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Killian gets breederfucked in handcuffs

Sprawled naked on the floor with his hands cuffed behind his back, Killian must wait to be sexually used and controlled. It’s now his profession to service any dick that’s presented in front of his face. But this fucker needs to be trained in how to make men’s cocks stiff. Adrian bullies the hetero issuing stern commands and pushing his head down until Killian properly deep throats. The surprising thing is that this servitude actually turns this straight whore on! He grows a shameful stiffy which Adrian and Dave mock as they plunge into his arsehole and ram their dicks down his throat. Even when he’s made to rim Dave while being fucked Killian’s prick is gushing with precum!

male bdsm handcuffs

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show me your cuffs

Video: Killian fights back

Meanwhile at BreederFuckers, proud, sporty man Killian is trapped in the most hellish position imaginable for a hetero! The bastard is strapped down to the discipline bench with his arse pointing in the air so they can freely grope and comment on his masculine body all they want. Scroll down for a free video preview.

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Killian grows increasingly enraged, fighting furiously against his shackles and swearing in his sexy Irish accent. They sniff and fondle the rubbery knot of his tempting pink hole and the fucker can’t do anything about it except buck against his straps like a wild beast. But they are not content just taking pervy thrills; they want him to beg for cock! Killian receives sadistic and relentless punishment until they break him. Not only does his arse go red from his beating, but his face and chest also flare red in his absolute rage! The filthy animal loses all bodily control and releases a stream of piss. With his arse already throbbing in pain, his further spanking is excruciating. Not only does the straight captive finally ask for cock, but he must watch them laughing in his face while they thrust their dicks up his virgin bumhole. Burning in shame, he takes loads over his freshly plowed arse and stricken face.

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male bondage

Video: Blake has a steel collar bolted on and chained to the wall

Scroll down for a video teaser from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, novice slave Blake grimaces under the whip and gags on his master’s cock but is completely resigned to his fate. He is a pain-slave to be tortured and fucked at will.

Blake is chained to the wall

Master Alex Killian has turned Blake Ellis into a completely submissive pain-slave, a captive who exists to be tortured, fucked and forced to suck cock on command. Blake crouches, naked, chained in the dungeon, a heavy, steel collar bolted around his neck. Blake is a novice slave with a hint of his previous life still present: He pulls on the tight collar and gags when a cock is rammed down his throat, but he is completely resigned to his fate. This combination of helpless resistance and total submission makes Alex wild with desire. He attaches two hard-plastic alligator-clips to Blake’s nipples then shoves his cock down his slave’s throat, whipping him the whole time with a nasty hand-whip. Blake’s hands are free, but it never occurs to him to remove the clips nor resist the whip and the face fucking. He endures – and works hard to please his master, until his torso is covered with his master’s cum.

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Dream Boy Bondage video


Video: Marcus gets impaled on a steel dildo

Master Alex impales his prisoner on a steel dildo, clamps his nipples with two nasty clips then face fucks him. Scroll down for a free video clip!

Marcus gets impaled on a steel dildo

Alex drags his slave into an adjacent room. His eyes widen when he sees a ladder-backed chair in the middle of the room, a wooden block with a steel spike topped with a steel ball sitting on top of it. “Get up there,” Alex tells the captive, guiding him to the seat. Marcus kneels, his ankles strapped to either side of the wood block. Alex pushes him backward and cuffs his wrists behind the ladder-back. Marcus can feel the cold, steel ball touching his anus. “It’s too big!” he says as his Master gradually pushes him down on the thing. The poor stud whimpers as he is penetrated, stuck like a bug on a pin. Alex is still not satisfied. He attaches two nasty clips to his captive’s nipples and rubs his lean, well-muscled body with oil. A minute later Alex is standing on two risers, straddling the chair, shoving his erect cock deep down his impaled slave’s throat.

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Title of this shoot: Marcus Rivers – Young Cock Torture – Chapter 5

Dream Boy Bondage