Bondage wrestling with the Devil

Ever been teased and erotically tortured by a real life devil? Diabolical Asian stud Ryuji is working his evil sex magic on bound muscleboy Rio, in an extended animation sequence that has him twiddling his captive’s nips and groping the big bulge in Rio’s undies, to Rio’s groaning appreciation. When he removes the devil mask, the image swirls into live action, and our two hot Japanese guys get down to the hot dirty business at hand.

Diabolical Asian stud Ryuji is working his evil sex magic on bound muscleboy Rio

As Rio gazes longingly as muscle daddy Ryuji, the hot stud assures him “You like that? Good boy, good boy!” and unleashes a wad of juicy spit into the bottom’s open mouth. Rio licks Ryuji’s musky pits and chews on his nips. Ryuji drops his jock and lets Rio get a mouthful of hard Asian dick and low-hanging nuts. He takes his dick in hand and slaps it into Rio’s worshipful face. Once Rio’s stiffened Daddy’s tool, he bends over in submission and Ryuji slides his big cock in bareback. Holding his prisoner by the tied hands, Ryuji drills in deep. He pulls out and lets his precum drip down Rio’s hairy crack. Rewarding his “bitch boy,” he unties the red cords binding his hands, grabbing the loose ends to ride the boy like a bronc. Rio climbs up to ride Daddy’s big dick, lube and precum dripping onto his swinging nuts. Rio reaches down to beat his own cock, grinding into the invading prick. Ryuji turns him over and plows his ass in missionary position, heating up to the boiling point. As he strokes Rio in time with his screw, he gets ready to blast his load. “Almost there!’ Rio howls, and his cum streams out onto his furry abs. “Aww, FUCK!” Ryuji cries out as he splatters his sperm onto Rio’s.

muscle bondage wrestling


Title: Manga Men Explosion 1: Devil’s Got My Ass

Site: Peter Fever

muscle bondage wrestling

Shibari master Encho binds Yo-ichi in coils and knots

In this video, Shibari master Encho binds Yo-ichi in coils and knots of firm hemp rope. As he goes about his work, the scratching of the hemp strands and the creaking of the beam above echo through the room with an eerie majesty. Yo-ichi hangs in mid-air, suspended, moaning in helpless immobile pleasure. Intrigued by Yo-ichi’s firm plump ass, Encho spanks him and controls his captive’s breathing.

Shibari master Encho binds Yo-ichi in coils and knots

Title: Kinbaku -Creak-

Site: Yoshi Kawasaki XXX

Shibari master Encho binds Yo-ichi in coils and knots

The Trucker – Part 01

By Steellock

Matt sat on the grass bank by the roadside and checked the note that had come with the package of leather that the Trucker had sent through via Jim:

‘Wear your bleacher jeans, Levi jacket and those boots. Nothing else.

Buckle on the padded wrist restraints, lock them on.

Then buckle the ankle restraints over your boots and lock them.

Pull on the hood then zip it closed and lock the zip to the collar with the last small padlock

Use the big padlocks, one through the D rings on your ankle restraints to lock your boots together and the last through the D loops on your wrists behind your back.

Sit on the bank and wait by the mile marker and wait for me.

He looked down and checked his body. His bleacher, sleeveless Levi jacket hanging open, pushed out by his wide shoulders and hanging open over his heavy pecs and ribbed 6 pack. His arms with their bulging biceps and triceps hanging down by his sides, the wide black leather belt cinched tight round his narrow waist, through the loops in his 501 bleacher jeans. His heavily muscled thighs filling out the legs. The jeans stopped in a turnup mid-calf, and he could then see his heavy, polished black, Grinder boots with their neat tight yellow laces showing as a row of 20 lines on each one.

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