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Scott DeMarco is teased, tongued and tickled by two captors

New at Men On Edge, Scott DeMarco is at the mercy of his captors, the devious Sebastian Keys and the eager Chance Summerlin. He is gaged, teased and tickled relentlessly. He squirms in bondage, unable to cum!

Scott DeMarco gay bondage

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male bdsm Scott DeMarco

Casey More gets restrained and tickled

At My Friends Feet, it’s Casey More’s turn in the famous bondage chair! Casey puts himself at about 20 on the ticklish scale, and he is definitely correct there!

Casey More male bondage

Casey has such a gorgeous body, all muscular and tight – and that awesome body of his sure is ticklish. You can hear Casey saying how ticklish he is at the beginning of this video. His feet are, of course, even more sensitive than his body and that’s where the 20 factor comes into the picture.

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male bondage Casey More

Video: Pleasure and pain

Cole is being tortured

Cole is being tortured for one reason only: He is has a perfect bod, with a huge cock that stays hard and cums on command. Even now, after hours of non-stop torture, Cole is rock hard and dripping pre-cum, chained in the dungeon, naked and terrified. He doesn’t want to get hard. He doesn’t want to perform for Felix Frost, the man torturing him. He just can’t help it. He is a born slave, a lean, well-built, smooth-bodied captive. “I want you to stay hard,” Felix says as he puts a rubber ring on the base of Cole’s rock-hard cock, then covers his body and balls with biting pins, making him gasp in pain. But Cole remains hard and, as he is sucked and stroked, his hard-on grows every larger until his erect cock bursts, spewing a new load of cum everywhere. His reward? Next week: He’s brutally whipped, on the front and back of his body, with Felix adding a new light to capture every lash.

Here is a free video preview:


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Cole Miller – A Boy For Torture – Part 8

Cole remains hard and, as he is sucked and stroked

TBT: BOUNDLONGANDHARD gives up a third load

That time when BOUNDLONGANDHARD came over to get tied up for a Serious Male Bondage video shoot, he was supposed to give up three loads but we ran out of time. So he came back for Load Three! Of course I had to tie him up first in the Mr S Wrist-to-Ball restraint.

You can click the pictures below to make them bigger:

IMG_3663 IMG_3664 IMG_3665 IMG_3667 IMG_3668 IMG_3670 IMG_3672 IMG_3674 IMG_3675 IMG_3677 IMG_3680 IMG_3681 IMG_3682 IMG_3683

It’s always a pleasure to tie up BOUNDLONGANDHARD.

In the pictures above, he’s in the locking Wrist to Ball Restraint from Mr S, one of my favorite pieces of bondage gear.

BOUNDLONGANDHARD looks great wearing it, don’t you think?

Pain slave

Dream Boy Bondage

Ian has suffered all the tortures mandated by his sentence, but super-sadist Jared doesn’t care; he is totally turned on by this beautiful, blond captive gasping and squirming in total agony, his lean body sliced and marred, his eyes red with tears. Now the prisoner is simply Jared’s pain slave. “I’m going to fuck you,” Jared says, showing the captive a dildo the size of his forearm. Ian whimpers as Jared shoves the thing deep up his ass. Jared fucks the prisoner for a half-hour then replaces the dildo with a steel butt plug, attaching electrodes to it and the ring around Ian’s cock and balls. After a dozen shocks, the prisoner is almost delirious. “Do you want it to stop?” Jared asks with a sneer. “Yes, yes,” Ian replies. “Then show me this thing still works,” he says, pointing at the captive’s cock. Ian, totally exhausted and in great pain, somehow manages to pump-out another load of cum, his body jerking and shuttering. So sexy. But Jared lied; he turns up the voltage and continues shocking the prisoner until he can’t even moan, just shake!

Dream Boy Bondage free preview

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Title of this shoot: Ian Levine – Final Consent IV – Part 9

gay male bondage

Rex Wolfe, Angel Rock and Jay Cloud all get tied up and edged

Click through to see free video previews of these guys — who all got tied up and edged at Men On Edge:

Rex Wolfe

gay bondage

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Angel Rock

men on edge

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Jay Cloud

gay bondage

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