Colby Tucker is tied up and edged by Sebastian Keys and Dominic Pacifico

At Men On Edge, Colby Tucker is bound, hooded and hard. He hasn’t cum in at least three days, and he is so eager for it he’s moaning before he is even touched. Sebastian Keys and Dominic Pacifico tease his hard cock, full balls and sensitive nipples. Colby arches under each touch, thrusting into the air. He moans as Dominic wraps his lips around his hard cock, bringing him closer and closer to the edge. Dominic and Sebastian slap his hard cock around and then bring out a fuck sleeve. Colby cries out as his dick pierces its soft fleshy hole. His hips pump furiously as he tries to get himself off, but every time he’s about to cum, Sebastian pulls it just out of reach. Next, Colby is strung up and gagged. Suspended, he’s helpless as Dominic teases his cock and worships his feet. He begs to cum but the captors have more in store for him. Sebastian presses a dildo into his ass making him cry out in pleasure as it vibrates. Every sensation is intensified and Colby’s cock is getting hard and harder. He eager swallows Dominic’s hard cock and sucks it as Sebastian close pins his balls with twine connected to the floor. Balls aching with Dominic’s hard cock in his mouth, Colby doesn’t know how much longer he’ll last! Then Sebastian and Dominic start tickling him! Colby twists in bondage unable to stop laughing. Finally, they stick a prostate massager in his ass and start slowly jerking him off. Colby begs to cum, but instead gets more tickling! His laughter subsides, but his rock is still rock hard. At long last, Dominic jerks Colby off and Colby blows an explosive load all over the place! Dominic feeds some to him as Colby relaxes, completely spent.

Sebastian Keys and Dominic Pacifico bondage

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Colby Tucker male bdsm

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Sharok and Casey Everett at Bound Gods

At Bound Gods, Naked and kneeling, Sharok flogs himself before donning his leathers. Entering his dungeon, he picks up a zapper, and approaches a naked, collared and caged Casey Everett. Casey is nervous to see his Master back and cries out at the zapper hits his sensitive thighs. Sharok pulls him out of the cage and locks him down on his back. Sharok wraps his lips around his captive’s cock and presses his gloved fingers into his mouth. Casey moans as he worships his Master’s leather gloves. All he can taste is leather while Sharok primes his cock. But Casey’s pleasure does not last for long. Sharok puts nipple clamps on Casey and attaches them to a pulley. He winds the device until the clamps on Casey’s sensitive nipples are being stretched out in front of him. Casey screams as his nipples suffer. Sharok unzips his leather trousers and guides his hard cock into Casey’s mouth. Casey takes every inch, gagging on his Master’s cock as the clover clamps bite into his nipples. Next, Casey is suspended in rope bondage. Sharok flogs his abs and ass as Casey struggles helplessly. Casey cries out in pain, unable to escape the tails of Master’s flogger. Finally Sharok sinks his cock into Casey’s tight ass. He grips his prisoner’s hips and gives Casey a hard pounding. Casey loves feeling his Master’s fat cock stretching his ass open and begs for more cock. And he gets it! Sharok blindfolds Casey, ties his legs up in the air, and continues fucking Casey as he zaps him and smells his feet. He wraps his hands around Casey’s throat and thrusts deeper and deeper into his ass with every stroke. Then he blows a fat load into Casey’s open mouth before locking Casey’s cock up and walking away.

male bdsm Sharok and Casey Everett at Bound Gods tied up

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By Bikermike

At 28 years old Jack was dissatisfied with his body despite spending as much time in the local gym as he could spare. True, he was 6 feet 3 inches tall with a 39-inch chest and 29-inch waist, but he was not getting anywhere as much sex as he wanted. For some reason, his Recon profile got hardly any response. But one morning as he was reading the very few messages that Recon had forwarded to him, a “ping” announced that someone had cruised him. He had a look and read the guy’s profile. It read:

Strict physical training offered. Limits pushed. Encouragement given where appropriate.

Send respectful message.

The photographs were of a very gym-fit man, shirtless, his chest and arms replete with tattoos, wearing tight fitting shorts that accentuated his genital bulge. He looked as though he had last shaved his face and scalp a fortnight previously. His profile stated that he was 40-something years old. Other photographs were of a gym with free weights, chin bars and benches; they also showed heavy steel manacles and instruments of punishment, including whips, canes and paddles. The guy lived some 30 miles distant. That made a change: most of the men that interested Jack seemed to live on the other side of the country or even abroad. Intrigued, he sent him a message.

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The Purchase – Part 06

By slavebladeboi

Daz slowly winched the captive up by his wrists, closely wrapped in the leather restraints that shone black under the one downlighter that was positioned directly above the ceiling fixture. He stretched him just enough to tighten the muscles in his abdomen but not enough to be uncomfortably in stress.

His sweaty body shone as the single light source now on in the cellar picked out every curve of his muscles. Daz slowly dribbled a massage oil down each upstretched arm starting at the wrist. I watched it trickle down his arms, pool slightly around his neck then carry on over his chest, him wincing every time my hands touched the chain connected to the tit clamps, and with both hands together I rubbed it around his body until it glistened, wet with the fine sheen of polished naked skin.

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