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Video: Twink torture

Check out these pics and video clip from the men of Dream Boy Bondage


Logan is terrified as he watches his tormentor – a muscular young man much bigger but not much older than himself – pull off his shorts and then simultaneously stroke Logan’s and his own cock. “This guy wants me to get off while he gets off,” Logan thinks to himself, instinctively knowing that if he doesn’t deliver there will be hell to pay. Smart. Jared stops stroking their cocks just long enough to attach electrodes to Logan’s left ankle and right wrist cuffs, making sure metal touches skin. “Why?” Logan pleads, knowing the pain will be unbearable. Jared works his own and the prisoner’s cock a little longer before flipping the switch, sending the captive into a nightmare of pain. “You’re crazy!” Logan whimpers. “Normal is boring,” Jared replies, then turns up the current.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_02 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_04



Title: Logan: Twink Torture – Chapter 5

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Check out this video from the men over at RopedStuds. Jay, an extremely hot muscle guy, is tied to a pole, stripped and flogged.

I suggest playing this one in full-screen mode:


Here are some still images of Jay at Roped Studs:

jay01RS_4 jay01RS_6

To see the full-length videos, go to Roped Studs

Video: Leather bondage suit in public

Check out what happens in San Francisco:

FelixLeatherSuitBillPaying-006R060 FelixLeatherSuitBillPaying-014R060


RubCop just wanted to go out for coffee. So, his SerioiusMaleBondage friends laced him into a leather bondage suit, chained him to a self-propelled cart, and sent him on his way. RubCop loves this kind of play, and so do the patrons at this bondage-friendly café in San Francisco, located just a short distance from the popular Mr. S store.


Here’s a video preview:

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Title of this video: More Bondage Fun

Video: Logan’s back and ass are whipped bright red


Logan has a lean, tight body and creamy, smooth skin. Which makes Jared want to hurt him even more. After striping his back with several blows of the flogger, Jared finally rips off his short-shorts, revealing a firm, round ass. Logan’s bubble butt drives Jared so wild that he whips his back and ass until he is literally shaking in pain. “Get up on your toes and show me that ass!” Jared orders the whimpering captive. He just can’t stop hurting him.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Logan_Jared_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Logan_Jared_04

Here is a preview clip:


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Title: Logan: Twink Torture – Chapter 3


Video: BondageFan70 gets chained in an isolation cell

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See the complete video at Serious Male Bondage

Here is a video teaser of this update:


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VIDEO available at Serious Male Bondage

See the complete video at Serious Male Bondage