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Lukas gets suspended in a rubber hood and straitjacket

Check out Lukas Tyler in a StudioGum rubber hood and straitjacket. His partner DungeonDaddy attaches suspension cuffs over his shoes and attaches the cuffs to a suspension bar connected to an overhear hoist. With the push of a button Lukas is hauled into the air upside-down.

rubber hood and straitjacket

See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: SWITZERLAND IN DECEMBER – PART 31

Lukas Tyler male bondage

Video: Rank tortures his rubber gimp

Check out these scenes from “The Deal,” a video available at Serious Male Bondage:

TheDeal-006-R199 TheDeal-008-R199 TheDeal-076-R199


Rank assembles a unique suspension frame and uses it to crank his rubber gimp up and off the floor with an overhead winch. Once airborne, Rank torments the captive with a vibrator and a unique breath-control hood.

Here is a free video preview:


Finally, Rank strikes a deal with the gimp whereby he must attempt to turn himself around 360 degrees before he will be released from the suspension. Will he be able to do this?

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Title of this video: The Deal