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Cop & Dom

By ChastitySub

Part I

The Cop and the Dominator had met at the gym. They started working out together: the Cop liked the Dominator for pushing him harder in his lifting workouts. Sure, maybe he was a little attracted to the Dominator on some man-to-man level … but the Cop was a straight, tough cop, and didn’t go that way sexually.

The Cop would show up at the gym in his motorcycle uniform with his big, black, shiny boots creaking on the wooden floor as he walked through the gym as if he owned it — along with all those sweating under unforgiving machines. From time to time, he’d stop to flirt with a slender woman at the front desk, or look insistently in the direction of a girl working out.

The Cop clearly liked standing around the gym in his uniform before heading to the locker room, where he’d change into tight military-issue green shorts and a jockstrap. Sometimes he would wear a regular jockstrap, but other times a jock and cup. The cup would cause a huge bulge in his little green shorts, and the top of his jockstrap often poked teasingly over the shorts’ waistband. But clearly he could care less if the gays and drooling women kept looking at the suggesting bulge. The Cop had big strong legs, and a muscular butt round enough to stretch the fabric of his shorts into two perfect spheres. He exhibited smooth pecs that Dominator was convinced were shaved, although he never teased the Cop about it. The Cop’s pecs and nipples stood out in his tight white under armor shirt.

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Mixed Martial Arts Fighter tied up in the locker room

The fighter can't believe he's becoming aroused in spite of his determination not to embarrass himself, giving the man what he wants

Meanwhile back over at Straight Men In Trouble, the man is determined to have a piece of the athletic fighter. The young man cringes as the pervert takes his fat cock in hand and, stroking in only one direction, begins to force blood into his cock, making him hard against his will.

gay_bondage_Mixed_Martial_Arts_01 gay_bondage_Mixed_Martial_Arts_02 gay_bondage_Mixed_Martial_Arts_03 gay_bondage_Mixed_Martial_Arts_04

The fighter can’t believe he’s becoming aroused in spite of his determination not to embarrass himself, giving the man what he wants. But it’s pointless to resist, the man is an expert at forcing straight guys to cum and, focusing on the ultra sensitive head, pulls a load out of the humiliated and defeated fighter. Then he leaves him to struggle in his shame.

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Straight Men In Trouble

TBT: Athlete shoots while caged and chained

Here’s a posting from the vault! I originally posted this back in 2009:


This stud won multiple medals at the 2006 Gay Games when they were held in Chicago. I was impressed with how excited he got when I chained him by the neck in my cage.  I mean, he was rock hard instantly.  I told him I would not let him out until he shot a load.  And man, what a huge load it was.

Gay Games athlete locked in cagechained and caged

Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 08

By AlphaMetal

Only two days had passed since the punishment, but Trey felt like himself again.

Trey remembered hanging slack in the restraints of the punishment frame, sobbing, thinking he had been permanently broken, but now it felt like that had happened to some other person. Trey knew it was him, but it didn’t feel like it was him. Trey felt as though he had observed someone else hanging from the restraints, crying.

Trey stood up and walked to the mirror in his room. His shirt was off, since he was in the middle of changing from his uniform into his gym clothes, and he twisted his torso to see the stripes on his back as best he could. The flogging was so recent they were still mostly red. He knew they would turn black and blue before long, but for now they were still mostly red.

Trey turned to face the mirror head-on. He looked at his chest and stomach; he tightened his body and watched it in the mirror; he took a bodybuilding pose and flexed. Trey saw that his muscles were as strong and defined as they had been three days ago. Trey wasn’t some broken empty nothing anymore; he felt like a jock again. If he didn’t have a cage on his cock, he would have jacked off.

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Bondage Workout


A sexy stud endures a brutal bondage workout including flogging, electro, and a hard suspension fuck from a sadistic trainer with an enormous cock. This is a gay bondage porn shoot from Bound Gods. Click any of the pictures to go directly to the video:

12890_p_08 12890_p_12 12890_p_13 12890_p_21

Sexy Kyle Quinn answers an ad for a bondage workout. Being a newbie at this, Kyle drove around the blocks for a long time before he builds up enough courage to come inside the bondage gym. Trainer Josh West is pissed because of Kyle’s tardiness and he punishes him for it. Josh ties up Kyle’s huge cock and balls, suspends a heavy metal bucket from them, and makes him do squats while he edges the young stud’s cock. Next, it’s off to the workout bench where Kyle takes all of Josh’s enormous cock in a hard bondage fuck. The workout gets even more twisted as Kyle is bound to the inversion table where he endures electro-play and a rough throat fucking. Josh finishes Kyle off with an intense flogging and a crazy suspension fuck.

12890_p_22 12890_p_26 12890_p_29 12890_p_30

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