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Announcement: Boot Lust closes down

The male fetish website Boot Lust has gone down, apparently after a dispute with their online payment processor. They posted a notice about this here.

Boot Lust closes down

This is really sad news, coming on the heels of the Tumblr purge of dick pics and other acts of online censorship. And being a boot fetishist myself, I am going to really miss Boot Lust. They had some really fun and imaginative content, most of it delivered with a playful sense of humor.

I have featured many blog postings about Boot Lust over the years, and I am going to keep those postings up — because the pictures are so hot — although the links will no longer work.

Meanwhile, you might find some of the Boot Lust content on the pay-per-download site Best Deaths.

Do-it-yourself restraint equipment: Multi-functional Bondage Stool

Check out this bondage stool in use, as seen on bdsmboy26’s awesome website, Bondage Predicaments.

bdsmboy26 website Bondage Predicaments

On his site (which is free), bdsmboy26 offers a how-to manual for this and many other pieces of restraint equipment that you can build!

Click for Bondage Predicaments


NOTE: Viewing the site does not require registering for basic features, but registering gives you so much more, and it’s free and easy to sign up. Highly recommended!

What Van Darkholme is up to these days

Visitors to the Metalbond site will recognize Van Darkholme, of Bound Gods and the many other Kink.com sites. Today, Van lives in the Carolinas, where is building a bondage camp! Here are some pictures from his personal website — which contains updates from Van, plus many more pictures and some cool videos:

Van Darkholme gay bondage

You can see Van Darkholme’s personal blog by clicking here

Also be sure to check out his work at KinkMen.com

Speaking of Van, this is my favorite picture of him:

Van Darkholme

Metalbond mail about a popular gay cuckolding story

Some recent emails from Metalbond readers:

Hi Metal,

Hope all is well. Thanks for your awesome site.

I have a question regarding “Roger.” Is there a longer version of this incredible story with a very provocative end? I love the stories you post, but “Roger” is my favourite.

—s tom


Dear Metal,

Hi! I’m a big fan of the “Roger” series on Metalbond and was wondering if anyone could continue the story? It was definitely left open ended. Can you find an author to continue that? Do you have any more cuckold-themed stories you can post on the site?

—Chicago Leatherman


Metal responds:

Dear s tom and Chicago Leatherman,

Oh fuck yeah, I agree with you guys that “Roger” is a really hot story! I’m afraid the author has not promised any new updates for that one, but he has teased me with a brand new story at some point.

In case you have not already read them, there are two other gay cuckold stories in the Prison Library: Gay Male Cuckold: A True Story and How My Cuckolding Fantasy Came True.

But I don’t have any new gay cuckold stories to share at this time. I sure wish I did!

There are (were) a whole bunch of gay cuckolding pages on Tumblr, including cucktales69, cancuck and fuck-yeah-gay-cuckolds (plus many others). These pages had lots of content before Tumblr banned porn, and I am not sure if you can even see their content anymore. There are also several eBooks on Amazon, including Cuckolded: How My Husband Found His Boyfriend. And if you are on FetLife, there are at least two gay cuckold groups there (Gay Cuckold Personals and Gay Cuckolds & Cuckolding) that I am aware of.

Meanwhile, if you yourself — or anyone reading this — would like to write a gay cuckold story, especially one involving bondage and/or chastity, please feel free!