Jared zaps Logan with an electro device

At Dream Boy Bondage, Logan is bolted on his back to an X-cross. His cock is bulging in his tiny jock. And that’s a strange device – an electric wand – in Jared’s hands! Jared touches the wand to Logan’s nipples then runs it all over his body, sending jolts of pain deep into his flesh. Jared strokes the prisoner’s cock, getting it hard, then rips off the jock. Logan’s erect cock is massive. Jared shocks it and his torso over and over, but Logan remains hard the whole time.

VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage


Watch the VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

Title: Logan: Twink Torture – Chapter 4

VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

Black Collection from E-Stim Systems

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Restrained muscle: It’s hard bondage for Jaxton Wheeler

Jaxton Wheeler gets tied up while working out at the gym and relentlessly edged all day


Meanwhile over at Men On Edge, Sebastian is working out at the gym when loudmouth muscled stud Jaxton Wheeler gives him a hard time, taunting him with his huge muscles. Despite his attitude, Van and Sebastian agree Jaxton is one hot stud, so they pounce on him and tie him up. The two tear away Jaxton’s clothes and get his cock hard. As much as Jaxton fights it, his cock can’t help but get close to cumming. The muscled stud is then tied up with a gag in his mouth as he’s edged some more. His hard cock is jacked off with the fleshjack before the two pervs tickle the hell out of Jaxton. He’s then made to ride the stationary bike with a dildo shoved up his ass as he’s ordered to pedal faster and faster. Finally as he fucks himself in the ass, Sebastian milks a load out of Jaxton’s cock before he and Van finish the muscled stud off with some post-orgasmic torment.

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Gagged with an open mouth gag

Brutal Tops:


Master Billy and Master Nick’s biology class is about to get much more interesting. These school bullies grab their teacher and make him take part in a PRACTICAL lesson on bodily fluids. Pushing Mr Wilkinson onto the floor, the bully boys take turns gobbing, snotting and pissing into his mouth, held open by a painful spider-gag, then over his body and face – ordering him to swallow and not to waste a single drop of their precious bodily fluids… Billy rams his dick down the back of student bottom Sam’s throat and face fucks him, choking the poor fucker in the process. The sub’s tight throat has satisfied his Master and Billy pulls out to spurt his jizz into the teacher’s face, a fourth bodily fluid delivered just in time for the end of the lesson.

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