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Enter Reality – Part 04

By ty dehner

Is this the end?

ty dehner gay bondage storiesIt took me a couple of hours to write the story for this leather master. The writing was difficult at times, as my focus would stray from the written word to the pain in my ass as the steel plug would ramp up the electroactivity. But I was able to conclude my writing and provide Chris with the signal that I had completed it and saved the file to the folder that he had instructed me to. Now I had to wait for him to read it. The screen went black and I was alone in the bondage, hearing my breathing as I awaited my fate.

The fresh air filled the space and my nose picked up his scent as I was aware that Chris had read my work and would render my verdict. The light filled the small space that I had been trapped in for several hours. My cock grew a bit as I thought about the results of my writing about the power that Chris has taken over me.

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Masturbator Robert Black and his Sexual Heroes podcast

Check out Robert Black. Back in the day he appeared in a number of kink-themed porn shoots. He’s smoking hot if you ask me, and toay he is popular in the solo sex scene. For those of you who are not locked in chastity at the moment, you might be inspired to enjoy a nice long bate session listening to one of his podcasts, several of which feature leather and/or BDSM related themes.

robert black masturbator


Robert Black’s official website is here.

You can also follow him on Twitter

And be sure to check out his Sexual Heroes podcast.

Robert Black Sexual Heroes

The erotic male bondage artwork of Joe T

Here are a few works by Joe T. — used here with the permission of the artist:

erotic male bondage artwork of Joe T

What I like about this artist’s work is his depiction of hyper-masculine men engaging in totally inescapable bondage. Some of his works involve peril play, others humiliation. When looking at these pictures I fantasize about how the captives got into the predicaments they are in. At the same time, I am fascinated by the sadistic glee shown by their captors!

gay bonage art Joe T.

You can read more about Joe T. on the Mitchmen site by clicking here.

Joe T. male BDSM artwork

Metal would like to thank Joe T. for allowing me to share these images! Watch for additional postings featuring artwork by Joe T. in the coming weeks and months.

Joe T. bondage artwork

Bog – Part 1

By ty dehner

ty dehner bondage storiesThe soft muddy soil spreads out beneath the tall cypress trees that have been growing over the decades in these wetlands that sit just east of the big modern city. There is a shallow layer of dirty water, looking like glass, settled between the wild grasses and mounds of dirt. The calm breeze makes the moss slowly sway, providing a calmness in this area with no direct sunlight.

These bogs sometimes have stories shared by locals about happenings that occur when the weather is right. Most just dismiss them to the art of telling a scary story during a stormy night or for a party during Halloween. Few people ever venture deep into bogs, preferring to stay safe and warm in the open areas that they can see what might happen. But for a rare few, the bog provides an escape from the world we live in today. Here a person can be who they want, no one to bother them, no one requires them to follow the rules. Just be alone, content, and maintain their life as they want to.

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