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Dungeon suck and fuck with bondage and discipline

Matej Borzik is shackled in the dungeon as his master, Marek Borek, enters the room. He places a gag into the naked Matej’s mouth and then releases him from the shackles. He pulls Maten onto the floor, between his legs and immediately removes the gag. Marek rubs Matej’s face over his solidly hard cock. Pulling it out of his underwear, he then pushes Matejs mouth down on that cock. Matej’s hot mouth bobs on the beautiful curve, and rock-hard dick. He sucks it so well as Marek guides his head. Matej licks the balls and up and down the shaft too, as he continues his sucking. Then he is moved to a table and laid on it, with his wrists and head in the stocks. Marek’s cock goes back into that mouth and he reaches over and spanks on Matej’s ass too. He fucks his cock into the open mouth and whips Matej’s back to encourage some good sucking. Marek then moves behind Matej and shoves his throbbing cock deep into his tight ass. Matej moans as he takes that hard cock all the way into his hole. He is whipped as well while his ass takes that rock hard cock, stretching his hole. Marek turns Matej over and continues to fuck his tight hole, making him moan as the dick works in and out. Ready to cum Marek moves to Matej’s face and dumps his load all over it. He shoves his cock into the mouth again to have it cleaned off. The he release Matej to kneel and wank himself off too. Then Marek takes his sexy subject back to the cage.

Title of this shoot: Marek and Matej RAW – Duty Bound

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A cocksucker is held prisoner with chains and a wooden rod

Casper can’t refuse the big length of uncut cock slapping him in the face, but you can see he might not want to refuse it anyway, he loves cock and he loves gagging on it. He gets his wish, as Xavier stuffs his greedy gob, face fucking his captive and making him drink every drop of precum leaking from his tool, taking a break only to secure the prisoner more with chains and a wooden rod. With a blindfold over his eyes his captive is made to worship it, swallowing his tool, milking pre out of it and sucking obediently until Xavier is ready to pull out and splash his hot cum all over Casper’s face! The cum-covered meat is soon back in his gob, he likes the taste of a hot load.

cocksucker is held prisoner

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Title of this video: The Boy Is Just A Sex Toy – Part 2

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Hidden Detention — Part 06

By Desert Pioneer

The move out the door takes Jack by surprise as he retreats behind a tree. Jack’s thinking that things are now ending is overruled as he watches Officer Merce light up a pipe full of weed and instruct all three to inhale. Soon Roy heads back in saying he’s got some cardio to do, while the other three remain outside for a bit longer. Giving them a few minutes to settle Jack puts his face back to the same peephole.

First off, Jack sees Feller at the jail cell that had bound Street Punk. Officer Merce is just tightening up the straitjacket on Feller and uses leather shackles to bind his legs at the knees and ankles. Merce carefully sits Feller on the floor with his legs straight out and secures him to the bottom part of the cell. He adds a collar that he also locks to the bars, denying Feller the ability to move his head. Merce tightens Feller’s hood and snaps the blinders over his eyeholes, leaving him without a sense of sight. Feller’s head is reduced to a pussy-like white-gray bushy circle surrounding his lips mounted on a leather-covered orb. Merce squats down using his fingers to inspect the hole that had serviced him earlier. Finally, he pulls up his chair in front of Feller, providing himself a full view of the others while he uses Feller’s shoulders for a footrest.

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A New Colleague — Part 03

By Suitandbondagelover

Each waiter pair surrounds their respective prisoner and lifting them by the arm leads them to a door that opens in front of the first one. There is a staircase that goes down and we arrive in a large room. There is a bar where several men are already have a drink, all in suits and black ties, the same uniform as our Masters. Some wear a Venetian mask so that they cannot be recognized. The room is equipped with all bondage equipment and all submission gear that you can dream of. There is a stage where the waiters direct the prisoners.

We are placed on stage by our prisoner numbers. The waiters force us to our knees. We stay in this position for a long time. Every now and then a Master walks up and inspects one or the other prisoner. No sound is reaching my ears anymore and I guess it’s the same with the other prisoners.

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Island Master UK – Part 13

By Wakeysub

Master Green stood up and walked over to the large, panelled wall. He pressed a button and the panel slid back smoothly and silently. Inside was a toy cupboard that would put most speciality gay kink stores to shame. Even from where I was lying, I could see toys and devices to cover just about every known kink and fetish I could think about, and then some that I just couldn’t imagine what they would be used for. He leant into the racking and retrieved a thick leather strap. He doubled it over and smacked it down on his open hand. He seemed to delight in the loud smack it made as it struck his hand.

He smiled down at me as he walked back towards the bed. I couldn’t stop myself staring at his gorgeous body and his bulging jock. I was aching to see what was inside the jock. I needed to pleasure him again. Every part of my body existed solely to give this god of a man pleasure. He stood next to the bed and looked down at my stretched, exposed, vulnerable body lying there.

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What to wear while sucking cock



Once you put this hood on you are nothing but a hole for all the tops in the room. There’s nothing quite like getting used and never seeing your abuser. The only way you can tell who is raping your throat is by the size of his meat!

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