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Bondage and torture with Blake and Alex

At Dream Boy Bondage, 23-year-old nerd Blake is manipulated by a dominant friend, Alex Killian, who convinces him to hit the gym, shave his body and get down on his knees and suck cock. Blake, now in peak condition, becomes a total submissive, tortured and fucked at will.

Bondage and torture with Blake and Alex

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Title of this series: “BLAKE ELLIS – Total Submission

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The straight personal trainer and the horny gay spanker

At Reluctant Young Men — a site where they don’t like it, but they do it for the money — Royce, a 26-year-old straight, solid, muscular personal trainer, gets humbled and humiliated by Steve, a smaller, younger gay guy. Steve uses his hand, a frat paddle, a wooden spoon and a leather paddle, gradually increasing the intensity, until Royce is twisting, gasping and panting on his lap. Steve enjoys his power trip, his cock is hard, dripping long strands of precum, bouncing and throbbing against Royce’s stomach, adding to his humiliation.

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Title of this shoot: “The Straight Personal Trainer and the Horny Gay Spanker”

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Wesley Woods gives up his toned, athletic body to hot contractors fixing up his gym

Wesley_Woods_gay_bondage_01 Wesley_Woods_gay_bondage_02 Wesley_Woods_gay_bondage_03

Nothing gets Wesley Woods hornier than a bench press. After a vigorous set, he can’t help but masturbate right in the middle of the gym. He drifts into the dark fantasies of his mind, emerging back into the world bound and gagged under the exercise machine. Held in place with jumprope, he finds himself at the mercy of the painters working on the gym’s renovation. They tease and torment his hard prick, letting it throb under intense orgasmic pressure.


No relief for the stud — the painters forbid Wesley to cum as they jerk and suck him over and over. Wesley drifts off again. He wakes up on a bed, still covered in rope, still fully erect. The painters lift his ankles behind his head and penetrate his ass while they edge him repeatedly. They stretch Wesley back out and tickle his vulnerable feet before returning their attention to his cock. After an eternity of edging, the painters finally grant his pleas for an orgasm. After his cock explodes, they wipe the cum all over his face and polish off his sensitive cockhead.

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