tan and lean muscles, Joseph might look like a pretty boy, but he’s got a lot of power behind his swings. He’s surprisingly good with the flogger, too, delivering rapid-fire, circular swipes as well as single, hard blows against Axel’s well-shaped back and ass. Soon the grown man is quietly whimpering, trying to hold back the true level of pain he is feeling. “You’re not so tough now,” Joseph says, before spraying the fresh wounds with rubbing alcohol.

Axel Dream Boy Bondage

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Title of this video AXEL – The Contest I – Chapter 3

Dream Boy Bondage Axel

Dolf Dietrich ties up Hugh Hunter and worships his size 12 feet

At My Friends Feet, Dolf Dietrich proves how incredibly dominant he can be, tying big Hugh Hunter to a couch and taking complete control of him. Dolf doesn’t even let Hugh utter a sound, smacking him on the inside of his thighs whenever he does. Dolf buries his face into Hugh’s stinky socks, bellowing out with lust as he inhales their heady aroma. Hugh begs to be let go, as the foot worshiping is driving him crazy with lust but Dolf won’t have it. In time, Hugh is eventually stripped naked, sock-gagged because he won’t be quiet and jerked off by the very domineering Dolf. Before that, Dolf worships Hugh’s size 12 feet to the fullest extent!

Dolf Dietrich ties up Hugh Hunter and worships his size 12 feet


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Scene Title: Hugh

Models in this shoot: Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich

Scene Short Description: Dolf’s Foot Sex Captive

Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich