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Masturbator Robert Black and his Sexual Heroes podcast

Check out Robert Black. Back in the day he appeared in a number of kink-themed porn shoots. He’s smoking hot if you ask me, and toay he is popular in the solo sex scene. For those of you who are not locked in chastity at the moment, you might be inspired to enjoy a nice long bate session listening to one of his podcasts, several of which feature leather and/or BDSM related themes.

robert black masturbator


Robert Black’s official website is here.

You can also follow him on Twitter

And be sure to check out his Sexual Heroes podcast.

Robert Black Sexual Heroes

Bolted to the wall

Here are more pictures of SFDom working over Mr Kristofer at at Serious Male Bondage

Mr Kristofer Bolted to the wall

Ultra-heavy wrist and ankle shackles are needed to keep Mr Kristofer in his place against a flat plywood wall in SFDom’s basement. The eye bolts are drilled into the wall and screwed in. Fucking hot if you ask me!

Mr Kristofer aka Steve Landess male bdsm gay porn bondage

VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this update: Slave Storage

Kristofer Weston hard cock in bondage

Male BDSM porn: A captive gets tied up and jacked off twice

This is a bondage video from Men On Edge. Is it his eagerness, his hot body or his beautiful dick that gives Daniel Lament a certain “je ne sais quoi”?


Daniel Lament is a tall glass of French-Canadian water, and he’s with Men on Edge for his first ever session in ropes. Fascinated and horny with all the toys in the Armory’s Upper Floor, Daniel touches himself while Jessie gives him a tour. Sebastian shows up and the session begins as Daniel is lead to the wedge and tied down. The two take their time with Daniel, sensually admiring his lean body before blindfolding him and freeing his dick out from his briefs. Daniel pulls against the ropes and humps Jessie’s face as he sucks the stud to an edge. Just when Daniel thinks he’s at the height of pleasure, Sebastian brings out two hitachis on stands and places them right under Daniel’s balls, taking him to the edge yet again. They move Daniel to a sawhorse and suspend his ankles from the ceiling, leaving his ass open and ready for a dildo deep inside. Daniel’s dick is ready to explode as the dildo jams his prostate, each thrust building more pressure. Daniel can’t take much more of the treatment and prematurely shoots a small load, but soon begs for a full blast. Jessie and Sebastian oblige, and a volcano of cum erupts from Daniel’s dick. Just as he’s coming back to earth, Jessie and Sebastian tickle and torment Daniel’s overstimulated body to finish as he curses in French.

38943_9 38943_10 38943_15

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Male bondage: Jack Hunter undergoes a dark edging fantasy

At Men On Edge, Jack’s photo shoot goes from edging play to something diabolically sexy.

MetalbondNYC_Gay_Male_Bondage_39082_2 MetalbondNYC_Gay_Male_Bondage_39082_4 MetalbondNYC_Gay_Male_Bondage_39082_5 MetalbondNYC_Gay_Male_Bondage_39082_6

Jack Hunter arrives at the Armory on a brisk autumn day for an audition and photo shoot. Liking what they see through the lens, Sebastian and Christian start playing with Jack. He has his lean body bound in tight ropes as his erection tries to fight its way out of his briefs. Sebastian presses his hitachis against Jack’s giant cock, bringing the stud to the edge of an orgasm before taking the toys away. Christian pulls Jack onto a platform box and admires the hard dick standing at full attention. After a round of edging, Jack and Christian return to the green room for a break.


Jack starts feeling a little funny after the bondage. Next thing he knows, he’s bound to the wall of a dungeon as Christian and Sebastian work their hands all over his body. As he moans and grinds against his bondage, Jack takes a dildo deep inside his hole. Sebastian edges Jack with a hollowed out pumpkin in the spirit of the season. With his huge cock impaling the entire pumpkin, Jack nearly blows it as the vibrating sheath fits over his cock head. Finally deciding to let the stud cum, Christian milks a hot load from Jack while Sebastian holds a vibrator deep within his hole. Fresh from cumming, the torment resumes as Sebastian jacks the sensitive cock once more with the pumpkin.

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A prisoner gets processed into jail

Criminal stud Kelvin Lopez was arrested a while back for tampering with an automobile and as he ran from the scene, he was wearing his hot, well-worn, sweaty, blue Nike Shox that Officer Denali removed from the stud’s hot feet! This time criminal thug Kelvin Lopez was transported in from Cedar Correctional and, they send them out with their street clothes as they don’t have a big budget to send their prisoners out in various uniforms! Officer Denali brings prisoner Kelvin Lopez in and begins to process him into the jail so he can go up in front of the Judge to further his case in the court system. Kelvin Lopez may be a thug, but he looks very humiliated while being processed by Officer Denali. Officer Denali is a big fan of Nike Shox and makes a comment that he might have to take Prisoner Kelvin Lopez’s Nike Shox once he’s in prison… that’s if the Judge doesn’t get them first as another “souvenir” for his office after he sends this criminal stud up the river to the state prison. The Judge likes his shoe collection from all the inmates he has put away over the years!

Officer Denali brings prisoner Kelvin Lopez in and begins to process him into the jail


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male strip search cavity search

Male Bondage: Dean Brody gets tied up and jacked off

Men on Edge welcomes studly Dean Brody high up above the Armory’s drill court for his first bondage experience.


Sebastian and Jessie Colter work Dean into a throbbing boner that his underwear can’t contain as the ropes come around his chest. Dean has his nipples played with, a cock ring fitted over his huge dick and nearly blows his load from a vibrator treatment. Sebastian and Jessie raise Dean above the floor and continue the alternating pleasure and torment. They edge and tickle the stud before leaving him to hang, begging to be finished off. Next, they take Dean to another corner of the bleachers, bound bent-over with his ass presented outward. Dean has his hungry hole filled with dildos and repeatedly taken to his limit. After the long day of edging, Sebastian and Jessie finally allow Dean to bust a load and wipe the cum into his beard.

37888_3 37888_17 37888_19

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Locked in a coffin cage

At BadBoyBondage.com, the Master puts his toy into the coffin cage and then with a long cane encourages the captive to dance for him. When the Master tires of the dancing, he suggests that he will let the prisoner go if he cums. Despite the encouragement, the captive has performance issues and so gets left in the cage.

metalbond gay bondage

See the video at BadBoyBondage.com

Title of this video: “The Sensuous Master, Part 7

gay bondage

metalbond gay bondage