The Craftsmen — The Final Chapter

By Marknorth

Almost 7 months had passed since Roger was locked up in his suit.  The longest that I had kept him in it was about 12 days.  Then the suit was removed and he was allowed to shower, get all of his hair removed, “relax” in his solitary cell for a few days – then he was locked back up.  I varied the duration that he was in the suit and the time he was out to keep him off balance.  After a few of these cycles he had become very compliant and did not struggle against my guards when it was time to be locked back in.  While he was locked in the suit I enjoyed taunting him from time to time.  I never knew exactly what I was going to say when I picked up the mic from the monitoring console, but something always came to me.  These mind games were an important part of his imprisonment (for me anyway).

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Hood with a view

Padded Cell Inmate Metalbond 01Padded Cell Inmate Metalbond 02Padded Cell Inmate Metalbond 03

The Warden explains the pictures shown above:

He has on a boxer’s head guard that has been fitted with TV glasses that show the same as if you’re watching a 50-inch TV screen, then they are in turn hooked up to an iPod so he has NO wires attached to him and then he was shown a 3-hour-long film of a LONG walk through open trees and blue skies with a dog running around as free as a bird.

Of course with the straitjacket on and arms crossed and with having nothing else to do, he was forced to watch it.

This hood device has been used a few times in the past few days, and he has been shown back his OWN situation through the glasses.

The three-hour walk had sections in it that clipped back to him in the Cell and saying NO.


That’s very evil of you, Warden!  Please keep the pictures and the hot scenarios coming!



Paul writes:

Now that’s cruel!


Rubbearman writes:

Oh the possibilities of which HOT movies to show: Niagara Falls, grass growing, mud pit swims, muscle worship, Fantasia …. GRRRR!


Sick Puppy

That is cruel and unusual punishment – it makes me hard just thinking about it.



There’s quite a selection of good movies the inmate could be forced to watch.

I think he should get movies of people having sex, since he’s all alone in his cell.



That is a very, very devious and evil device … I like it, something to keep in mind for future inmates for sure, I specially like the idea of showing him his own situation. Is it just video or he has audio too?


The Warden

At present he can only see himself in real time, but it could be made to do audio too but so much better to keep him deaf n quite.

Yes it has LOTS of possibilities including hypnosis, which I know the Governor is VERY intrigued by.