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Fun with a head-to-toe black rubber bodysuit

Choked, mummified, spanked, even stomped on? It’s a lot of torment for most of us, but for traveling Yoshi it’s just another playtime for fun! He’s visiting Bangkok’s most notorious rubber store FORFUN, obedient and groveling in its renowned Red Room playspace. A tough local master clad in a spandex bodysuit puts Yoshi in his proper place for a grueling session. He’s in a full head-to-toe black rubber bodysuit, fully submissive and in control of his cruel master. Only his probing tongue is allowed to poke out of its mouth slit and roam free. Yoshi proudly takes all his master can dish out, and he looks forward to more filthy BDSM kink coming up in Part 2.

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Video HERE

Site: Yoshi Kawasaki XXX

Title: Just FORFUN, Part 1

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A Serious bondage chair in use at Edge Dungeon

Check out these pictures, from the men of Serious Male Bondage, featuring RootT (from Recon) bound in a bondage chair made by a guy who goes by SelfBondageChair (on FetLife), at the new Edge Dungeon facility in California:

SelfBondageChair RootT

Serious Male Bondage writes:

“Inspired by a lifelong passion for BDSM, the construction of the mini cell block and dungeon started as a private initiative, taking over two years. Many challenges were overcome from finding a suitable and private location to gathering the original construction materials and skills from numerous sources. The goal was realized to build a fully working jail, build to function as such. No shortcuts were taken, resulting in cells that match those of Alcatraz. Now, this truly unique private space is available for anyone to further explore fetish and BDSM desires and make fantasies into realities.”

The bondage chair in the photos was made in Germany by a guy on Fetlife whose profile name is SelfBondageChair.

The captive is a guy on Recon whose profile is RootT.


VIDEO of the above-depicted action at Serious Male Bondage.

Title of this video: Root-T and the New Bondage Chair

tied in a bondage chair

You — yes you — can be on the cover of Rubbermen!

Squirm from RubberZone is getting ready for the 2022 issue of Rubbermen, and he says they are looking for some genuine rubber men to grace the cover!

Rubberzone picture contest


They are looking for a wide diversity of rubbermen. That means all body types, skin colors and backgrounds are welcome. But you do need to be wearing rubber! You can wear a hood, a gas mask, or even show your face if you are so inclined. There are various prizes involved for those who are chosen.

For details, go to RubberZone.

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Amber gimp suit

In a video available at Serious Male Bondage, SFDom places EWMR in an amber-colored rubber gimp suit on his rubber-covered bed. SFDom brings his gimp to a fever pitch and allows the gimp to ride his own wave of sexual excitement. EWMR tries to communicate through the mouthpiece, but it was hard to make out what he was saying. The gimp’s continued moaning told SFDom he was on the right track. EWMR’s moans rise in pitch when he gets close to cuming, which was great for edging as SFDom could take the vibrator off his cock.

SFDom places EWMR in an amber-colored rubber gimp suit

See the video at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: AMBER GIMP SUIT

gimp’s continued moaning