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rubber gimp hypno training video

The very-large-antenna array at RubberZone HQ has been picking up mysterious transmissions from an unknown source. The audio/visual patterns in this transmission appear to have hypnotic, mind-altering effects on test subjects, although results are not definitive. This transmission may have something to do with an unnatural phenomenon.

Are you a subject for Gimpmosis? Find out by watching the VIDEO at RubberZone

rubber bondage stories

NOTE: The Rubberzone site is also a fantastic resource for some really great bondage stories!

A bondage fuck in full rubber

In a mind-blowing rubber sex scene documented by the men of Serious Male Bondage, RubNGum mounts his helpless rubber gimp who is secured to a StyleFetish fuck bench. RubNGum’s cock and balls are encased in a heavy rubber extension, allowing him an over-the-top fetish experience. Check out RubNGum’s website at BlackStore.com.

rubber bondage

See the VIDEO at SeriousMaleBondage.com

The real deal

Title of this update: SWITZERLAND IN DECEMBER PART 7-8

male bdsm

Rubbered Prisoner and the Controlling Master – Part 01

By Rubbered Prisoner

What is the Rubbered Prisoner?

The Rubbered Prisoner is a well-proportioned, muscular, 5-foot-10-inch, 25-year-old white male whose function in life is to earn enough money so he can be housed in an isolated small rural bricked facility where he can be tortured in rubber by the regimen of a distant individual except for 8 hours 30 minutes he is allowed to see through his eyes and type on a computer for a long-term substance living he has.

This is the job he has posting accounts receivables for a remote computerized client. At least 10 hours of the prisoner’s time (not necessarily continuous) must be where sleep is possible but not necessarily anything close to comfortable or continuous.

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