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Video: Anthony still has Matthew in inescapable bondage

Meanwhile at Dream Boy Bondage, Matthew Connor begs to be released, as his fantasy turns into a nightmare. But instead he is strung up and whipped until his naked body is covered with welts. Check out his tattoos!

Dream Boy Bondage video preview

“Let me go!” the twink begs, his naked body stretched between the ceiling and the floor. The master, Anthony Martin, mauls his body and fingers his pink asshole. “Please, I hafta go home!” he begs again. “Shut up,” Anthony replies, shoving a ball-gag into his captive’s mouth. He pulls Matthew’s head back by his hair, arching his lean pysique, then flogs him brutally, up and down his body. Young Matthew is learning an important lesson: the only fantasies that matter are those of the man with the whip. And this whip-master fantasizes about one thing: making captives suffer, covering their bodies with welts and fucking their tight assholes. Matthew cries out and gasps in pain, his whole body trembling. He’s not going anywhere.

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Title of this shoot: Matthew Connor – From Fantasy To Nightmare – Chapter 3

male bondage Dream Boy

Video: Prison sex behind bars

Kurt Klein has never been to prison and is cowering in the corner while Cesar Xes jerks on his bed. Cesar warns him that if he doesn’t toughen up things will get bad, real bad! Kurt has never fucked with guys before, just fooled around a little. Cesar decides to teach him what he needs to get by. He drops his pants and Kurt starts sucking. Cesar shows no mercy and rams his throat full of tough uncut Latin cock. Grabbing Kurt by the skull he slaps his dick around his face as Kurt kneels with pants down and only his jock covering his dick and balls. Kurt happily chows down on the musky meat — if this is prison sex, bring it on.

Prison sex behind bars

Cesar yanks down Kurt’s jock and gets a juicy mouthful of his ass to open his cellmate up for a hard prison fuck. Bending him over the hard steel “crapper” he slams in raw and hard. Kurt is into the rough treatment and begs for more as he reaches down to beat off his stiff meat. Kurt crouches on the hard cot and perks up his ass for Cesar to plow on in. Cesar grabs him by the hips and guides his cock in like a missile pulling all the way out then ramming in to the hilt.

Grabbing the bars, Kurt braces for a cum load, but Cesar wants to jerk into the newbie’s face. Kurt leans back over the toilet and Cesar spurts a hefty wad into his face, topping off this initiation with a big loogie of spit onto the new guy’s mouth.

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See the whole thing and much more at dominicpacifico.com

Title of this shoot: ENCHAINED: THE NEWBIE

male bdsm Kurt Klein has never been to prison

Video: A suspect gets fucked by a loss prevention officer

At Young Perps, a chiseled loss prevention officer has a feeling one of the customers at the store is in trouble with the law.

fucked by a loss prevention officer

He tells the guy he has an outstanding warrant for his arrest and makes him suck his veiny cock to keep the cops out of it. Then, he fucks the suspect’s hole raw!

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gay sex with handcuffs

Video: Tyler gets tickled to death

Check out Tyler Tickled, one of many videos at Tickled Hard — scroll down for a free video teaser clip. Tyler is new to tickling and bondage and obviously very excited about it. His big black cock gets hard just from putting the leather cuffs on. After locking Tyler’s ankles together, Franco ties back his wrists and tickles him in his armpits. Tyler’s hard dick bounces up and down as Franco tickles his soles and his muscular thighs. The sensation is so much that even when Franco stops, Tyler feels like he’s being tickled! Tyler laughs hysterically and bucks like a stallion when Franco tickles his pits and ribs. He’s ticklish on his back, sides, abs, everywhere! As Franco tickles his inner thighs, Tyler’s squealing laughter gets higher and higher until he can barely get a sound out. He shrieks and shivers wildly when Franco climbs on top and tickles him man-on-man, but it’s not over yet. Franco tapes Tyler’s ankles together and lifts them up with a suspension rope to expose his tender soles. He tickles Tyler’s feet with brushes, driving him wild. Finally, when Tyler is about to pass out, Franco quickly moves up to his massive, uncut cock and goes down on it whole. He blows an appreciative Tyler, who doesn’t take long to unload in Franco’s mouth, and after swallowing the last drop, Franco gives him one last surprise tickle.

