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Hard cop dick down the throat

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In this video, Draven Torres the perp needs to learn how to respect the badge, and nothing accomplishes that more than a hard cop dick down the throat. The cop uses his nightstick to encourage a deeper face fuck. It works.

Title of this video: Breaking and Entering: Part 10

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The First Load Up

By SlickChaser

At some point, 27 and dumb, I realized dating wasn’t my thing. I didn’t care for girls, guys or both in a long term relationship in terms of life goals like buying a house, having kids or going above and beyond to look impressive to social media. I did want to experience some levels lf BDSM without the same commitments. Some dabble in one location with a munch group eventually lead to some dabbling with a bi-man (called “Gerry” for this story) after moving to a new location and job.

Gerry responded to some posted messages on a FetLife board post with my new local munch. Over time, I would visit and the order of operation was pretty simple; he would use some bondage gear and his setup mini-dungeon in the 2nd bedroom of his condo while I had to provide something everytime to help elevate the experience. Week one it was a ball gag head harness; week two a zipper PVC hood with only nostril and mouth opening; week three a collar he recommended; week four a new set of leather cuffs; week five a leather chest harness and butt plug harness with various sizes butt plugs. It was week five when the experience became a two sided affair, quite literally.

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The Bear Trap – Part 11

By FirefighterSIR

Part 11: Summer Nights

Summer nights dragged on more than winter nights it seemed.  It was not that the night was so long, but the sounds mixed with the heat lingering in the camp kept the slave up long past the time he should have slept. Crickets whined all around the fenced compound where the Captain’s tiny cabin stood and the wicked laughter of coyotes echoed through the canyons near and far.  The sound would first be of one lone coyote calling out in short howls then he would be answered by a yip or a bark.

Then more voices would chime in and gather.  Then silence, until the pack had cornered some wayward jackrabbit.  At the kill excited howls and barks would become a frightening garble of voices that would cut off suddenly, total silence.  That is when the slave would worry, looking, imagining red eyes glowing at the edge of the dark brush, looking to find a way into the compound, to him, as he lay vulnerable, caged like a chicken in a coop.

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