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Video: Geoffrey gets locked in stocks and then tickled mercilessly

In this video from Foot Friends, Alan Pratt puts his friend Geoffrey in bondage and then gets him thrashing about. Geoffrey is cuffed and locked in ankle stocks!


See the complete video at Foot Friends

Title of this video: Geoffrey

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Young Perps: Gay Security Guard Porn

In this update from Young Perps — a site featuring gay security guard porn — the uniformed Cole Church catches mischievous Mark Something stealing comic books and decides to dish out some stiff justice. He slides his hard rod into the perp’s tight asshole and makes the straight perp scream in pain and pleasure.

Here is a video clip to give you an idea of what happens at this site:


See the whole video and many similar scenes at Young Perps

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Video: BondageVienna locked in a vertical cage

At SeriousMaleBondage, BondageVienna from Recon enjoys hazmat gear and restraint. The men locked him in their vertical cage, and the captive soon discovered that once the gas-mask filter was screwed on, he couldn’t move his head. What fun! Total-enclosure rubber combined with inescapable bondage is a really awesome experience.


See the complete video at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: Zodiac Hazmat Overload