The Club

By slavebladeboi

I could feel the weight of the door as I pushed it open, far heavier than it looked. It slowly swung silently behind me and, turning, I could see the reason why. Thick padded soundproofing covered this side, black and shiny.

It took several seconds for my sight to register anything in the low-level lighting of the room, anything that is, apart from the beam of bright light shining vertically onto the naked figure in the centre.

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Heavy rubber bondage lockdown

male rubber bondage

These pictures are from a series of videos called “Switzerland in December” available at Serious Male Bondage. This was shot in the studio of in Zurich, and the 4mm rubber straitjacket can be purchased from their website. The chastity cage is from, and the hoods are from

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Title of this update: SWITZERLAND IN DECEMBER PART 5 – 6

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Only a Boy Can Hope – Part 02


Sir led me to his living room which was located on the first floor of his house. The living room was small and cluttered with books, DVDs, and other personal items. There was a huge easy chair in the corner and a futon style couch next to it. The blinds were at an angle so no one could see into Sir’s house. I was standing there still hooded, gagged, plugged and cathed. My new piercings glittered in the daylight. Sir had placed a towel on the futon and stated, “Sit, boy.” But before I was to sit down Sir came behind me and removed my gag that had been in place for several hours. I could now stretch my jaw and speak for the first time. I said, “Thank you Sir.”

Sir went into the kitchen and got me some water to drink along with a small snack. I was extremely thirsty and hungry from the training I had received earlier. Sir sat next to me in the easy chair, and we talked for what seemed like a few minuets but was actually a few hours. It was nice to talk with Sir freely. It was about time for dinner, and we were both hungry.

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Vertical suspension, tickle torment and extreme edging

In this video from Men On Edge: JR Matthews gets bound and suspended, enduring impact play and relentless edging

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JR Matthews is a hot local stud who says he likes to edge himself in his personal life, and he even has previous bondage experience. With that said they waste no time to tie him up and begin teasing his cock. As soon as they tear away his underwear, his cock is raging hard, just begging to be edged. After a few edges, they give JR some impact play, warming his body up with a few smacks while his cock stands straight at attention. JR is suspended vertically as Sebastian teases him with his tongue. Just as the bound stud is about to blow his load, Van surprises him with the flogger before suspending him horizontally with his cock dangling toward the ground. They bind JR to the bed, teasing his cock with the vibrating hitachis before shoving the vibrator up his ass. They finally milk a load out of JR’s cock before having him endure some post-orgasmic torment.

gay bondage 32255_11 32255_14 32255_17 32255_18

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Surfer boy with a fat cock gets tied up and edged

Also at Men On Edge, surfer boy Kip Johnson’s physical exam goes awry when two impostors torment and edge his giant cock at the doctor’s office


Van and Sebastian are up to no good again, looking for hot guys to edge. After holding up a doctor’s office and impersonating the physicians, they wait for the two o’clock appointment Kip Johnson to arrive. Kip walks in for his physical, none the wiser. Kip removes his clothes as the two perverts inspect his body, admiring his muscles and big dick. The impostors lie Kip down on the medical table and restrain him as they start playing with his cock. Kip fights and screams but they cover his mouth and continue their torment, teasing his cock while tickling his entire body. Kip finds himself strapped down in the medical chair with electrodes attached down his legs and feet. His balls are tied tight with medical piping as an electric butt plug is shoved up the stud’s ass. Pulses of electricity surge through his body as his cock is relentlessly edged. After tormenting Kip’s nipples and fucking his hole, the two perverts milk a load out of his giant cock and feed it back into his mouth. They finish him off with some post-orgasmic torment before leaving him bound in his own cum.

33340_6 33340_10 33340_11

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Hot stud Duncan Black endures relentless edging while being bound for his very first time


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