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Video: Top-man Anthony edges Nigel for hours


This is from Dream Boy Bondage. Sexy top-man Anthony Martin keeps Nigel rock-hard – even though the captive is terrified and his nipples are screaming in pain. Anthony knows how to keep a cock hard, on the edge of cumming, sometimes for hours. Completely naked, his torso showing signs of the whip, Nigel moans in combination of pain, fear and desire, so ready to bust a load his body shakes from head to toe as Anthony works his cock and fingers his asshole. Finally, after edging him for hours, Anthony lets his prisoner’s cock erupt like a geyser. Even after he cums, Nigel remains rock-hard. His reward: More pain. Nigel screams as he’s stretched so wide his legs completely touch the ground. He’ll remain like that, doing the splits, overnight, chained in a dungeon, naked, blindfolded, gagged and helpless, whimpering in pain, his dick still oozing cum.

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Sexy top-man Anthony Martin keeps Nigel rock-hard

Video: Bondage sex in the bareback barracks

Captive Zak Bishop struggles against the cuffs and rope that ties him up in a standing position. He’s clad in black leather harness, dog collar and lace-up jockstrap. Dominic Pacifico enters to ask if he’s ready to be a good slave and chews on his tender nipples, slaps his smooth pink body from chest to thighs. Dominic clamps on a pair of screw-tightened tit clamps and roughly yanks them off. While he stares hungrily at Zak’s pale pink ass, Dominic unzips his jeans to let his dick pop out free. He jams his fingers into Zak’s pretty hair-lined hole, spanks him with a leather gloved hand till the prisoner’s butt is rosy pink.

Bondage sex in the bareback barracks

Dominic thwacks his captive with a stinging cat o’nine tails, kissing him between smacks to show who’s boss. Zak sticks his ass out for Daddy Dominic on cue, but still gets the sharp crack of the whip. Pulled down and free from his standing position, Zak is locked hands and head into a pillory, where he sucks “Daddy’s fat cock” for mercy. Nearly gagging, he tries valiantly to swallow the hard uncut meat. The cock-hungry captive drools a thick string of saliva, then licks Dominic’s big heavy nuts.

Zak Bishop male bdsm

Immobilized in the pillory, Zak sighs with relief and gratitude as Dominic gnaws on his hungry hole and coats it with thick saliva. Daddy stands with knees bent just a little as he rams Zak’s hole. Raw bareback cock slides in deep and Zak revels in each hard stroke. Eager to test his limits, Dominic gets out a giant toy and punches it into Zak’s ass, demanding that he thank Daddy for the anal invasion. Hole stuffed and stretched to the max, Zak’s entreaties finally get through to Dominic, who sets him free and plows into his loose slick ass.

Zak Bishop gets fucked

Zak’s body bounces and recoils from each hard smack of Daddy’s cock and balls. He begs for more “just like that” and begins stroking to the edge. Zak can’t hold back, splatters cum over the wooden box below. Dominic slams in roughly and pumps his seed into the quivering ass. Zak squeezes the load out of his throbbing open hole for Dominic to lick it up.

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Title of this shoot: BAREBACK BARRACKS

See the whole thing at dominicpacifico.com

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Video: Grindr bondage date turns from fantasy to nightmare

Check out what happens to Matthew in this bondage fantasy at Dream Boy Bondage. Matthew has fantasized about being dominated, whipped and fucked like a slave. Today his fantasy comes true; tomorrow it turns into a nightmare.

Grindr bondage date turns from fantasy to nightmare

Blond super-twink Matthew Connor has fantasized about being a slave. He wants to be bound and helpless, feel the sting of a whip then fucked by an older, stronger man. He even has a tattoo of a roped, submissive muscle-boy on his thigh. So, today, he heads over to Anthony Martin’s dungeon. Anthony promises “to go slow” and “be respectful” when he contacts him on Grindr. “Hey,” Anthony says with a smile when Matthew knocks on his door. Matthew takes of his pants, revealing a plump, firm ass. Soon he’s bent over a fuck-bench, wrists and ankles cuffed, the perfect twink-slave: lean and beautiful, innocent and compliant. He’s stripped naked. His ass is beat red as he moans and yelps. He’s terrified but totally turned on. He won’t realize that things have gone way too far and there’s no turning back until his virgin ass is ripped open by his new master’s giant cock. Be careful what you wish for!

Here is a free video preview:


See the entire video at Dream Boy Bondage – TWO new updates every Friday!

Title of this shoot: Matthew Connor – From Fantasy To Nightmare – Chapter 1

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