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The erotic male bondage artwork of Sparkie Shock

This one will go under the tag of “torture” plain and simple. Sparkie Shock has created a new gif animation. It’s too big a file for me to host here, but if you click on the image below you can view and/or download from Dropbox:

Sparkie Shock

This image and link are used here with permission of the artist. In an email to me, Sparkie says this new work is the quality level he’s aiming for in his movies with regards to color, tone and a photorealistic look. An earlier but more theatrical animation that he plans to re-render at some point is available here.

To see much more from this talented artist, please go to his Patreon page — located here — where you can patronize him!

Ryan’s electro torture

Check out this animated gif by Sparkie Shock – this is NSFW and not for the squeamish!



See much more by erotic artist Sparkie Shock on his Patreon site.

‘Torture porn’ artist Sparkie Shock

Check out these works by 3D artist Sparkie Shock — shared here with his permission. If you like fantasizing about muscle bondage, torture, kidnapping and other dark themes, he’s definitely worth checking out!

torture porn artist Sparkie Shock

In an email to me, Sparkie Shock described his art as “torture porn” — and he also sent me an animated gif that really got my attention! You can see much more from this artist on his Patreon and Tumblr pages, as well as his main website.

HINT: If you pledge to support him via Paetron, he’ll give you access to additional content. I already signed up!

Sparkie Shock

Slave to fashion

According to the description, this film by artist VENFIELD8, For Your Gods, featuring model/DJ Brian Maier. is a “meditation of the fetishization of designer labels and illustrates the erotic currency in the extreme.”

“Seen as a metaphor, consumers are instructed to respond to luxury in very specific and predetermined ways,” the description continues.

HINT: For best results watch this in full screen mode!