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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 13

By AlphaMetal

Day 6, Early Morning – Cody on the Bondage Table

Cody, Pretty Boy, and the Colonel were lined up in front of the large, solid bondage table in the intake room, the one with rings along its top, bottom, and sides. Wrestler wasn’t there; he was still shackled to his cot in the dormitory.

The Commander told Cody to take off his clothes and lay on the table on his back, and the boy quickly pulled off his prison scrubs and underwear and climbed onto the table. The Commander handed the Colonel a small basket with four leather restraints, four large open padlocks, and four small open padlocks, and told the Colonel to restrain Cody spread-eagle to the table. Usually Alpha would have done this, Cody thought, but for some reason the Commander directed the Colonel to perform the task. There was something different about the Colonel than the other boys but Cody still couldn’t figure it out.

Cody spread his arms and the Colonel began to buckle a restraint on one of Cody’s wrists. “Make them tight,” the Commander said, and the Colonel moved the pin of the buckle to the next hole so the restraint gripped Cody’s wrist with no room to spare. The Colonel locked the restraint with one of the small padlocks and then did the same thing to Cody’s other wrist, and then he used two of the large padlocks to attach Cody’s wrist restraints to rings on opposite sides of the table.

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 12

By AlphaMetal

Day 4, Evening – Cody Is Released

Cody had dozed in his straightjacket but woke as he felt the hood pulled off his head. When his eyes finally adjusted to the light he saw the Commander smiling, which was not something Cody had seen before. “You have been here for twelve hours,” the Commander said. “I am proud of you.”

Cody felt proud of himself as well. And he knew the Commander would tell Sir and that Sir would be proud of him also.

Cody felt Alpha unbuckle the straps of the straightjacket but he didn’t want to be released; he felt hugged, held, and protected and didn’t want the feeling to end. But Alpha released the straps and gently removed the rubber straightjacket from Cody’s sweat-covered body, and then handed him a large soft towel so he could dry himself off.

Alpha was holding Cody’s underwear and prison uniform but did not hand them back to Cody, who remained naked next to the chair. The door of the small building opened and Cody’s Sir walked in. Cody was filled with joy. “I am proud of you, boy,” Sir said. “You didn’t know I was here but I watched you most of the time you were in that straightjacket.”

Sir looked at his boy’s strong naked body with love and admiration and then wrapped his arms around Cody and hugged him. “I have to leave now but I am proud of you.” And then Sir turned to the Commander and said, “Thank you.”

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Dirk Caber does face-fuck push-ups over Drake Jaden

At Daddy’s Bondage Boys – a  site where Metalbond readers get 40 percent off their first month – it’s Drake Jaden’s turn to get face and ass fucked. On his back with this legs forced open, Drake has no choice but to take whatever Dirk Caber has to offer. Dirk stuffs his dick down Drake’s throat, complete with face-fuck push-ups!

Title of this shoot: In Hell Part 9

Keywords: Ass Play, Dicksucking, Military

Features: Drake Jaden, Dirk Caber

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Tied-up cocksucker

This is my favorite shoot ever featuring Derek da Silva, featured at Daddy’s Bondage Boys. Cullen Cable orally serves Master Derek da Silva — doing what he does best, while tied up! Derek takes full advantage of his captive until he cannot help but explode all over his face.

Title of this shoot: Training Play Part 7

Keywords: rope bondage, piercings, hairy, daddy, face fucking, deepthroat, sucking

With: Derek da Silva, Cullen Cable

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Matt Stevens shows Draven Torres how to respect the badge

Here’s a preview from the men of Daddy’s Bondage Boys! In this shoot, Draven Torres (the perp) needs to learn how to respect the badge (Matt Stevens), and nothing accomplishes that more than a hard cop dick down the throat. The cop uses his nightstick to encourage a deeper face fuck. It works.

Matt Stevens shows Draven Torres how to suck cop cock

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Daddy’s Bondage Boys

Keywords: bondage, muscle, oral, nipple play

Models in this shoot: Draven Torres, Matt Stevens

Title of this shoot: Perp Gets Hard Time Part 8

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Tied up butt naked and eager to please

Clyde is ready, tied to a trolley, butt naked, and eager to please Master Aaron, needless to say that this won’t be easy for the captive! Aaron’s first humiliation for the prisoner is licking his feet, which apparently are sweaty whilst he plays with his cock and balls with the other foot, rubbing, and patting, but don’t be fooled, Clyde actually enjoys this as his boner shows! Aaron knows that it shouldn’t all please the captive, so he makes the prisoner sniff and lick his sweaty underwear, before face-fucking the still-tied captive. Of course, this is only the beginning, preparing the captive for what yet is to come, which undoubtedly is Master Aaron pleases himself by fucking the prisoner’s tight hole!

male BDSM

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Site: MyDirtiestFantasy.com

Title: Breaking Clyde Sc.1 Pt.1 – Master Aaron, Clyde Walton

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Male BDSM porn: Alexander Gustavo’s Nightmare

At Bound Gods, Alexander Gustavo has been locked in a chest for days, but that’s a much safer predicament than what awaits: tasers, whipping and cattle prods.


Christian Wilde just finished a long graveyard shift, and now he needs to unwind. Lucky for Christian, he has a plaything awaiting him in his dingy apartment — Alexander Gustavo, locked in a chest. Christian wrests the abducted stud out from the chest and binds him to a cabinet. Alexander tries to resist the torment as Christian torments his vulnerable body. Christian painfully twists his prey’s nipples and crushes his balls with work boots before bringing out a taser, zapping Alexander’s pecs and balls. After a deep face fucking, Christian tears Alexander’s nerves to shreds as he traces a cattle prod around his balls before delivering a cruel shock of electricity.

37894_0 37894_2

Next, Christian ties Alexander over his bed posts where he takes brutal whipping and flogging. Christian then ravages Alexander with a fucksaw, pulling the trigger to full power. Now with Alexander’s hole prepared for Christian’s massive cock, Alexander takes a mean fucking over a web of ropes.

37894_8 37894_15

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