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Male bondage artwork by Mitchell

Here are some vintage images from Mitchell, which are shared here with the permission of the artist:

artwork by Mitchell


Mitchell’s blog is here.

BONUS: Virtually everything Mitchell ever published is now available to view and download at the Mitchmen Club at Adonis Male, which requires you to sign up for a free membership. The club includes Mitchell’s illustrated version of the story of “Brick and the Mad Scientists” (that’s Brick the bodybuilder) by Steve McHalperin. Brick the artist did the original illustrations for the story.

Male BDSM on the Internet: Master slave lifestyle website

For those who are interested in learning more about the Master/slave lifestyle, a great website is masterslavelifestyle.com.

One of my favorite articles there is this one about the psychological aspects of long-term cage confinement (pictured above). The site also has tons of lifestyle articles and even podcasts, including one featuring English Leather Master and his slave (pictured below):

English Leather Master and his slave

The site is created by controlledslave of Recon.

Click for masterslavelifestyle.com


Remembering Master Jack

I learned yesterday with great sadness that Master Jack passed away a few months ago, in November 2021, of a heart attack. Over more than two decades, Master Jack hosted countless men from all over the world for heavy, multi-day bondage scenes at his home dungeons in California and then in Arizona.

Master Jack was also a trailblazer on the Internet with his very own subscription-based website — Bondagezine — which dated all the way back to the 1990s and had tons of hot stories, photographs and lots of original videos.

Master Jack Bondagezine

Although it was a bit clunky, the Bondagezine site was a vast resource. Sadly, it is no longer available. This is a shame because the site had so much irreplaceable content. Master Jack also had a second site called Bondagemaster, which is still online although I suspect it too might be coming down soon.

Master Jack Bondagemaster


Master Jack didn’t share many pictures of himself, but here are a few pictures of some of the many prisoners he hosted over the years, taken from his website:

Master Jack Bondagezine


Master Jack also encouraged and inspired countless other men over the years, including Mark Bind, PFC Pflege — and myself! If anyone would like to share any memories of Master Jack, I invite you to post a comment in the comments section below, or you can send me an email.

Kristofer Weston in serious metal bondage

This is fucking hot as hell. Kristofer Weston is restrained in heavy locking metal bondage in a video at Serious Male Bondage.

Kristofer Weston is the real deal. He’s immensely talented and nice — and smokin’ HOT!

A really good article about Kristofer is here.

Check out his own awesome bondage blog here.

More postings about Kristofer on the Metalbond site here.

Kristofer’s Metalbond Q&A is here.

VIDEO of the above-pictured action at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: NICE CUM SHOT!