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Large selection of vintage male BDSM porn is available

A Metalbond reader shared the links below to TWO online auctions, for a large selection of vintage Bound & Gagged male BDSM print magazines:

Bound & Gagged male BDSM print magazines


As well as what looks like a very large selection of vintage VHS male bondage tapes, including titles from Zeus, Grapik Art and others:

Tightropes Four grapik

I don’t know who is selling these items, but I do hope they find a good home!

Video: Frat stud gets roped, tickled, caned and fucked

MetalbondNYC_tied_up_01 MetalbondNYC_tied_up_02

At Roped Studs, Muscular Jordan is roped on his back to a steel ladder dangling in mid-air, arms spread wide, legs spread even wider. “Oh fuck!” the frat stud screams. He knows why his legs are spread so wide: He is about to be fucked while bound and helpless. But first things first: Rope man J.J. wants to enjoy the beautiful, supple soles of Jordan’s feet. He alternates between tickling them and caning them, eliciting nervous laughter, then shriekes of pain. A little later, J.J. greases up that stretched asshole – and rams in a huge, black dildo. “Fuuucckkkk!” Jordan screams as his ass is drilled.


See all NINE videos of Jordan at Roped Studs

Rope Studs gay bondage video


Extreme bondage video: NoEscapeSlave in a full-body cast

NoEscapeSlave is casted in a full body fiberglass shell that holds him in one position until they decide to cut him out. They cut holes in the fiberglass to allow his friend DocRough to access his nipples and cock.


You can check out the full video on SeriousMaleBondage.com, which covers the entire casting process from beginning to end.

This is intense stuff!

Title of this update: NoEscapeSlave Fiberglass Casting