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Video: Blake Ellis – Total Submission

At Dream Boy Bondage, Blake has been physically trained by a dominant friend, Alex Killian, who convinces him to hit the gym, shave his body and get down on his knees and suck cock. Now in peak condition, Blake becomes a total submissive, tortured and fucked at will. The title of this video series is “Blake Ellis – Total Submission”

There are ELEVEN videos in this series from Dream Boy Bondage. Here is a free preview of Part 3:

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Video: Landon gets spread-eagled against wall

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Here is a free video clip of Landon at Roped Studs:

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Video: UltiMate Cybernetic Transformation Series


MaleBots is an electronic magazine and online community for men with interests involving sci-fi transformations. Topics include male cyborgs, androids, robots, electromechanical sex, genital modifications, cybernetic implants, virtual reality, mind control scenarios, physical augmentation, body painting-covering with various materials, and other sci-fi themes explored as an erotic interest. Many of the stories have bondage themes.

One of the more recent additions at Male Bots is a new, four-part story called “Connector 3000” by MaleBots member CybermanMo:

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Pictures and video: Jay at Roped Studs

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This is a great site with high-quality video, really awesome bondage and some VERY hot models! Like Jay, shown here in pictures and a video clip. This is some of what happens to Jay at Roped Studs:


jay06RS_3 jay06RS_4 jay06RS_6

Here is a free video preview of Jay at Roped Studs:


And here are a few more pictures of Jay at Roped Studs:

jay04RS_2 jay04RS_3 jay06RS_1 jay06RS_2

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