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Stefano pumps out a rope of cum while in heavy bondage

An Italian bodybuilder cums on command as his owner watches via three live cameras feeds. Then he licks the boots of Master Anthony as he’s led to his next ordeal.

muscle bondage with 22-year-old bodybuilder Stefano

Relaxing in his villa in Rome, in front of three live camera feeds streaming from the dungeon, Don Giovanni watches his latest acquisition – 22-year-old bodybuilder Stefano – work his cock. The cameras are so precise, the Don can see every bruise left by the clothespins on Stefano’s pecs, the veins pulsating in his biceps, and the drops of moisture on his thighs. As Stefano pumps out a rope of cum, the Don cums at the same time. Watching this muscle stud chained and helpless, cumming on command after being tortured for hours, makes him crazy with lust. Stefano is then left alone, spent and exhausted, for hours, still on his feet, naked. Anthony Martin – a man half his size – pushes the blindfolded stud to his knees. “Kiss my boots, slave boy! Lick them!” he demands, as Don Giovanni returns to his camera feed. Stefano, a broken prisoner, complies, and the Don’s dick gets rock hard, again, as his slave is chained to a torture-table to endure his next, horrible ordeal.

See the VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this episode: STEFANO: Blind Muscle – Chapter 7

muscular bodybuilder forced to lick boots

Porn star Alex Mecum gets tied up and edged

In this shoot from Men On Edge, Alex Mecum is a sight to behold as he’s bound in ropes, blindfolded and edged to the limit:

He writhes in frustration and ecstasy as his massive cock is sucked, stroked and gripped while his nipples are tightly pinched in clamps and his balls are teased with the hitachi. Next Alex is strapped down to the pool table with his gorgeous furry ass high up in the air as he receives a nice hard fucking with the dick on a stick, his balls bouncing as his hard cock is stroked mercilessly. Finally, after being tied to the bed and tickled, with his feet worshipped and a vibe shoved deep into his ass, Alex blows his huge load all over himself and then falls prey to another onslaught of tickling!

Title of this shoot: Furry Muscular Stud is Bound and Edged on a Pool Table!

Model in this shoot: Alex Mecum

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Site: Men On Edge

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A compilation of bondage cum shots


gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_02 gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_03 gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_04 gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_05 gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_06 gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_07

In this shoot from Men On Edge:

It’s a cum party, and you’re invited! They have something a little extra for you: a compilation of favorite cum shots. It’s a semen-drenched tidal wave of hot guys blowing their loads from intense edging. Gallons and gallons of jizz erupting from swollen balls and gigantic dicks. How long can you last edging yourself through this video?

gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_08 gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_09 gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_10 gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_11 gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_12 gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_13

Title of this shoot: MOE Cumpilation

Models in this shoot: Landon Conrad, Marc Dylan, The Visconti Triplets, Sebastian Keys, many more

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Site: Men On Edge

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gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_vert_aa gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_vert_ad

Pictures and video: Kory screams as he spews a huge load while roped

gay_male_bondage_Roped_Studs_kory08RS_2 gay_male_bondage_Roped_Studs_kory08RS_4

Kory’s hot twink body looks amazing as he struggles against the tight hemp and cotton ropes digging into his flesh, binding him upright to a cage. He has been standing in that awkward position for hours. Rope man J.J. strokes the boy’s cock, getting him hard instantly. Then J.J. uses the boy’s erection against him, pushing down on the pulsating cock with his razor-sharp pinwheel. Then J.J. uses his bamboo cane to smack his captive’s nipples. Now it’s time to fuck him with the dildo and jerk off that amazing cock. “Oh god, oh god!” Kory screams as he spews a huge load of cum while roped and fucked.

Here’s a free video preview:


There are NINE videos of Kory posted at Roped Studs

Rope Studs gay bondage video

Kristofer Weston in serious metal bondage

This is fucking hot as hell. Kristofer Weston is restrained in heavy locking metal bondage in a video at Serious Male Bondage.

Kristofer Weston is the real deal. He’s immensely talented and nice — and smokin’ HOT!

A really good article about Kristofer is here.

Check out his own awesome bondage blog here.

More postings about Kristofer on the Metalbond site here.

Kristofer’s Metalbond Q&A is here.

VIDEO of the above-pictured action at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: NICE CUM SHOT!

A very long edging at Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

This is a very long edging at Slow Teasing Hand Jobs, featuring about 38 minutes of Chic tormenting 25-year-old Sam’s big dick until he was delirious, begging desperately for permission to cum. He looks pleadingly at Chic, who keeps bringing him to the edge and stopping abruptly just in time. His arousal and frustration turn to agony as his torment goes on and on while he tried desperately to hold on, moaning, whimpering and writhing in his restraints. Chic finally allows him to cum in an intense orgasm, then subjects him to a long milking of his sensitive, spent cock.

male bondage whimpering and writhing in his restraints


See the VIDEO at Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

Title of this vid: A Very Long Edging

Slow Teasing Hand Jobs