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Video: Jaimie gets tied up and whipped and then crucified

Scroll down for a free video clip from the men of Dream Boy Bondage:

Dream Boy Bondage

Jaimie shutters in pain, his back and ass crisscrossed with horrible welts from his initial whipping. Many more will follow. Jared, always the sadist, teases the captive, dragging a new, seven-foot single-tail under his chin, giving him a full appreciation of the whip’s length and power before the actual lashing begins. Using a whiplash stroke, Jared cuts the naked, helpless youth with a series of rapid-fire blows. Jaimie is stoic no longer. He cries out with each lash. A spray of alcohol on his fresh wounds burns like liquid fire. “Good night,” Jared sneers, leaving the prisoner chained on his feet, in agony, alone in the torture chamber. Jaimie is dazed and half-asleep when, hours later, a group of guards unchain him, turn him around and lift him up onto the cross. When he regains full consciousness, the truth sinks in: He’s crucified!

Here is a free video teaser clip:


Title of this episOde: Jaimie Steel – Young Anarchist – Part 3

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gay male crucifixion

Video: Wyatt is tied up with his balls stretched in a vice

See below for a free video clip from the men of Dream Boy Bondage

Dream Boy Bondage

“Am I pleasing you sir?” Wyatt asks, stretched out on the bondage table, his naked body covered with whip marks, his balls stretched in a vice, an electrified grid under his butt ready to shock him at any moment. His master, muscle-stud Jared, doesn’t respond but whips Wyatt even harder and yanks on the rope attached to the vice crushing his balls. Then Jared takes the captive’s tortured cock and balls in his mouth and licks his stretched scrotum. “Thank you, Sir!” the tortured slave says. Then Jared flips the switch that sends current into the grid. He whips Wyatt as he lifts himself off the grid and continues to whip him when he collapses on it. After a while, the poor slave is so exhausted he remains silent and supine even as the current flows into his balls and his master continues to whip him. His bound body just shakes and jerks.

Here is a video clip:


Title of this shoot: Wyatt – Playtime – Part 10

See the whole thing and much more at Dream Boy Bondage – they post TWO new updates every Friday!

Dream Boy Bondage

Video: The torture begins for a fresh prisoner at Dream Boy Bondage

Scroll down for a free preview video from Dream Boy Bondage.

Dream Boy Bondage free video preview

In this fantasy shoot, Jaimie Steel is a strikingly beautiful young college student. He’s also an anarchist – and looks the part, with his nerdy classes and gay-boy haircut. He and a group of fellow brainy leftists – mostly queer kids of color like him – have formed a group called “No Love.” They break windows and blow whistles and all have the same tattoo on their left pec – a red heart with a black cross over it. Today this sexy little troublemaker will pay for his crimes – and suffer at the hands of a real sadist, Jared. He’ll either give up his fellow young anarchists – or be tortured. At first the shocks at low level but painful. Then Jared attaches an electrode to Jaimie’s nipples via two biting clips connected to a highly conductive, silver chain.

Here is a preview video:


Title of this shoot: Jaimie Steel – Young Anarchist – Part 1

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(Important side note: This video is fantasy only. For safety in real life, always apply electro stimulation BELOW the waist!)

Dream Boy Bondage

Video: Kink talk with Dan Savage and Pup Amp

Are you in a relationship with someone who isn’t kinky? Or maybe your partner has different kinks that you have? In this video, sex and relationship advice columnist Dan Savage speaks with Pup Amp of Watts the Safeword about “kink discordant” relationships. Check it out:


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VIDEO: Steelcollar gets locked into his new Steelwerksextreme chastity device

Here is a 20-minute video of Steelcollar getting locked up for the first time in a new chastity device by Steelwerks Extreme. Of course, being the lifestyle leather and bondage fetishist he is, he’s also wearing a metal collar, and he gets put in a leather face muzzle, leather straitjacket and undergoes several hours of cell confinement in the process! This video (shared here with permission) is hot as fuck if you ask me!

You can find steelcollar on Recon and Twitter

Steelwerksextreme is here.