Pictures and video: Muscle electro torture

At, Duncan Murphy is electro-tormented, and Tober Brandt doesn’t finish until he’s shocked every part of the hot cop’s body.

Tober Brandt Duncan Murphy Cullen Cable

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Title of this shoot: Captured Cock, Part 5

Models: Tober Brandt, Duncan Murphy, Cullen Cable

male bdsm Tober Brandt Duncan Murphy Cullen Cable


Pictures and video: Leg day at the gym with ball weights and shock collar

At, it’s time for squats, nice and deep. Weights are tied to Jessie’s balls and when he goes up he feels the weight. When he goes down the weight is lifted. How long can Jessie hold that squat position? Colin Steel is going to make sure it’s a long time.

Tags: weights, ropes, bdsm, sub, dom, masturbation, sweat, piercings

Colin Steele and Jessie Balboa male bdsm

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Title of this shoot: Exercise Gets Hard, Part 8

Models: Colin Steele, Jessie Balboa

gay bondage Colin Steele and Jessie Balboa



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Save the date: Memorial service for Andrew Harwin

Andrew Harwin, who died recently, was a member of Inferno, Delta, GMSMA and many other organizations. He was one of the organizers of the popular Folsom Street East block party here in NYC. There will be a memorial service for Andrew on Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019, from 3 to 5 p.m., at the LGBT Community Center in New York. It will be a wonderful opportunity to reminisce, to connect with those who knew and remember Andrew, and to help celebrate his life.

Andrew harwin

Pictures and video: Korzak has Tommy collared and on a chain leash

Tommy adjusts to his new body and his new setting. While the collar on his neck might be secure, the most powerful feeling is the connection he has with the handsome, older satyrs that keep him as their ward. “Bestial Gods” begins with Tommy waking to find himself once again at the direction and guidance of the salt-and-pepper satyr, Korzak. The powerful immortal fucks Tommy once more after learning of his appreciation for the way his collar feels around his neck, inspiring his more dominant instincts. It’s after this encounter that Korzak recalls his long history of training young Prometheans. He remembers the world he helped build and the way in which he and his fellow Thebans ruled. This spawns an erotic memory of a similar, submissive young pup.

male bdsm furries

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Title of this story: Lost Boys, Chapter 5: Bestial Gods

male furry bdsm