Busman’s Holiday – Part 03

By lthr_jock

Several weeks passed. Clark found himself surfing more and more and built up quite a collection of photographs of men in severe steel bondage. At night, he often lay in bed, thinking of how it had felt to be helpless in restraint – and of Vickers and his threat (promise?) of a longer test next time. He still approached his work in the same way, though several times he found himself ruminatively running his hands over the sets of prisoner transport chains and wishing they were heavier. On one of these occasions he caught Morrison watching him, and vented his frustration by slamming his baton across the back of Morrison’s knees several times as he escorted him back to his cell.

He had almost given up on Vickers, when he received an email from Arcturus35. It was short, with an attachment. “Interested?” The attachment was a picture of a metal yoke laid out on what Clark recognised as Vickers’ carpet. Clark had seen yokes before, but they did not interest him. The originals were basically a carved wooden bar that went across the back of someone’s neck. Chains or leather straps then secured their neck and hands to the yoke, with the hands stretched out at least 1 foot from the neck. The idea was to keep the person helpless, while still able to move around – and in some cases be used to drag carts or ploughs. Modern versions all seemed to be made of very thin steel. To Clark, they looked more cosmetic than anything else and not for a collector like himself.

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