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Sex shop thief gets fucked and pissed on

A hot thief gets gang fucked and showered with piss in a sex arcade


Silas O’Hara was caught stealing a dildo at a local sex shop, and the guys are just getting started with him. Silas is bound in the middle of the store with a gag in his mouth as everyone comes up rubbing all over his body. Everyone says Silas’ skin isn’t red enough so they break out the flogger and beat the stud from front to back. Once he’s nice and red they torment Silas’ cock and balls with the zapper before having him crawl to the back arcade.


Jay Cloud is waiting with his big fat cock for the stud to come service cock. Everyone takes turns shoving their cocks through the glory hole as Jay shoves Silas’ head down on every cock. The guys take turns fucking his ass left and right before blasting him in the face with cum. They let Silas blow his load and shove his head to the floor for him to lick it all up. Before they let the little thief go they hold him down and hose him off as they take turns pissing on him.


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gay bondage

ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 09

By Nitro

Jake turned the lights down a bit over his toy and sat back, enjoying watching the peaceful sleep he was enjoying.

It’s only been three short days, but it feels like he has had his new boy for much longer. While Ian slept, Jake started silently preparing some things for the evening ahead. He walked over to the short but long steel cage and opened the door and slid out the floor panel. The cage was long enough to hold a man lying flat, but short enough that it can’t sit up, being only about 18 inches tall. He laid out the leather sleep sack with built-in arm sleeves.

He walked over to Ian and while he was still asleep he started working his cock into a small cock cage with imbedded dull spikes inside the crown. As he was just about to click the lock shut he noticed his boy was slowly waking up.



“That will keep your wood under control for me, faggot.” He said as he rubbed the very sore balls.


He reached over and started up clipping the restraints, and helped his boy sit up on the table. Ian was moving awkwardly because of the thick posture collar, but he slowly sat up and put his full weight on the large plug up his hole.

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Earn It Pup – Chapter 6

By Pup Shaggy

The first strike was gentle. It hit across my back diagonally from my shoulder blades to my waist. It didn’t hurt, I turned my head as much as I could to see Alex standing there winking at me, standing there with the flogger in his hand, delivering another blow… this time harder. So far this was easy… but then the third struck and it started to sting a bit making me grunt.

I shuffled a little, pulling weakly at the chain over me just to settle myself. And then the forth hit me… that one I felt. I could feel my legs start to shake, feeling my arse quiver. I was sucking in a gasp of air when the fifth struck me and I couldn’t help but yelp loudly. He’d kept hitting me with stronger intensity, and the fifth strike almost lined up with the first making it sting even harsher. Alex was quick to come to my side with a smile, scratching the hood in between my ears.

“Shhh, good boy, now that you know what it feels like…” he left me a second to return, and after a quick re-adjustment, my hood was now a plain dog-hood; no gag, no gas-mask attachment, just a hollow long nose full of fresh air. Of course, I still had to be quiet, but I was free to speak. Mainly I think it was just for me to tell Alex to stop if I’d had enough. My whimpers were still slightly muffled so that was all good.

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Video: Handcuffed prison bitch

gag the fag handcuffs

Levy Foxx is part of a “gang” of young Asian tough guys who steal beer and candy bars from local stores. Levy – the best looking of them – is the only one held by the cops after the gang is arrested. Slender and smooth, Levy is sent not to a traditional jail but to the special facility at Dream Boy Bondage. He is cuffed by his wrists and ankles, stripped to his underwear and placed in a small cage. Levy knows something strange is happening, but he has no idea what. “Do you know why you are here?” Martin Thorn, a prison guard dressed in black, asks as he reaches into the tiny cage and caresses Levy’s body and grabs his cock. “No!” Levy says, terrified. Martin just smiles. “You know what happens to prisoners like you in prison?” he asks, as Levy shakes his head. “You are going to suck a lot of dick,” he says as he pulls Levy out of the cage, handcuffs him to it and forces him down on his knees, then removes his own pants and shoves his cock into the prisoner’s mouth. Levy cries and gasps for air as he’s forced to swallow Martin’s rock-hard cock.

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Title of this shoot: Levy Foxx – Prison Bitch – Part 1

handcuffs gag gthe fag

Daddy bondage

DILF in bondage

Meanwhile at BreederFuckers, Ian is dressed like a businessman but they treat him like a fucking animal as he’s tied down on his hands and knees. Time to reveal what a beast this muscular macho prick really is by shredding his clothes and showing off his tough tattooed naked body. He bucks in rage as his arse is rapidly lashed but there’s nothing he can do to escape his deserved punishment. They are going to train this straight DILF to be a bitch even if it breaks him! His sphincter is rammed open as Dave shoves a big fat dildo up him. They heckle him to fuck himself on it while he struggles to rhythmically push his arse back. At the same time he’s ordered to chow down on a dick, but the useless prisoner can barely lick the tip. They ram their cocks in his gob even as his face goes beet red and he hurls all over the carpet. It’s going to take dedicated and regular fucking to train this bastard’s mouth and arse!

hot bondage daddy

VIDEO at BreederFuckers – new updates every Wednesday

DILF tied up

Officer Maguire uses and abuses Brendon Scott

Also at Bound Gods, a new punk endures crazy bondage and gets face fucked by Officer Maguire


Officer Connor Maguire has just caught perp Brendon Scott and quickly cuffs his hands behind his back. The muscled officer torments the prisoner’s nipples before giving Brendon’s big cock a beating with the crop. Bound in rope, Brendon is then tormented with the flogger before he is made to swallow the officer’s rock hard cock. Officer Maguire rams his cock deep inside Brendon’s tight ass while suspended in mid-air. After receiving a load of cum on his face, Brendon is brought down to the ground with a nightstick shoved up his ass until Officer Maguire milks a load out of the captive’s cock

37213_7 37213_9 37213_12

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Billy Santoro submits to Christian Wilde

At Bound Gods, a helpless Billy Santoro awaits, locked in iron with duct tape across his mouth at the mercy of Christian Wilde.


Painful clamps pinch all down Billy’s muscled body, while heavy weights dangle from his balls. After the helpless stud endures each clamp being cropped from his flesh, he’s bent over and made to swallow Mr. Wilde’s hard cock before being tormented with the flogger. Chained down like an animal, Billy bites down on the bit gag tightly placed in his mouth as Christian furiously fucks him from behind. Billy is finished off with a load of hot cum all over his face.

37216_1 37216_5 37216_12

Models in this shoot: Billy Santoro and Christian Wilde

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