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Update from Metal: A List of Characters in ‘The Prison Writer’ Story

Hey prisoners, how are you enjoying the story ‘The Prison Writer’ by Joshua Ryan? At this point the first 16 chapters have appeared. There are five more yet to appear, for a total of 21 parts in all. Because there was a major shift in point of view in this story starting with Chapter 15, I thought it might be helpful to list the characters in the story.

These are my own notes that I jotted down while reading the entire series.


The Prison Writer by Joshua Ryan

The main characters in the story:


Steven Meres

Narrator of chapters 01 to 14

Aliases: 746051, Sten, Ven, Big Ven

A successful novelist who has a “side hustle” writing kinky prison stories.


Stanley Mason

The fake name Steven uses for his kinky stories.


Danny Brant

A character in Steven’s mainstream novels who gets locked up in prisons.



Steven’s literary agent


Norman Jarrelson

Steven’s attorney, married to Louis


Dean Brannigan

A hunky deputy sheriff who has read Steven’s novels and who makes Steven an offer.



Dean’s partner



A big hot tattooed convict



A convict who works as a barber


Sgt. Gideon

An officer who works prison intake


Finn Kolchak

Steven’s cellie



A convict



Alias: Nesto

A convict on the chain who also has had dealings with Dean Brannigan on the outside


Jet (aka Jeffrey) and Cameron

Convicts and cellies who are in love with each other. Cameron had dealings with someone on the outside.


Carl Owen Abbott III

Narrator of chapters 15 to 21

Aliases: Colly, Lassie, Dog

A wealthy college student who is fascinated by the novels and stories written by Steven Meres



Carl’s brother


Donald Harmon

An acquaintance of Carl and Wyatt who works at the DOC.


“the guy”

Donald’s connection (who may or may not exist), who can pull strings in the system.



Alias: Alec

a convict


As I mentioned, ‘The Prison Writer’ by Joshua Ryan is 21 chapters in all. If you have not been reading this story, you can click here to start at the beginning.

BONUS: Many shorter stories (with pictures) by Joshua Ryan are available at his Tumblr page, called Prison Process

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