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Video: David gets tied up and tickle tortured

Check out this video from Tickled Hard! David isn’t sure he’s ticklish, but he’s still nervous to be tied up for the first time. Franco straps his muscular body to the table and quickly discovers the ticklish spots in David’s armpits and on his sides. David tries to hold it together, but Franco knows how to make him laugh and squirm.


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Pictures and video: Vinny gets tortured on the X cross

Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. In this episide, a gym-honed captive is sliced brutally with the single-tail whip, then pumps out a huge load of cum all over his abs, then is fucked with a hard, rubber dildo.

severe testicle torture

Vinny has never looked better, his fine body splayed on the X-cross, back arched, abs fluttering, his body hairless but for his perfectly trimmed pubes and pits. And now he belongs to Felix Frost, who doesn’t just want to fuck him but hurt him, to watch his gym-honed body writhe in pain. Felix whips him over and over with the single-tail, marring his smooth, creamy skin, then sprays the wounds with alcohol. “Please!” the prisoner begs. “I’ll cum for you!” Felix accepts Vinny’s offer and sucks and licks that million-dollar cock, getting the captive hard, then releases his wrists. “Finish it if off!” Felix demands. “I’ll do whatever you please, Sir,” Vinny replies, working his cock, nervously looking at his lust-filled captor, trying desperately to please, until he busts a huge load of cum all over his abs. But he’s not going anywhere. Felix shoves a hard, rubber dildo down the captive’s throat then rams it up his ass.

Here is a free video preview:


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Pictures and video: Blake takes a severe whipping

Scroll down for a free video preview from Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, a naturally submissive 23-year-old nerd is manipulated by a dominant friend, who makes him work out and shave his body. Today he submits totally. He becomes a slave.

handcuffed and collared at Dream Boy Bondage

Blake Ellis and Alex Killian have been friends for years, working at the same computer repair shop. They are both nerds but surprisingly good looking. You know the type: the guy who shows up to fix your computer, a geek with an awkward personality, but you can’t help but notice a sexy body under his dress shirt and polyester pants. Alex has virtually taken over Blake’s life in the past year, making him work out, shave his body and continue to wear shirts that are now a size too small for his new, muscular body, raising eyebrows at work. In recent weeks Alex has become even more demanding, making Blake suck his cock in the break room and call him “Sir.” Today, Blake will take the final step in his relationship with Alex: He’ll become his slave. He will be fucked and whipped and tortured. Blake is terrified, but he will do it. Alex is in his head and has manipulated him to this point of total submission.

Here is a free video preview — as always be sure to click to watch in full screen mode!


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Pictures and video: Trey gets tickle tortured by a dominant yet friendly top

Scroll down for a free video preview from Tickled Hard. In this shoot, 24-year-old Trey strips naked, and Franco straps his legs down and ties his wrists back. He tickles Trey’s ribs and pits, and Trey lets out a crazy yell while his face turns red.

macho man tickle torture

Trey tries to resist, but he just can’t fight the sensation. He twists and struggles and bursts out laughing. The laughter continues as Franco moves down to his size 10-and-a-half feet, tickling his soles and toes. It becomes clear that Trey is enjoying his tickle session, so Franco uses the moment to get Trey off. He jacks and sucks Trey until Trey arches his back high and busts his nut. Then Franco tortures Trey’s sensitive cock until he’s groaning and tickles his inner thighs. Right when Trey’s defenses are fully down and he thinks it’s over, Franco climbs on top of him and tickles his pits some more. Trey squeals and begs for it to stop. He might be out of breath, but this is the best part! Franco keeps going until Trey is physically exhausted. Finally, Franco releases Trey and he sits up in a little ball, protecting himself while he describes his first tickling experience.

Here is a free video preview:


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dominant but friendly tickle torture


Pictures and video: Severe electrical torture with a car battery

[Note from Metal: The scenario depicted here is a SIMULATED FANTASY — which means watch and beat off — but do not attempt this in real life!]

Scroll down for a free video preview from the sadistic fucks over at Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, an athlete is bound naked on his back, and he is repeatedly shocked with jumper cables attached to a car battery!

tortured with car battery hooked up to the testicles

Johnny’s naked body looks beautiful stretched out on a torture table. He is asleep after hours of torture, his stomach sucked in tight, his sculpted legs, arms and chest perfectly displayed. Then Felix Frost enters the dungeon, ready to awaken his captive with the most painful alarm clock in the world – two electrodes soaked in salt water and hooked to a car battery. Felix touches the electrified sponges to Johnny’s side. Every muscle in the prisoner’s body tenses as a thousand volts flow through the water-based tissues of his body. Johnny gasps and moans as his torso is shocked over and over; his smooth skin is the perfect conductor. He’s never looked better, abs fluttering, lungs filling and emptying, limbs thrashing, the perfect captive in total agony. After placing the electrodes all over Johnny’s body – on his balls, in each armpit – Felix shoves one under a wrist, the other under an ankle and lets the current flow.

Here is a free video preview:


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severe electrical torture