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Video: The Experiment

The guys at Serious Male Bondage love testing new gear – here is smokin’ hot Bruin in the awesome new GA-4 full-enclosure rubber suit from StudioGum. He wears a gas mask inside the hood of the suit, which has a pass-through fitting allowing him to breathe outside air. Once he is fully sealed into the suit, they suck all the air out. Further experimentation is required to achieve total immobilization, but hey, they’ve got the time.


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Title of this video: The Experiment



Video: Many layers of bondage and control

In this scene, the subject dons a tight latex catsuit and hood, and then gets zipped into a military survival suit. As you can see, this dude really likes the experience, especially when he has control of the vibrator.


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Title of this video: Bake-On Rubberpig

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Male bondage video: The flop-flop device

At SeriousMaleBondage they call this rig the ‘flip-flop’ device. Created by their resident inventor Dalton, it uses a suspended Maxcita sleepsack. The subject can be oriented either face-up or face-down. Both positions are quite relaxing and lend themselves to long-term confinement, especially since the head is completely supported. Once the subject is fully secured, he is monitored remotely from their office by a video link.


See the FULL VIDEO at SeriousMaleBondage.com

Title of this video: Mister X Double Bag Flip Flop