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Rubberzone launches a new format: Rubbermen Magazine & Blog

The men behind the popular Rubberzone site are introducing a new format: Rubbermen Magazine & Blog. Now, content updates will be able to occur more frequently!

Rubbermen Magazine & Blog

The new content includes a brand new video, Part 1 of “Drone-Gimp Edging Session 246813.” This exclusive footage, smuggled from the Center for Control Research archives, depicts ongoing research activities focused on mind control through restraint, erotic stimulation, and denial.

rubber bondage prisoner

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Rubbermen bondage blog and stories

TBT: Jim Stewart and the history of Fetters

I think in all of bondage, my favorite restraints are the “darbies-style” handcuffs and leg cuffs, shown here:

Jim Stewart and the history of Fetters


The picture above is from the website of a guy named Louis, who has a site on Tumblr dedicated to “Straitjackets, medical restraints and more.” You can click to see his blog (which has NOT been censored by Tumblr!) by clicking here.

As Louis writes on his site, these cuffs and much more were sold by Jim Stewart (of blessed memory) and his company, Fetters.

You can learn more about Jim and the history of Fetters by clicking here.

Also, be sure to check out Jim’s very extensive website, featuring tons of content — including lots of stories — available here.

JimmyUSMC has launched his own website

Many readers of the Metalbond site are familiar with JimmyUSMC, aka Heavybondageforlife, who is so fucking hot if you ask me:

JimmyUSMC, aka Heavybondageforlife

Jimmy’s enthusiasm for bondage is an inspiration. As you know, this muscular and tattooed adventurer with a beautiful smile has been featured extensively on Serious Male Bondage and Men In Chains.

Now — in what is certainly good news for anyone who cannot get enough of this guy — he has launched his very own website:


Jimmy’s new site features lots of videos, photo sets and pay-per-view content. It’s definitely worth checking out — especially if you are interested in seeing Jimmy interact with female play partners.

muscular and tattooed adventurer with a beautiful smile


Hint: Another place to see even more of Jimmy is on the all-male Just for Fans page of RopeTrainKeep. And, you can always follow Jimmy on Twitter, at @for_heavy

You can almost hear him scream

Looking at these images, you can almost hear the captive military prisoner scream as his sadistic captors crank up the juice connected to his ’nads.

Sparkie Shock military torture

These “military torture” images are by the erotic artist Sparkie Shock. This artwork is shared here with the permission of the artist. You can learn much more about Sparkie Shock and support him at his Patreon page.

Sparkie Shock

Announcement: Boot Lust closes down

The male fetish website Boot Lust has gone down, apparently after a dispute with their online payment processor. They posted a notice about this here.

Boot Lust closes down

This is really sad news, coming on the heels of the Tumblr purge of dick pics and other acts of online censorship. And being a boot fetishist myself, I am going to really miss Boot Lust. They had some really fun and imaginative content, most of it delivered with a playful sense of humor.

I have featured many blog postings about Boot Lust over the years, and I am going to keep those postings up — because the pictures are so hot — although the links will no longer work.

Meanwhile, you might find some of the Boot Lust content on the pay-per-download site Best Deaths.