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Video: Jeremy Spreadums is handcuffed and kept in a stress position

Jeremy Spreadums is handcuffed

Sometimes simplicity is best: No whip, no electro, no pins, just a naked muscle stud gagged and cuffed and hung by the ceiling. But this is no ordinary stringing up. Jeremy’s wrists are cuffed behind his back. His ankles are spread and cuffed, too. And a bite-gag designed for suspension is shoved in his mouth and wrapped around the back of his neck and a D-ring, just under his nose, is attached to a chain from the ceiling. Jeremy looks like a bound god, muscles rippling, arms flexing, cock jumping, as he struggles. Then Felix Frost enters and turns a crank that slowly winches Jeremy up onto his toes, literally hanging by his face and neck. The slave will hang like that for hours, his back and neck arched, his well-muscled body agonized by its own weight, an unbelievably beautiful sight, accompanied by deep moans of gagged anguish. He will be whipped, tomorrow, by the floggers in front of him, but first he must suffer, for hours, simply and beautifully.

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Title of this shoot: Harder, Sir, Harder! – Part 5

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Pictures and video: Leo bound on the fuck bench

Leo bound on the fuck bench

Leo has been bound to the fuck-bench for hours, his ass exposed and totally vulnerable. He knows he will be fucked; he just doesn’t know when or how. Then Felix Frost walks in and tests the captive’s tight ass with a spear-shaped butt plug. Leo’s asshole is as tight as a nun’s pussy, so Leo greases it up with his fingers then pushes the plug in. Leo is totally violated, naked, helpless and now fucked. Then the ass beating begins. Felix whips the stud’s plugged ass over and over, making him thrash with pain. His ass cheeks sting like hell, but the inside of his ass hurts even more as the plug throbs with each blow. Felix beats the prisoner for what seems like forever, delivering a steady series of blows with the leather paddle until Leo’s ass is covered with deep-red welts. Felix then fucks the captive with the dildo for a while then replaces it with his finger, finger-fucking while stroking his cock. Leo finally spurts a huge load of cum all over the floor

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Title of this shoot: Leo Edwards – Captive Blonde – Part 5

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Pictures and Video: Jeremy Spreadums bolted to the wall

Jeremy Spreadums bolted to the wall

Felix Frost finishes flogging Jeremy’s ripped pecs and abs. “I’ll be back – and then I’m going to fuck you,” Felix tells his slave, leaving him bolted to the wall, naked. When Felix returns he unbolts the young muscle-stud and turns him around so he is facing the wall, his wrists spread and bound at eye-level, his ankles spread extra-wide with a spreader bar, stretching his asshole for easy access. Felix warms-up his slave’s ass with a good, hard flogging and then shows him the device that will be used to fuck him – a massive, hard-rubber “punishment dildo” with a large ball on one end. “It’s so big!” Jeremy says, his eyes wide with horror. The fucking is rough, followed by an even rougher fucking with a huge, ribbed butt-plug and, of course, much more whipping.

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Title of this shoot: Jeremy Spreadums – Harder, Sir, Harder! – Part 3

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