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Betrayal with bondage and tickling

Elijah finds out the hard way not to trust his friend August. He thought his friend had his back on the team and in general, but August was secretly wishing he could be captain instead of Eli. During a massage Elijah got tied up and tickled in his practice gear and high socks. His sexy armpits and feet are very ticklish, and he has a great laugh. Betrayal is a very hard thing to endure, but betrayal with bondage and tickling makes it much more entertaining.

See the VIDEO at My Friends Feet

See the VIDEO at My Friends Feet


See the VIDEO at My Friends Feet

Title: Elijah Betrayed & Tickled

See the VIDEO at My Friends Feet

Betrayal with bondage and tickling

7 Days in Berlin – Part 07

By Takeo

Day 2 – Wednesday June 12th – Going Out

So far I have never experienced dog training, even though I have worn a plug with a dog tail once or twice. But I remember expressing my desire to try it to Florian during one of our chats. Yet what attracts me most is the look, with a tail and a dog hood, a leash, and the fact of being on all fours. As for eating out of a bowl, I had carefully avoided the subject. I like being humiliated by a dom, but this is a little too extreme for me, I thought.

As these thoughts run through my head, I try to understand why I am in this situation. It does not make much sense to me; Flo’s pleasure should be in watching me being humiliated by having to eat off the floor from a bowl, but he is not there.

I realize that I have been up for a while, and that I am hungry. So I resolve to try and eat something. One bowl contains water, the other food. Rice, apparently with bits of vegetable and chicken.

My hands are trapped in the mitts, so if I lift the bowls I risk spilling everything. So I am forced to leave them on the ground and really eat like a dog, even though I am alone and nobody is actually forcing me to.

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Pitcher becomes catcher: Bound stud takes a baseball bat up his ass!

Check out what happens over at Bound In Public. In this video, Alex Mason thought the worst was over when he cost his team the championship game, until the winning team finds him all alone in the bathroom…

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_jock_01 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_jock_02

Alex Mason just cost his team the championship game after pitching his worst game of the season, and when the winning team finds him all alone in the bathroom, they decide to take their victory lap to the next level. They gang up on poor Alex and quickly turn him into their new trophy fuck. After swallowing their hard dicks, Alex is bent over and fucked with a baseball bat! But that’s not enough for this little whore, as the guys decide to throw a dick in the mix as well to give the fucker a deep double penetration. Suspended and blindfolded, Alex’s ass is spread open for cock after cock to ream him a new one. They bring the baseball slugger down to his knees and cover him with hot loads before taking him off to the showers…

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_jock_03 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_jock_04

Models in this shoot: Jessie Colter, Aaron Reese, Alex Mason

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Jock Platoon Discipline Regulations

By ToughCoach

My trainees are athletes who crave discipline and structure and take pride in saying “Yes, Sir” as they sweat and suffer. They accumulate demerits and have to pay them off in a very unpleasant Incentive Physical Training (IPT) session. Once accepted after meeting induction standards and passing a fitness test, trainees receive the following rules.

male bondage stories forced to work out in a jock

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Gym pervert beaten down and fucked into submission

Connor Maguire beats and fucks pervert Connor Patricks at the gym

Gay bondage

Connor Patricks is working out at the gym when he notices hot stud Connor Maguire lifting some weights. After doing a few heavy bench presses, exhausted Connor Patricks falls asleep at the bench. He dreams that Connor Maguire strips him down, tying heavy weights to his balls before ordering him to swallow his cock. Connor Patricks services his master, worshipping his muscles and sniffing his smelly armpits. Tied to the punching bag, Connor Patricks endures punches to the body before he’s beaten with the flogger. Connor Maguire fucks the other Connor’s ass without mercy before bringing him down to his knees to receive his hot cum all over his face. The muscled dom orders his captive to milk a load out of his cock before feeding him his own cum

gay bondage 12

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Leo Edwards and Jared get into nipple pump action

At Roped Studs, today’s victim is Leo Edwards, who is on the local soccer team. Coach Jared has been working Leo for weeks, getting him used to “hanging out” in his jock. Today, Jared is taking things to the next level, introducing this awkward but super-hot guy to his favorite kink: combining pain and sexual pleasure. Jared starts out with a nipple pump. Leo seems reluctant and confused, wanting to please his coach, but fearful. He takes the pain of the nipple suction – and, before he knows it, is sucking his coach’s cock!

Jared and Leo Edwards male bdsm

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Jared Hoss Kado Roped Studs