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Bradley pumps out a load before his torment continues

After being edged for hours, Bradley is ordered to cum. The prisoner does not disappoint, squeezing out a huge load of cum from his gorgeous, uncut cock. The camera pans his lean swimmer’s body, showing every shaved hair, every wound from the clothespins, every vein and muscle. Even after he cums, Bradley’s big cock juts out from his body, still hard. He is the perfect slave, firm and fit. Jared roughly manhandles his wounds before flipping him around and roping him against the wall face-first, exposing his broad, creamy back and perfect, round ass. The athlete flexes against his binds, showing off his lean muscles, from shoulders to calves. Then that beautiful flesh is brutally flogged.

Bradley pumps out a load before his torment continues

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BRADLEY – Master’s Pet – Chapter 3

Bradley is ordered to cum

Video: Mathew Rock Tickled Hard

This is Mathew Rock‘s first time getting tickled, and he’s very excited and already giggling while Franco undresses him. Giggles turn to crazy laughter as the tickling begins in Mathew’s armpits and on his ribs. Strung up like a pig, there’s nothing Mathew can do to get away, but it sounds like he’s having too much fun to want to! Mathew spins around and lifts off the ground with his big, uncut cock bouncing as the tickling pleasures continue. With a big smile on his face and a raging boner, Mathew laughs hysterically during this tickle-manhandling. Franco clips Mathew to the wall and removes his pants and underwear, leaving him in nothing but socks. And, man, are his feet ticklish! Mathew flails around as Franco tickles him through his socks, first right-side up, then upside-down. It gets even more intense when the socks come off and Franco tickles Mathew’s lubed size 10’s with an electric toothbrush and soap savers. Finally, Franco sends Mathew over the edge tickling his feet with his manly fingers before helping Mathew shoot a well-deserved load.


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Video: Mathew Rock Tickled Hard

The Ass Master and Rusty Stevens

Meanwhile at Butt Machine Boys, Rusty Stevens is kept in the metal cage for days because he refuses to carry out the Ass Master’s wishes. Finally, Rusty just wants to get the hell out of there, so he gives in. The Ass Master wants to see Rusty’s hard cock getting sucked by a machine while he drills his ass with a vibrating dildo.

Rusty Stevens is kept in the metal cage

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The Ass Master wants to see Rusty’s hard cock getting sucked

KinkMen Naked Kombat

TBT: Athlete shoots while caged and chained

Here’s a posting from the vault! I originally posted this back in 2009:


This stud won multiple medals at the 2006 Gay Games when they were held in Chicago. I was impressed with how excited he got when I chained him by the neck in my cage.  I mean, he was rock hard instantly.  I told him I would not let him out until he shot a load.  And man, what a huge load it was.

Gay Games athlete locked in cagechained and caged

Michael gets tied up, edged and whipped

Hooded top man Jared flips his slave around and ropes him tight against the wall, facing out, totally naked. He edges the captive for hours, keeping him hard, then flogs his torso and keeps him hard some more. Michael doesn’t know up from down, but he sure does he look good, roped with miles of hemp, naked and alone, rock hard as he’s edged and whipped by the young, fully clothed sadist Jared. Then Jared ropes the prisoner’s cock and balls for some new fun.

MICHAEL DEL RAY Dream Boy Bondage

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Title of this video:

MICHAEL DEL RAY – Deviant No More – Chapter 7

male BDSM Dream Boy Bondage