The artwork of Mitchell

I really like the work of the artist Mitchell. Below are some examples from his “Legend of the Path of Pain” series. These images are used with permission of the artist.

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To find out more about this artist, you can check out his blog – Mitchmen.  If you are a fan of erotic gay male BDSM artwork, Mitchell’s blog is an absolute must. He features works of many different kinky artists in a feature he calls the “A to Z of Fetish Artists.”

You can also subscribe to the artist’s Yahoo group, also called Mitchmen, where he has many more drawings — as well as several illustrated stories that are quite good.

Casey More and Christian Wilde are two of the most recent porn stars to put their balls on the line at new 30 Minutes Of Torment site

Check out these recent features over at the new gay bondage porn site 30 Minutes Of Torment. First up is Casey More – The Chair – The Pit – The Water Chamber:


The Chair: Straight stud Casey More is bound in the chair as Van gets the captive hard and ties up his cock. Casey breathes through the pain as Van beats him down with punches to the torso. The Pit: Struggling to stand on wooden blocks, Casey is bound with his arms behind his back as he’s flogged from front to back. The Water Chamber: Casey’s hands are tied above his head, with his legs spread apart. Van approaches with the crop and beats the stud red before pinching clothespins all down his torso. Casey’s screams fill the chamber as water blasts him in the face. After having all the clothespins sprayed off his skin, Casey is challenged to blow his load.

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Free video previews of Casey More available here and here

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And Christian Wilde is put to the test, enduring The Wall, The Pit, and The Water Chamber before blowing his load:


The Wall – Christian Wilde is chained in place as Van shoves a ball gag in his mouth and tears away his jock. Taking punches to the chest, Christian’s rock hard cock stands at attention before Van breaks out the flogger. – The Pit – With his balls tied down to the floor, Christian takes the crop all over his chest as clothespins are clipped across his torso. He screams in pain as soon as the clothespins are removed before he’s given the flogger once more. – The Water Chamber – Bound in electrical tape Christian has clover clamps attached all over his body as water sprays him all over. Christian pushes through with all his might as the streams of water torment the painful clamps. After three challenges, Van milks Christian’s aching cock till he sprays his cum all over.

34083_4 34083_8 34083_9


Free video previews of Christian Wilde available here and here

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Click the pictures below to see free video previews from these recent features at Bound In Public

Horny bathroom cruisers fuck and torment a bound slut, before covering his face in piss and cum:



Art thief with a fat cock gets punished by the crowd as he’s beaten and fucked into submission:



Horny pervert gets pissed on and locked up in a cell as the whole jailhouse fucks his hairy ass and covers his face in cum:




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