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Video: Rank puts his rubber gimp in stressful bondage

In this scene from SeriousMaleBondage, Rank tests the endurance of his rubber gimp with some stressful bondage. Rank’s trick is to stimulate the gimp with a vibrator so he is able to tolerate more extreme suspension positions provided by an overhead winch. It’s friggin hot how he struggles. Poor guy!


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Title of this update: “TOE THAT LINE”

Arm splints by Sinvention

Rank rubber bondage gimp

Video: Seamus gets tickled to death


Former Army guy Seamus slips off his shirt, pants and underwear and lies face down on the tickling table in nothing but his boots. Franco tickles Seamus on his inner thighs while his cute, naked butt waggles back and forth. Gasping for breath between explosive, gravelly laughs, Seamus’ face turns bright red during his tickle punishment. Seamus’ reaction is so strong that Franco continues tickling him in the same area, wrecking his upper inner thighs and tickling his furry taint. When Franco moves up to Seamus’ armpits, he really loses it, laughing uncontrollably and unable to breathe. This is tickle torture at its best! Seamus even bites down on the table when the tickling becomes too intense. Halfway through, Franco takes Seamus’ boots off, flips him over and begins tickling his Size 9 feet through his black socks. Socked tickling is fun, but Franco turns up the intensity by cutting Seamus’ socks open and exposing his bare feet. He tickles Seamus along his toe mound and soles with his fingers and a bristly cleaning brush. And when Franco tickles Seamus’ abdomen, he nearly brings the straight guy to tears. Suddenly, Franco goes down on Seamus’ cock and balls, giving him a very different sensation. He jacks Seamus’ hard dick and fingers his hole until Seamus’ muscular legs tense and he shoots a huge load. A final torture of Seamus’ sensitive cock and tickle on the abdomen and exhausted, sweaty Seamus is done.

Former Army guy Seamus slips off his shirt

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Title of this shoot: Seamus’ Tickle Torture

Franco tickles Seamus on his inner thighs

Video: RubCop in arms-down spread eagle bondage

This is a classic arms-down spread eagle bondage position with the added excitement of a heavy rubber suit. The guy in the rubber is RubCop from Recon, and he’s fully enclosed in his own diving dry suit. Normally his face would be the only part of his body exposed, but he is also wearing a nose-only heavy rubber anatomical hood. So as a result, the only parts of his body exposed are his nostrils! This is complete nirvana for any rubber guy, but with the addition of institutional restraints and a vibrator, this scene is over the top.


Many other videos featuring RubCop are available at SeriousMaleBondage.com

male bdsm

Video: Rubber Gimp Doll Stand

At Serious Male Bondage, Rank tests a newly designed bondage stand. In order to dress his captive in rubber for the test, Rank suspends him from overhead to make the job easier. Once his gimp is fully enclosed in rubber, Rank lowers him onto the stand and sees that he is properly restrained. The gimp’s rubberized cock is then tormented while Rank evaluates the level of pleasure the prisoner is experiencing from his helpless situation.


See the complete video at SeriousMaleBondage.com

To find this update, search for: “RUBBER GIMP DOLL STAND”

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Video: Full-enclosure hazmat

The guys at SeriousMaleBondage have a friend — BondageVienna on Recon — who loves to play in full-enclosure hazmat suits. This suit is ideal for playing in water – he squirts it right in his face while continuing to breathe easily. The suit is loose fitting, so he’s enjoying the clammy rubber smell and feel, a much different experience than a skin-tight neoprene wetsuit. There’s nothing better than playing in water while wearing rubber gear:


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man on man bondage

Video: The jail toilet

Bind is chained next to the toilet in a jail cell — but that does not stop the guards from coming in to take a piss! Check out what happens:


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Video: Under the control of the restraints

This is a classic bondage scene, something that many of us crave. The modified spread eagle is very emotionally exciting and sexually appealing. You are completely helpless and vulnerable, and you are under the control of the restraints themselves. You are also muzzled like a wild animal and blindfolded to prevent you from seeing your captors. This is the real deal. This is the thing bondage fantasies are made of.


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