Green Bay Part 1 – Introduction

By ty dehner

What is a life without fantasies? i do believe that in time many a person can have his fantasies come true, if one truly believes. When those fantasies involve gay sex, bondage, leather and many other “kinky” thoughts, it can be difficult to find the right person to share those dreams with. And it is even harder to find an outlet to share those dreams, in order to find the right guy. But once one comes to terms that these desires are a good thing and should be explored, then finding the source becomes easier.

Since i was a kid, i have dreamed of leather and bondage. i have longed to be submissive to a dominating person.   It wasn’t until i was in my late twenties that i started to realize that in the fantasies it was always a man controlling me. And by 30 i was coming to terms that i was gay. When i was 32 i discovered that i was not alone in my dreams of leather bondage and other thoughts. As i discovered reading material that focused on these ideas, it let my mind wander to areas i never thought of, and i was excited by it all.

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Cop-on-cop action: Marc Dylan and Nate Karlton


This is from Uniform Men Scene 6 at COLT. With Marc Dylan in his dark blue cop uniform and Nate Karlton in his highway patrol uniform, these off duty officers meet up in an empty holding cell for a little cop-on-cop action. Through the bars they kiss, grab and grope each other, slowly opening up their shirts to explore what lies beneath. Marc makes the most of his explorations and finds himself down on his knees before his partner. With plenty of boot licking and hungry cock sucking, Officer Marc gives Officer Nate a thorough full-body pat down.

Marc_Dylan_and_Nate_Karlton_COLT_MetalbondNYC_02 Marc_Dylan_and_Nate_Karlton_COLT_MetalbondNYC_03

Always on duty, Nate initiates a full body strip search, taking his time to thoroughly inspect and swallow each and every inch of that thick piece of meat between Marc’s legs. To be extra thorough, Nate bends Marc over and inspects his hot muscled ass. Running his nightstick between those round butt cheeks, Nate teases and probes Marc’s hole with his big man stick. Nate pries that hole open, making Marc’s butt hungry for his cock. With a few hard slaps on Marc’s meaty ass Nate uses his stiff cock to do an in-depth cavity search. Marc spreads his ass wide and takes it hard, loving every minute as his ass gets pounded. Nate’s balls swell as he shoves his cock in Marc’s mouth directly after he pulls it out of his ass for some deep-throat pumping, taking his load to the edge before spilling a hot white load of cum all over Marc’s heaving chest. Nate rubs his hot man juice onto Marc’s chest as Marc strokes out a thick batch of nut busting cum himself.

Marc_Dylan_and_Nate_Karlton_COLT_MetalbondNYC_04 Marc_Dylan_and_Nate_Karlton_COLT_MetalbondNYC_05 Marc_Dylan_and_Nate_Karlton_COLT_MetalbondNYC_06


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Free video preview: Wesley at Dream Boy Bondage

Check him out. Wesley is doing his best to please his master, but no matter how submissive he is, no matter how much he suffers, Jared’s sadism cannot be satisfied. He lifts Wesley up onto his toes, painfully stretching his body, forcing his shoulders, arms and wrists to bear his full weight and flogs him mercilessly, then lets him hang by his wrists for over an hour. “Wanna hang upside down, slave?” Jared asks the exhausted captive. “Yes, Sir,” Wesley mutters. Minutes later he’s dangling in midair by his ankles as his master continues to flog him. Jared is fascinated by how much pain and abuse this man will willingly endure. He even clamps a spring-loaded steel vice on the tip of the prisoner’s dick. But Wesley endures. He will do anything to please his master.

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John gets tied up after a workout, exposing his moist, tight crack

At BreederFuckers, sporty John is tied in place. Now this handsome athletic fucker is trapped. Working out has moistened that tight arse crack of his. His muscular limbs struggle against his restraints. His face is bathed in saliva as Dave gobs over his burning angry face. Those track suit bottoms nicely outline the curve of his manly arse and the two mounds of his testicles. The perfect target for Adrian’s flogging. Notice how the stricken lad desperately tries to cover his sore bum cheek while he’s being worked over. Dave lightly brushes his fingers over the sensitive soles of John’s feet, causing him absolute excruciating agony.

John_Breederfuckers_gay_male_bondage_01 John_Breederfuckers_gay_male_bondage_02 John_Breederfuckers_gay_male_bondage_03

His track suit bottoms are torn away, revealing his burning red hairy cheeks. When his body is fully revealed, the smell of his masculine sweat fills the room. John’s tight bumhole is plundered as Adrian slides a saliva-soaked finger up his rectum. Electro shocks are administered down the tender inside of his thighs and over his dick and nut sack. A vibrator is rammed up his hole. Those sensitive soles of his feet are tested further as they are given a sharp caning. John moans in torment, rubbing his feet together desperately like a helpless animal. He will do anything to make this stop. Sweating and crying in pain, his arse is insistently fucked. Dave cums all over his shrivelled pink balls and dick.

John_Breederfuckers_gay_male_bondage_04 John_Breederfuckers_gay_male_bondage_05

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 01

By lthr_jock

Clark walked down the cell block, glaring at the inmates who were still out of the cells his presence usually enough to send then scurrying out of his way. He could best be described as a bull of a man – 6-foot-4, barrel chested and with thick arms and legs from repeated workouts. Although he was in his 40s he was still in remarkably good condition with hardly any fat on his body. He kept his hair neatly trimmed though not shaved like some of his colleagues did. The inmates new better than to cross him – he knew where all of the security cameras were and he was able to inflict pain swiftly and violently when he decided to.

Clark was definitely an old school prison guard. He didn’t believe in all the modern crap about rehabilitation – as far as Clark was concerned, prison should be true punishment. If it was up to him, inmates would be in distinctive prison garb, doing hard labour and be in shackles all the time. His mind drifted to the collection of iron restraints he had in his cellar at home – if only he was allowed to use those on the inmates, he would have a much easier time!

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Handcuffed by brutal and sadistic boxers

At BrutalTops, handsome boxing pair Master Joseph and Master Kirk return to continue damaging and humiliating this pathetic new worthless sub.


The sweat-covered tops order the naked sub to lick clean their filthy armpits. The boys have been working out hard so are particularly unclean, but the sub silently completes his task. This humiliation excites the tops, who then strip off their kits and take it in turns to have their arses and then their cocks licked clean. Master Kirk soon pounds his rock-hard erect dick into the runt’s mouth, which is followed by Joseph’s massive member. The sub can do nothing but submit to the Masters’ every demand.

Brutal_Tops_gay_bondage_02 Brutal_Tops_gay_bondage_03 Brutal_Tops_gay_bondage_04


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