Save the date: Memorial service for Andrew Harwin

Andrew Harwin, who died recently, was a member of Inferno, Delta, GMSMA and many other organizations. He was one of the organizers of the popular Folsom Street East block party here in NYC. There will be a memorial service for Andrew on Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019, from 3 to 5 p.m., at the LGBT Community Center in New York. It will be a wonderful opportunity to reminisce, to connect with those who knew and remember Andrew, and to help celebrate his life.

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Pictures and video: Korzak has Tommy collared and on a chain leash

Tommy adjusts to his new body and his new setting. While the collar on his neck might be secure, the most powerful feeling is the connection he has with the handsome, older satyrs that keep him as their ward. “Bestial Gods” begins with Tommy waking to find himself once again at the direction and guidance of the salt-and-pepper satyr, Korzak. The powerful immortal fucks Tommy once more after learning of his appreciation for the way his collar feels around his neck, inspiring his more dominant instincts. It’s after this encounter that Korzak recalls his long history of training young Prometheans. He remembers the world he helped build and the way in which he and his fellow Thebans ruled. This spawns an erotic memory of a similar, submissive young pup.

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Title of this story: Lost Boys, Chapter 5: Bestial Gods

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Copdar – Contact with a Corrections Officer

By Cuffsandcops

Given the way things abruptly ended with the Policeman and his panties, I woke up the morning rip roaring to find a way to get rid of some pent up sexual energy. I woke up a few hours before check out, just in case my cop slave from the previous night could stop by. He did respond to a few texts, so I hopped on the apps to see who was around.

Before falling asleep the night before, I had exchanged a few brief messages with a guy who had an athletic looking profile and dark features like I tend to like. He had passed out during the late night chat, but apologized and said I was mad cute around 8am. He asked how long I was at the hotel for and I told him that check out was at 11. I asked what he got into and he replied that he was versatile. I informed him I was as well, and also fetishy. He asked what kinds and I responded with handcuffs, hoods, and nipples. He said he never tried any of that, but he was into oral, slapping, and being rough on both the giving and receiving end.

I commented that handcuffs kind of went along with what he liked. He asked me if I had a pair, which I of course did. He said the idea was making him hard. I asked if he was thinking of putting them on me or being in them himself. He wanted them on me. I said he could fuck my face after he cuffed me. He said he wouldn’t mind busting a big nut with me.

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